• Baby steps – Minimalism

    Heyya folks.. cool innit going minimalist? I have a lot of unused stuff lying around my house, in the wardrobes and any available storage. What’s for sure it collecting dust and waiting to be ‘found’  and eternally discarded from my sight, memory and space of my humble home.

    It is true, the materials that we own can be a source of headache  if ‘over done’. Too much of everything, and owning for the sake of owning and keeping. Its hard to breathe a relief with so many things around us. Do you remember the last time you walked by the beach, or the last time you sat on a rock overlooking the ocean and sighed that long sighhh of relief?

    Owning a lot of things can cloud our perspective of life as we’re material centric and the focus tends to be on those things we see everyday. The last thing we want to be doing is hording things. Second last thing would probably a cluttered house. It is shameful to admit  if our home is indeed messy, but lets face it, even a house hold with minimal number of items laying around can look messy if not stored and tidied accordingly.


    This is one of my goals at least for year 2017 so that I can come home most days with a breather and put focus on things more important than just housekeeping. Like most of us, I do not have a helper hence everything is based on the effort put in to keep the house in order !


    I have started given away lots of my clothing and old books, but still A LOT MORE to go in the mission of decluttering and minimising the items in the house. Wish me luck!



    Thumbs up ! Post Powerman Malaysia 2017. 🙂


  • Exhausting week !

    Exhausting week !

    I have always been intrigued with numbers. Math was a favourite subject in primary school as my former Math teacher Ms Ng Ah Lan had a niche way to get our math side of the brain working early in the morning as she steps into our ‘5 Orkid’ classroom.
    She would say ‘Nombor satu’ (that’s number one in Malay) and proceed with something along the line of…. ‘7..+ 3..× 10 … -15…’ and we will all be scrambling to get our mathemtical prowess to test. I can’t remember how many questions it was everytime but I guess around 10.

    Math in this case ‘congak’– mental mathematical calculation, was an area I could set my mind free and loose to run more than 100km/h !
    Same thing when I read those Enid Blyton books.. Faraway Trees, Amelia Jane etc.. the mind strides on picturing a visualisation better than a CGI experience at times! Power of the mind they say.

    Coming back to reality, I am sorta a data analyst in my department , oberving and studying numbers from data. HR and people related data are key to tapping information to establish certain assumptions and also for decision making by the management. My most recent task is an interesting one. Its about Women in Leadership. If you are/were studying Psychology, there would have been a brush with this topic in the Organisational Psychology class.

    So I am still working on the topic. It feels like working on a research project back in uni days minus the whole literature review and APA style writing part. There are lots of data to swim in but I have to make sure I am deriving the analytical observation correctly. Again, it is like putting a pedal on my brain saying hey go venture around and see what you can find. Drill, cut and slice until you get to see what you wanted to see from your perspective.
    Anyways, the study is still on going and I hope to get it done pretty soon and ready for presentation. It has been an exhaustive week at work and catching date lines and meeting expectations. I am behind my timeline so hopefully I can close this task brilliantly come Monday insyaAllah.
    I think its common for working mothers to feel exhausted. Work, family the daily commute, family occasions you can’t not attend etc. But we know the best (or worst) is yet to come lest we continue to strive our best. I had a family occassion last night after work.. yes Friday eve madness ! Its like a choo choo train making its stop station after station.. just a brief stop and refueling before the journey continues. Well I guess that is life after all . As long as we have a set clear goal to what we want to achieve and know where we are headed.
    To all working mothers out there, Salut! to you and know that you are the best…..The best ! Keep it up!
    Signing off,


    MTB event last year where I came in first as the ladies in my category decided not to turn up!

  • Coming back to claim your fitness goal? Here are 5 tips.

    Step 1

    Whether its a ‘return’ , challenge or simply ,to be fit and healthy again, give yourself a pat on the back.

    This is the first step to claiming a fitness goal, THE WANTING !

    Image result for the need to achieve cartoon

    Ready? Read on !

