Runners snap up all individual race slots within four days

    KUALA LUMPUR, 20 January 2017: Dirigo Events, race owner and organiser of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 (SCKLM), announced today that registrations for the race has officially closed as they have sold out all individual race slots for the event. The Standard Chartered KL Marathon turns nine this year and the 2017 edition will take place on Sunday, 21 May at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

    “We are grateful that interest in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is as strong as ever. After our pre-registration period for 2016 participants closed, we opened registrations to the public on 16 January and have sold out four days later,” said Rainer Biemans, Director of Dirigo Events and Project Director of SCKLM 2017. “We thank all our loyal supporters for continuing to support the marathon and will now focus on delivering the best race experience possible,” he added.

    An incredible 12,512 race slots were snapped up on the first day of registrations on Monday, 16 Jan, which is about a third of the total number of race slots available. According to Rainer, an encouraging aspect this year was that registrations for the Full and Half Marathon categories sold out quicker than the usually more popular 10km and 5km categories.



    Runners waiting for the start of the Full Marathon

    “We have been consciously trying to increase the level of competitiveness for SCKLM 2017 and we are very happy to see that the popularity of the longer distances are increasing. In fact, we’ve closed the Full Marathon category with 8,000 runners in total this year, constituting a 7% increase from 2016 and the highest number recorded in this category so far for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. So for the first time our Running Clinics will have two sessions specifically for runners who are going to attempt their first Full Marathon and first Half Marathon,” he said.


    The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 is underway

    The data gleaned from the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017’s registrations this year also show that there will be 1,381 runners from 63 different nationalities taking part, with the highest number of international runners coming from Indonesia (325) followed by the United Kingdom (146) and India (132).

    The Standard Chartered KL Marathon has grown to become the premier running event in Malaysia that draws thousands of local and international runners to the country whilst firmly establishing Malaysia in the global running calendar. The 2017 edition of the race will once again see sponsorship from Title Sponsor Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, along with Honda Malaysia, Brooks, Lucozade, Seiko and Pacific Regency.

    Mahendra Gursahani, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank said, “It gives us tremendous pride to be the title sponsor of such an iconic event that has come to symbolise the coming together of communities and fostering nation building through sport. We wish all runners the best of luck and we look forward to welcoming them at the race.”

    Elite runners will be competing to earn a slice of the almost RM500,000 in total that is on offer at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017,which include bonus prizes for record breaking course times.


    Tired but happy faces at the end of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016.


    At the finish line of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 5km and 10km Run


    At the finish line of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 5km and 10km Run

    In an effort to reduce congestion and make the race more competitive, SCKLM 2017 will continue with a seven hour cut-off time for the Full Marathon with checkpoints at designated areas along the route to ensure runners are within the specified time frames. Runners who don’t make it to the checkpoints within the required times will not be allowed to complete the race and will be transported to the finish line. This is also meant to ensure the safety of runners as the public roads need to be opened to regular traffic at times strictly stipulated by the authorities.

    A perennial feature of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative Run For A Reason that aims to channel funds raised to deserving charities that assist underprivileged communities and those in dire need. This year the participating beneficiaries are the Standard Chartered Foundation, National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Dignity for Children Foundation and Hospis Malaysia.

    Participating runners can also look forward to a total of 12 running clinics that will be provided by the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017, including 5 Junior running clinics and specialised clinics for those attempting their first Half and first Full Marathons.



    At the finish line of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 5km and 10km Run

    For more information and updates on SCKLM, please visit:


    Facebook       : http://www.facebook.com/SCKLmarathon

    Twitter            : www.twitter.com/SCKLmarathon

    Instagram       : https://instagram.com/SCKLmarathon

    Website          : www.kl-marathon.com



    For more information, please contact:


    Suthan Narayanan | 03.7887.4717 | suthan@dirigo.com.my

    For more information on Standard Chartered KL Marathon:


    Gloria Ng | 603.7887.4717 | 2015@kl-marathon.com

    For more information on Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad:

    Jennifer Kang | 03.2117.7770 | jennifer.kang@sc.com

    Geraldine Tan | 03.2117.7821 | geraldine.tan@sc.com

  • Go away procrastination ! : A word of motivation to all women out there [becoming healthy and fit] 


    Ok I am glad I didn’t get the spelling of the word procrastination wrong as I rarely use it in my blog post (a few lil times but not a lot). But we ALL relate to it a lot!

