My Cup of Oats: Thoughts on achieving healthy

Kicking off work day with a bang of nutrients and energy! If fast food delivers ease and quick cheat to meal preparation, this old style meal is timeless. The only saviour to this being incorporated to my daily routine is the enjoyment of prepping such a 'creative' meal without the hassle of the regular traditional... Continue Reading →

Life Gained and Lost.. but not forever

Haven't done a condolence post for a while now. Its almost mid way through 2022 and we have been through, together, one of the roughest patch in living human history. Depending on how you look at it, how economically and psychologically you were affected, there somewhat lays a slice of it most of us would... Continue Reading →

Cukupkah Bekalan Kita?

Minda dan fikiran kita lebih luas dari bumi yang terbentang. Apa yang mampu kita fikir, ulas dan bayangkan dengan hanya menggunakan ciptaan Ilahi ini tiada batasnya. Tiada frekuensi yang menghadkannya. Tiada dinding yang mampu menghalangnya untuk terus berfungsi dikala kita masih hidup. Dalam banyak-banyak perkara yang pernah difikirkan, pernahkah terfikir tentang ajal? ‘Bilakah aku akan... Continue Reading →

A Nemophilist Haven: Bukit Kiara

Tranquility: A Peace of Mind (Body & Soul) Being close to nature or being in a peaceful environment is something innate which most of us would be able to relate to. Having a quiet moment and space becomes something which we regularly yearn. You know, away from the hustle bustle of our oh so busy... Continue Reading →

Conflicting or just short sighted….?: A short take on success and being happy & free

This lil 1 hour of peace & quiet giving me these vibes: 1. You don't need 'a lot' to be in abundance. You need a few which means 'a lot' 2. The trap of the material world is definitely deceiving. What it means to be successful is interpreted wildly differently. The default sect goes with... Continue Reading →

Semoga tenang di sana Sarjan Bob

Assalamualaikum.. telah diberitakan kepada saya petang tadi (31/8/2021) oleh SI Dalia dari trafik Maran, satu berita yang sedih di mana Sarjan Bob telah kembali ke rahmat Ilahi setelah terlibat dalam sebuah kemalangan jalan raya. Arwah Sarjan Bob bukan sahaja anggota trafik yang dedikasi terhadap tugasnya, arwah juga seorang suami, dan ayah kepada 5 orang anak.... Continue Reading →

Why I still blog ?

This journey in using writing as a means of communication for me, did not start with the internet boom in the early 90s, nor did it begin as part of jumping unto the band wagon. Though I have to admit as a teenager in the mid 1990s, tell me.. who was not fascinated to be... Continue Reading →

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2021: Registration is OPEN

So I have decided to give myself a birthday present to celebrate my 3Xth birthday -- I have received plenty loads of kind and inspiring birthday wishes. So to you all who took time to drop in my DMs, WA etc, Thank You! Yup.. So what is this birthday present ?? I have decided to... Continue Reading →

Tangani yang negatif (versi pandemik Covid-19)

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua, saya doakan dan harapkan kalian semua sihat walafiat hendaknya. Baik, tentang tajuk yang saya paparkan dalam post kali ini, adalah tentang sesuatu perkara yang sangat biasa kita alami dalam kehidupan seharian. Ukuran pemerhatian kita rata-rata akan meletakkan apa yang diperhati, dirasai, dilalui dan dialami dalam beberapa kategori atau kelas. Ini... Continue Reading →

Let’s Cov-end the Covid-19 !

The fact that this pandemic started almost 2 years ago, spreading like wild fire, has gotten all of us on our feet. We felt the sentiment change as the virus came and took away from us the sense of comfort and ease we have taken granted of for as long as we can remember. This... Continue Reading →

Pledge challenge: Mileage untuk Ga za

So this was written on an unfinished draft called 'Sometimes you need a new sofa', but nah, move over new sofa, this new challenge is here to stay ! I have heard of pledge campaigns before, but never actually organised one publicly and for a humanitarian cause. So alhamdulillah in these days and age, we... Continue Reading →

Malaysian arrogance: A 21st century take [Kelana Jaya Line ed.]

Will see how you can read this without feeling that this is just another rant. Rant by definition means 'to speak, write or shout in a loud, uncontrolled, or angry way, often saying confused or silly things' ( I will try This won't be loud, uncontrolled nor will this be an angry lambasting piece. So here's the story, 2 days ago on the 24th May 2021,... Continue Reading →

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