    Step 1

    For this first step of getting back your fitness, you should have at least a specific target.


    This and can be anything ranging from fitting back into your favourite jeans , reducing xx amount of weight, or running a 10K event by mid-year. These are specific goals. Make sure they are realistic, measurable and timely. Measurable? Think time, period, duration, length, mass, body fat, waist line 🙂 It’ll give you a sense of ownership to those targets you need to achieve!

    Step 2

    Now that you have a specific measurable and timely realistic   goal, hook yourself with a plan.

    See the low-down on how to ‘strategise’ and ‘hook’ with a plan. There are generally 3 types of plans

    i)A structured one : It tells you what to do when, how much/how long etc, but not too detail or much technicality

    ii)A structured and specific one : It tells you exactly what you should be doing, ie what pace, what grammage , how long, when ie AM or PM — normally requires quantifying and timing the plan

    iii)A flexible one : Something like type i (Structured) but with added leniency ie you are given the option to choose certain things (ie when to do a workout) The plan can be loose but sufficient to guide someone achieving the goal intended. Efficiency of plan can be questionable.


    Why do you need to know about plans? and their types? To begin (and end with), you need to prepare yourself with the overwhelming amount of program, plans and regime you will find out there. Just make sure your source is trusted, reliable and credible ! You want to pick what’s best to your knowledge knowing that your sources are trusted and the best or you too! If you have signed up with a gym or fitness center, your trainers and instructors should be giving you the right guidance, and suggesting relevant program suited to your goals.


    Step 3 

    Once you’ve ‘hooked’ up with a plan and considering the commitment involved to execute plan, you have to start preparing yourself mentally and habitually how you would be following through the program. Depending on what program or plan you are on, there might be adjustment needed to your personal/social life, the junk food tucked in your kitchen pantry. Some sacrifice might be in order, so you have to take it on if you want to succeed achieving your goals. Those realistic goals mentioned earlier will be achieved with a plan equally realistic. Your plan has to have this quality so that it will be easier to adapt as oppose to an out of this world kinda plan.

    Some tips how you can start prepping (but first a little poster below!) :-


    • make an informed decision that THIS is what you want, and THIS is what you will do to achieve it
    • start practising to say NO especially when you already HAVE a plan for lunch/brought your lunch — you know how tempting those lunch/dinner invites are
    • incorporate your plans into your personal/family/work schedule so that you don’t get any clash of events ie your 3km morning run coinciding with your kid’s year end school concert! Move it to another day! Jot down your program/plan in your organiser. Its a crucial part in making sure you don’t miss crucial items in your program/plan –> helps you to be more organised too
    • logistically you may need to have some additional gears depending on your program. Food/grocery items too. Think ahead of the venue/facilities you will be using. Are they accessible during the time you need to do your workout?
    • this is an excuse to be more organised at home ! Get your household sorted out so that you can go for your workouts at ease !
    • be modest in sharing your plan unless its really to motivate others and yourself. not so much of impressing. let Your results do the talking. Most importantly, stay focused and believe that you Will achieve your goal


    Step 4

    • JUST DO IT
    • Action speaks louder than words. What you waiting for?!

    Step 5

    • Don’t stop doing it once you have achieved it !!!
    • It’s always easier to continue and maintain those goals you have worked so hard for rather than starting all over again


    So there you have it, 5 steps to reclaiming your fitness and health goals! 🙂


    If you want to know more about the type of plans available out there, check out a little brief we have for you here:-


    Losing weight/reduce body fat/Diet Kinda Plan : 