    Anyway, I finally overcame the hurdle of getting my butt of the couch after fasting month. I was on a 10K training program but that too halted 1/2 way and I had a good excuse to myself missing out a recent 12K run (Men/Women’s Health Magazine). Yup, and a little short handed too that weekend. 

    I’ve got it!

    Fast forward to 2 weeks  ago, I am back on the tarmac and paveway. Cycled once, treadmill for 1/2 hour once , brisk walk-a-hike once. I’ve no structured plan yet hence I’m going by conscious mind to get up early in the morning to catch up some sweat session before I go off to work. And guess you what ? I did it !!! Let me set the stage for you in case you wonder why I’m so over the moon  with this :

    I understand there are working mothers out there who struggles to achieve their work-life balance. It might be a balance on one glance but the health and fitness part may be neglected to some extent due to commitments and obligation after work. This realisation of ‘something has to be done’ came to me as I noticed I became more and more sluggish with my quality of work and life in general (no need to mention housework!). Seemed like there’s no push to do certain things with an ooppmhh, and instead it became oohh whatever.
    So there finally , I did like 3 workouts last week. This week I’ve ran twice (each for just 1/2 hour) and today I swam after aeons ! 10 turtle and confident laps in the pool. All these before I leave home for work with my kids.

    Message for my darlings

    To working mothers, find creative ways to make sure you stay healthy and fit so that your motivation and routine compliment you day-to-day life in and out of workplace. 

    I have a gym at my workplace on the 7th floor. It will just be excuses and procrastination if I don’t utilise this facility. Right ? I have on standby a gym bag with my gears. Hit it right away one of the days last week. Didn’t require a lot of thinking. It can’t be team lunch or lunch out everyday. Women, working moms– we need the time to ourselves too. Exercising is not a mental torcher. It’s a time and place for your to recuperate that mind, and for the body to fully capitalise on your mercy on that workout session. Whatever you do now IE in your 20s, or 30s, sets the stage of what is to become the next decade of your life.

    Being grateful, always

    Alhamdulillah I’m healthy now and I want to make the best of it. In  my faith, the health is a blessing which we should always be grateful for, the physical body  is an asset and tool which we are  responsible and accountable for while the mind is a free gift we should never take granted for by making the best use of it all for goodness sake.
    With this sake, I call upon all women who is reading this to start planning in your own organisers or calendar 3 workout sessions a week which can be as short as 30mins. To build consistency, don’t ‘binge’ the sessions.Spread it so that you do have rest days, and days to spend time quality time with your family. Let your spouse and family know your plans so they too can work around it especially if there’s errands to run over the weekend. Men, please support your women whether it be your mom, sister, wife or daughter so that they can have their time comfortably to do their exercise and jog around the park. Better still, bring them out to the park or the local community swimming pool.

    7km run and 2 kids 

    I’m participating in a 7km run this Sunday, and perhaps I might take my 2 kids with me. Malaysians will say ‘see how’ or ‘tengok dulu’. This basically means ‘let’s see/will see’.  So I will see how ,and hopefully I can take both of them with me.

    Yours truly,


  • Penang International Duathlon and Triathlon 2016

    Triathlon history in Pulau Mutiara, Pulau Pinang

    If there is one event I have definitely been missing out, it will be this one. For a fourth time this year ! Please leave a shout out in the comment box if you did participate in the multisports event held in Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara (Pear of the Orient).