    • Fad diet to achieve weight goals fast? You may hear alien-like sounding diet plans from friends who have or sort of have tried them. Or something you came across on  YouTube? If you have any medical or health concern at the moment check with your doctor first what’s the best diet recommendation for you. I won’t say fad diets are unsafe, but you need to be sure as it involves your well-being.
    • Some fad diet restricts the body of certain nutrition and also fuel source. As each of us are individuals living in different environment ie working mom/dad, athletes, retiree, teenagers etc, meeting our body’s essential need incl nutrition, fuel, rest etc is different and unique. Restricting certain essential nutrition? Does the cons outweighs the pros? Think again.
    • Look for a meal/diet plan which is REALISTIC, not too extra out of the ordinary and not hard on the pocket (head on to your local wet market or weekend market for a good bargain for all your freshies!)
    • Plans which works for you. How would you know? The one easiest to incorporate to your daily routine! If you have an office job, your plan should work around it. If not, don’t simple discard it, perhaps with 1-2 genius workaround you can actually use it
    • Remember , losing weight (and fitting back into old clothes) in essence is about eating the right food in the right amount to lose weight and to move more –> On the long run, a good plan is the one which is sustainable and can be used even after the plan has been execute and goals achieved.

    Get into shape/Be fitter/Complete a sports (swim, bike, run or any sports) event Kinda Plan

    • There are lots of plans available out there. Don’t panic. You don’t necessarily need to purchase the latest running magazine or invest on a book on training. You can borrow magazine and books on running guide (if running is your goal) from a friend, and get flipping to get the right plan for you. Online ? Reliable website think Runners World, Beginner Triathletes for a plan.
    • Plans in books and online sources normally have training plans for various programs for different levels ie beginner , intermediate and advances, free or paid.
    • If you are targeting to participate in a big event (think the biggest running or triathlon event in  your country), the event website sometimes may include training plans for participants and also training/racing tips. These plans are generally one size fits all. You generally need a good base before starting with one
    • Have a certified coach as a buddy ? Make good use of em (in a good way). And if you don’t mind investing a little, a hired certified coach works too. Why I mentioned certified here is that there are many self-proclaimed coaches out there and you should be putting your hard earned $$ to the right and reliable instructors/coaches
    • Already nailed down a plan? get the plotting into your calendar/organiser. Countdown from the final week to the 1st week and ensure nothing major comes in between . More critically there no major events which you should try not to do as its counter productive to whatever  you’ve worked so far ie taking part in a tough race during recovery week. Chances are you don’t fully recover and slip off from your initial goals
    • Be creative and flexible in planning when/where to do your workouts. Gym facility available in your work place? Pack your gym bag to work 🙂 No excuses 🙂

    If you don’t really care about no plans, read on !

    Eat healthier/Want to just be physically fit and healthy/Doctor’s recommendation (on health and diet in general)

    • I mentioned in a few paras above, in essence  you should be eating well and be moving more.
    • If you have not been ‘moving’, start making changes in  your lifestyle including planning a week/a day ahead of what to do etc so that you can slot in those workout sessions. Start moving!
    • I will not recommend subscribing to a gym as the first step to this. My recommendation is to work with what you have first ie the office gym, the public pool, the stadium track behind your house, or the hiking trails nearby. Parks are not only for kids, they’re for everyone. Have a gym at your condo/apartment? Its already paid for so what’s the wait?!
    • Majority of us underutilised our gym membership. So have that as a last option and if you really need it only. But if you do subscribe to a gym,there are plenty of gym machines, classes and also certified trainers who can guide you
    • As for your meal plan, make sure you have plenty of greens in your meals, fruits. Protein and fat are essential. Go easy on the carb.
    • Switch to alternatives is brown rice/pasta instead of the regular white, same goes to bread. Brown sugar instead of white. Steamed vs deep friend, and home-made vs eating out.
    • Fast food? Be weary of the ‘healthy’ breakfast set and those oily fries. It will be a waste to  your hard effort to spoil it with fast food which normally are processed, low in fibre, high in sugar and salt content.



    All the best !



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    Runners snap up all individual race slots within four days

    KUALA LUMPUR, 20 January 2017: Dirigo Events, race owner and organiser of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 (SCKLM), announced today that registrations for the race has officially closed as they have sold out all individual race slots for the event. The Standard Chartered KL Marathon turns nine this year and the 2017 edition will take place on Sunday, 21 May at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

    “We are grateful that interest in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is as strong as ever. After our pre-registration period for 2016 participants closed, we opened registrations to the public on 16 January and have sold out four days later,” said Rainer Biemans, Director of Dirigo Events and Project Director of SCKLM 2017. “We thank all our loyal supporters for continuing to support the marathon and will now focus on delivering the best race experience possible,” he added.