    Not written in any text book, as a multisports athlete , if you are one, Pulau Pinang gave birth to Malaysia triathlon back in the days.It was called ‘Merdeka Triathlon’ and was held in 1988 in Batu Feringghi the same year Whitney Houston’s ‘I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) topped the Billboard chart (okay at least i still feel relevant!).

    Let’s Tri and Du It

    Fast forward 2013 Penang triathlon revived and kicked full gas with successful event year after year (the fact that its still running is a good sign post jellyfish filled history!). This year, the event was held successfully in Teluk Bahang, a small town but dense with touristic attractions. On April 17th, over 1000 athletes took part in the triathlon and duathlon categories covering 51.5km in total for the triathlon event (1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run) , and 57km for the duathlon event (7km run, 40 km bike, 10 km run) .


    2016-06-01 (2)

    Looks Tri-able and definitely Du-able.

    I manage to capture an aerial view (no, no..no drone) ..using Google Map. The triathletes swam out north from Pantai Jubilee (see the sea shore above the text ‘Teluk Bahang’? Yes, there ! Then they came back to swim start, (its a little different here..) slip on their running shoes and run back around 2km to the transition for the bike leg (transition area is located near the dam). 40km bike with 1 major U-turn near Balik Pulau, followed by a 10km run course consisting of 2 checkpoint at each far end of the route. Race ended at the Start/Finish line near the Teluk Bahang dam. Just in case you were wondering how the participants got to the beach at the northwestern of the island from the transition area, the 550 odd triathletes were transferred from the main event area to swim start.

    Brought to you by ‘SPONSOR’



    ‘SPONSOR’ is the main sponsor of the Penang International Duathlon and Triathlon 2016 – a newcomer in the local scene but number 1 sports drink in neighbouring Thailand. ‘SPONSOR’ is from the same maker of ‘Red Bull’ earth’s number 1  (Felix  Baumgartner fans out there, yes??). ‘SPONSOR’ has been around in Thailand for the past 3 decades sponsoring Thailand national basketball championship and the official sports drink for the Thai national football team. In Thailand its available in retail market and convenient stores (ie. 7-Eleven). The sports drink is available in Penang for now for a retail price of RM1.70 at selected supermarkets, minimarts and convenient stores.


    The Penang International Triathlon and Duathlon was heavily accentuated with the colour yellow, the official colour of the sports drink. OK, so the finishing carpet was not yellow ! Yellow official tshirt, beach flags, err…bananas?


    As I am blogging this, I have a ‘SPONSOR’ Original Flavoured 325ml can next to me. ‘Recommended for sports, exercises and any heat exhaustion’ it says on the top rim of the can. 1g protein, 35g carbs, 290mg sodium and 50mg potassium. So if you’re looking for something new or an alternative to stock you up, check out ‘SPONSOR’. Cost effective? Definitely. I had mine delivered specially by Sponsor’s PR agency EverQuest’s own Marketing Director Ms. Jay Mee Chuah.


    Jay Mee, a shout out to you here. Apologies on the delay, but I hope my readers and fellow athletes will catch up with ‘SPONSOR’s unique blend and affordable concoction once it hits the inner land of Klang Valley. For now, guys and gals, look for ‘SPONSOR’ whenever you head up north, specifically in Pulau Pinang.


    The results

    I know at least four podium finishers of the event– in various categories; the ever youthful Ironman triathlete Jason Thiang, Reclaim’s Ironman Chris Kha Krang and one and only 2ndSkin ambassador Ironman Chan Jun Shen — and another one, Richard Tang, also an Ironman. While the event attracted regular faces of Malaysia triathlon scene, it showcased a positive turnout for local amateur triathletes , duathletes, season and new.

    One component of this event which I would like to highlight is the introduction of duathlon category for those who intend to upgrade triathlon, but like to have the transition smoothly as possible or simply new to multisports. Very much understandable for triathlon beginners, and good strategy for pulling the crowd in Penang (and country wide).