    An incredible 12,512 race slots were snapped up on the first day of registrations on Monday, 16 Jan, which is about a third of the total number of race slots available. According to Rainer, an encouraging aspect this year was that registrations for the Full and Half Marathon categories sold out quicker than the usually more popular 10km and 5km categories.



    Runners waiting for the start of the Full Marathon

    “We have been consciously trying to increase the level of competitiveness for SCKLM 2017 and we are very happy to see that the popularity of the longer distances are increasing. In fact, we’ve closed the Full Marathon category with 8,000 runners in total this year, constituting a 7% increase from 2016 and the highest number recorded in this category so far for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. So for the first time our Running Clinics will have two sessions specifically for runners who are going to attempt their first Full Marathon and first Half Marathon,” he said.


    The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 is underway

    The data gleaned from the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017’s registrations this year also show that there will be 1,381 runners from 63 different nationalities taking part, with the highest number of international runners coming from Indonesia (325) followed by the United Kingdom (146) and India (132).

    The Standard Chartered KL Marathon has grown to become the premier running event in Malaysia that draws thousands of local and international runners to the country whilst firmly establishing Malaysia in the global running calendar. The 2017 edition of the race will once again see sponsorship from Title Sponsor Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, along with Honda Malaysia, Brooks, Lucozade, Seiko and Pacific Regency.

    Mahendra Gursahani, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank said, “It gives us tremendous pride to be the title sponsor of such an iconic event that has come to symbolise the coming together of communities and fostering nation building through sport. We wish all runners the best of luck and we look forward to welcoming them at the race.”

    Elite runners will be competing to earn a slice of the almost RM500,000 in total that is on offer at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017,which include bonus prizes for record breaking course times.


    Tired but happy faces at the end of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016.


    At the finish line of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 5km and 10km Run


    At the finish line of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 5km and 10km Run

    In an effort to reduce congestion and make the race more competitive, SCKLM 2017 will continue with a seven hour cut-off time for the Full Marathon with checkpoints at designated areas along the route to ensure runners are within the specified time frames. Runners who don’t make it to the checkpoints within the required times will not be allowed to complete the race and will be transported to the finish line. This is also meant to ensure the safety of runners as the public roads need to be opened to regular traffic at times strictly stipulated by the authorities.

    A perennial feature of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative Run For A Reason that aims to channel funds raised to deserving charities that assist underprivileged communities and those in dire need. This year the participating beneficiaries are the Standard Chartered Foundation, National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Dignity for Children Foundation and Hospis Malaysia.

    Participating runners can also look forward to a total of 12 running clinics that will be provided by the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017, including 5 Junior running clinics and specialised clinics for those attempting their first Half and first Full Marathons.



    At the finish line of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 5km and 10km Run

    For more information and updates on SCKLM, please visit:


    Facebook       : http://www.facebook.com/SCKLmarathon

    Twitter            : www.twitter.com/SCKLmarathon

    Instagram       : https://instagram.com/SCKLmarathon

    Website          : www.kl-marathon.com



    For more information, please contact:


    Suthan Narayanan | 03.7887.4717 | suthan@dirigo.com.my

    For more information on Standard Chartered KL Marathon:


    Gloria Ng | 603.7887.4717 | 2015@kl-marathon.com

    For more information on Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad:

    Jennifer Kang | 03.2117.7770 | jennifer.kang@sc.com

    Geraldine Tan | 03.2117.7821 | geraldine.tan@sc.com

  • Go away procrastination ! : A word of motivation to all women out there [becoming healthy and fit] 


    Ok I am glad I didn’t get the spelling of the word procrastination wrong as I rarely use it in my blog post (a few lil times but not a lot). But we ALL relate to it a lot!

    Anyway, I finally overcame the hurdle of getting my butt of the couch after fasting month. I was on a 10K training program but that too halted 1/2 way and I had a good excuse to myself missing out a recent 12K run (Men/Women’s Health Magazine). Yup, and a little short handed too that weekend. 

    I’ve got it!

    Fast forward to 2 weeks  ago, I am back on the tarmac and paveway. Cycled once, treadmill for 1/2 hour once , brisk walk-a-hike once. I’ve no structured plan yet hence I’m going by conscious mind to get up early in the morning to catch up some sweat session before I go off to work. And guess you what ? I did it !!! Let me set the stage for you in case you wonder why I’m so over the moon  with this :

    I understand there are working mothers out there who struggles to achieve their work-life balance. It might be a balance on one glance but the health and fitness part may be neglected to some extent due to commitments and obligation after work. This realisation of ‘something has to be done’ came to me as I noticed I became more and more sluggish with my quality of work and life in general (no need to mention housework!). Seemed like there’s no push to do certain things with an ooppmhh, and instead it became oohh whatever.
    So there finally , I did like 3 workouts last week. This week I’ve ran twice (each for just 1/2 hour) and today I swam after aeons ! 10 turtle and confident laps in the pool. All these before I leave home for work with my kids.

    Message for my darlings

    To working mothers, find creative ways to make sure you stay healthy and fit so that your motivation and routine compliment you day-to-day life in and out of workplace. 

    I have a gym at my workplace on the 7th floor. It will just be excuses and procrastination if I don’t utilise this facility. Right ? I have on standby a gym bag with my gears. Hit it right away one of the days last week. Didn’t require a lot of thinking. It can’t be team lunch or lunch out everyday. Women, working moms– we need the time to ourselves too. Exercising is not a mental torcher. It’s a time and place for your to recuperate that mind, and for the body to fully capitalise on your mercy on that workout session. Whatever you do now IE in your 20s, or 30s, sets the stage of what is to become the next decade of your life.

    Being grateful, always

    Alhamdulillah I’m healthy now and I want to make the best of it. In  my faith, the health is a blessing which we should always be grateful for, the physical body  is an asset and tool which we are  responsible and accountable for while the mind is a free gift we should never take granted for by making the best use of it all for goodness sake.
    With this sake, I call upon all women who is reading this to start planning in your own organisers or calendar 3 workout sessions a week which can be as short as 30mins. To build consistency, don’t ‘binge’ the sessions.Spread it so that you do have rest days, and days to spend time quality time with your family. Let your spouse and family know your plans so they too can work around it especially if there’s errands to run over the weekend. Men, please support your women whether it be your mom, sister, wife or daughter so that they can have their time comfortably to do their exercise and jog around the park. Better still, bring them out to the park or the local community swimming pool.

    7km run and 2 kids 

    I’m participating in a 7km run this Sunday, and perhaps I might take my 2 kids with me. Malaysians will say ‘see how’ or ‘tengok dulu’. This basically means ‘let’s see/will see’.  So I will see how ,and hopefully I can take both of them with me.

    Yours truly,


  • Avenue K (AK) Balloon Run 3.0 – This Sunday !

    I’ve heard of balloon runs but never had a clue how it goes. Well, to my great luck I have received complimentary slots to the Avenue K Ballon Run 3.0 . Its happening this Sunday, just perfect to polish up some lost mileage (a darn good reason to run !)


    Balloon collection starts at 6.30am and flag off is 7.30am. There are 2 distances offered for this run; the 7km individual category and also 5km for family category. If you like to know more, the website is right here  . All runners will receive a sling bag and also the event tee, while finishers will be awarded a finisher medal and e-cert.

    So please wish me (and the rest who will be participating in this event) all the best !!! I promise to share nice fuschia themed photos in here (since that’s the colour theme).

    Just in case you have no clue where Avenue K is, its just across KLCC on Jalan Ampang.


    Yours in writing,


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