    So, down to the top 3 for each categories, all worth mentioning , I present to you….the winners :-


    Duathlon 3rd Prize G809 IRENE TEOH 03:48:29 Women Senior Veteran Female Malaysia


    Duathlon 2 Prize G803 LIEW LEE CHIN 03:43:27 Women Senior Veteran Female Malaysia Duathlon 3 Prize G809 IRENE TEOH 03:48:29 Women Senior Veteran Female Malaysia


    Duathlon 1st F735 MELISSA 03:13:01 Women Junior Veteran Female Singapore Duathlon 2nd F723 TAN SZE YIN 03:32:56 Women Junior Veteran Female Malaysia Duathlon 3rd F721 FION WONG 03:38:38 Women Junior Veteran Female Malaysia


    Duathlon 1 Prize D519 TANG CHEE CHOON 03:17:59 Men Senior Veteran Male Malaysia Duathlon 2 Prize D518 JASON THIANG 03:19:13 Men Senior Veteran Male Malaysia Duathlon 3 Prize D523 LIM KIAN HUAT 03:20:48 Men Senior Veteran Male Malaysia


    Duathlon 1 Prize C370 CALVIN TAN 02:39:20 Men Veteran Male Malaysia Duathlon 2 Prize C342 STEPHEN MANIAM 02:50:23 Men Veteran Male Great Britain Duathlon 3 Prize C356 RICHARD TANG 02:50:37 Men Veteran Male Malaysia


    Duathlon 1 Prize A023 JASON LOH CHWAN CHYIN 02:32:36 Men Open Male Malaysia Duathlon 2 Prize A058 OOI SIAU TIEH 02:42:42 Men Open Male Malaysia Duathlon 3 Prize A043 CHAN JUN SHEN 02:45:45 Men Open Male Malaysia


    Triathlon 1 Prize 722 SABINE CLAUDIA EGGER-WEICKHARDT 03:18:26 Women Veteran Female Australia Triathlon 2 Prize 745 PATRICIA COMBRINK 03:26:48 Women Veteran Female South Africa Triathlon 3 Prize 728 LAW LAY ENG 03:38:23 Women Veteran Female Malaysia


    Triathlon 1 Prize 612 PAN SENG KHA KHRANG 03:23:46 Women Open Female Malaysia


    Triathlon 1 Prize 612 PAN SENG KHA KHRANG 03:23:46 Women Open Female Malaysia Triathlon 2 Prize 631 ADRIENNE CHEW DAN 03:29:44 Women Open Female Singapore


    Triathlon 1 Prize 457 TSUYOSHI SAWADA 02:56:25 Men Veteran Male Japan Triathlon 2 Prize 504 ANTHONY YEAP JIN GHEE 03:04:52 Men Veteran Male Malaysia Triathlon 3 Prize 347 ALLAN FICKSTER MORPHEUS 03:17:08 Men Veteran Male Malaysia


    Triathlon 1 Prize 27 CHRIS WRIGHT 02:49:48 Men Open Male Great Britain Triathlon 2 Prize 137 WILSON LEE 02:54:14 Men Open Male Malaysia Triathlon 3 Prize 89 IVAN HO MUN SEONG 02:57:17 Men Open Male Malaysia


    More photos from the event in the slideshow below :-


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.



    Triathletes, Duathletes

    So if you’d like something different in a tri event, I suggest look out for the next registration for Penang Tri and DU it ! Will be interesting and definitely memorable. The organiser did a great job transferring everybody safely from event venue to swim start! No news of jellyfish attack is always a good news and we hope for the safe return of this event NEXT YEAR !


    Congratulations to all participants and winners of the race, and a big kudos to the event organising committee, all crew members/volunteers, the local government and official bodies. ‘SPONSOR’ — Well done in making this a reality not just for Malaysian participants, but also for all our guests from around the world; Russia, Norway, Venezuela, Germany and Australia — just to name a few. Malaysian hospitality is here to stay !


    Bonus : SPONSOR Fact Sheet 


    SPONSOR is a sports drink that helps to boost performance, sustain endurance and accelerate recovery for those who are serious sports enthusiasts. SPONSOR can be consumed “during” sport activities to help boost performance by sustaining longer endurance. It is also recommended for consumption “after” sport activities to help accelerate quicker recovery. SPONSOR is brought to you by the same makers as Red Bull, the world’s No.1 selling energy drink. SPONSOR is the No.1 sports drink in Thailand and is currently the official drink for the Thai national football team. Produced in Thailand by TC Pharmaceutical and imported by Allexcel Trading Sdn Bhd., SPONSOR is available currently only in Penang at Happy Mart, 24 Express, 98 Stores and other selected supermarkets and minimarkets. SPONSOR is available in 325 ml can packaging and retails at RM1.70 per can


    >>Penang International Triathlon and Duathlon official website <<

  • Ramadhan Journal 2016 by iMuslim

    Prolly the first time coming across a Ramadhan Journal. But why not? As a Muslim, we ‘journalise’ and document all things which we do including our expenditure on cold-pressed juices and parking fees, so why not on a our Ramadhan ‘operations’. Its an encouraging and positive initiative by iMuslim.


    iMuslim have the Ramadhan Journal both in hardcopy and softcopy (ready to download). Click here to find out more on the journal.

    Let’s go all out this Ramadhan as we never know if it will be our last. From the bottom most pit of my qalb, I pray for you a blessed and meaningful Ramadhan. Please forgive me for all my wrongs and my sins. If terhutang/I owe you anything, please contact me via the Contact form !



    Kuala Lumpur, 31 May 2016.

  • SuperKids Triathlon Camp 2016- My take

    There always be a first for everything, and just last weekend we had the inaugural SuperKids Triathlon Camp in UM. Objective of the event is to expose the young participants and their parents to the fun sports of triathlon and the basic skills needed to complete one. Drill for each discipline including transition were headed by our triathlon coaches.

    The event wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of all the coaches, crew members and committee. Parents and kids put our recipes and effort to test in the quest of getting everybody from point A to Z safely, and go home with some memory etched from the camp. We had the awesome cert which we thought all the kids liked and the finisher medal which symbolised the SuperKids logo. We had Ribena and Sesegar Susu sponsoring the beverages which was more than enough to keep our young campers dehydrated ! Chilled Ribena at waterstation, how’s that? So kudos Ribena and Sesegar Susu.

    Will write more in kilausuriasport . com website and blog but for now, I have to stay I am in awe for all that have came along. I hope this event will touch the hearts of many (kids, parents, crew, coaches) as part of their journey with this sports I really love, and happy to be a part of. To those who knows me, I like to finish what I started. Mental strength and endurance goes a long way, especially making a plan work. The fun part is working that plan. Involved lots of thinking and coordinating. At times a sense of fulfillment that life is used to make an impact , small or big.


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    To know more of the SuperKids Triathlon event please head on to http://www.kilausuriasports.com or search Kilau Suria Sports on FB. Our photos are up, so feel free to view them. There will be an announcement on Kilau Suria website hopefully next week on our upcoming event, so do watch out. Guys, readers, silent readers, I appreciate your continuous support with keeping up with my lagging blog. I owe a few parties some entries which I couldn’t accommodate right away. Should you have any topics which you would like me to feature ,or questions to ask, please buzz me via the contact form in our contact link above.

    Again, thank you for the support and prayers.

    Al Fatihah to the victims of all the recent plane crashes around the world. May Allah prolong our life so that we will be able to fill it with good deeds, charity and help uplift some burden from the oppressed. May Allah make it easy for us to go through calamity and hardships and May Allah grant all of us Jannah insyaAllah.

    My dear friend Ngae passed away oh the 15th May 2010, and this year would mark the 6th anniversary leaving us. Aaron mentioned, he’d be 62 if he was still running along side us. Not forgotten are the souls of Allahyarham TSB,  Daud Mohamamad (Dino’s brother), Jafryin Jaafar, Muhamed Zubir bin Zainal Abidin, Terence Leong. Let God ease your journey through. You will all be remembered, for eternity.

    Salam nifsu syaaban, happy weekend and have a good time wherever you are.

    Yours in writing,


    Ipoh. May 22, 2016.

  • King..where are your people now ?

    It was raining super uber heavily just now. Listening to the thunder roar outside, watched the lightning flickering the somber Tuesday sky through the corner of my eyes, and myself stuck between the four walls of my work place , this song describes my current mood. UB40 tunes have been ringing in my ears for many years now, and the beat which they bring along with different moods click with me instantly the same way most of Robert Nesta Marley’s songs do.


    So here you go, one of my favourites. Listen to em lyrics carefully. You might take a lesson or two. The song lyrics was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. , an American Baptist minister, activist, humanitarian, and leader in theAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement . He was shot dead in 1968.


  • Lessons from the Stars

    Have you ever gazed into the dark dark sky at night? Away from the light noise of the busy city? Just staring into the not-so-empty sky leaves you that feeling how far away things are? I don’t remember what exactly triggered me to start with stars, but  this certainly brings back childhood memory being a trivial person who simply loves knowledge. Encyclopedias were my best friend and being fascinated by the world and things around me just drove me from 1 level to another level of amazement (of the universe!).

    Not losing sight is important

    Years went by, and somehow the view of things became narrower..and narrower. So much emphasis, expectation and pressure is put unto you to strive, achieve and excel you lose sight of the bigger picture. Sounds familiar ?  You thought you got everything in your hands when one by one the things which kept you going falls apart. The advance doesn’t look pretty good you slow down to a stall. ‘What IS wrong?’ your little mind wonder.. You now take a step back and try to put your life (again) into perspective, but you generally don’t see it. Took a step back again and you start seeing a pattern.

    You’re in this syndrome of being too caught up with life you don’t know what you’re looking for. What you thought would make you happy aren’t really there to make you happy forever. They’re small doses of assumptions which fills you in but goes away more quickly than it came! Humm.. what do you do now? Go get yourself happy again ? That’s what we do don’t we as warriors of life? We fall but we get up again, but to what extent of success and meaning?

    We ‘run’away from the reality of life just to get a life. And just as you thought all is settled…damn..its back to square one again. Perhaps you weren’t looking for the right things in life?


    Compare and know where you are 

    Let’s  continue our gaze at the dark blanket of night. You see the moon… It has continued to orbit and shine the earth at its darkest hours — not just once…but many times for billions of years. If you’re the moon and think you’re small and not living it up to expectation, hey, I think you’ve done a pretty good job being out there as an orbit partner for more than 4.5 billion years. Talk about commitment! If there was no moon, the earth would be so dark at night you trip and fall just looking for a torch light ! Oh well, the things we take for granted !

    Say earth, if you think you’re so big, count how many of you when standing next to each other will cover big brother sun in diameter..? Freaking 109 ! (and 1.3m earth to fill it completely) . That’s how just how ‘big’ you are dear earth? And those things who runs the earth and thinks reallllllyy big of themselves? Owh..you mean those humanoids who think highly of themselves? Well, let’s just assume they forgot to view the speck of stars dusting the night sky and how they are only a tiny not even a fraction of the whole universe (note: think beyond Milky Way) . We’re part of a bigger constellation, and our Sun is still considered a small star compared to other super giant stars.


    The planner

    Every time you think you’re about to hit another wall in life, think how big our galaxy is and how vast the universe you can’t see its horizon. They’re just billions of ‘things’ going about out there for a billion billion years, and here we are trying to sort our lives out. The creations are made to perfect each other with its perfect orbit, tilt, speed (ok I admit that’s it how I can describe my ‘space’ wonder knowledge!) — well , so much so it doesn’t collide into each other. Have ever not wonder ? I am sure there’s a greater (GREATER) planner out there who makes sure you everything stays in perfect order. Are we not that GREAT planner of our own….life?


    Milkyway but Twirly !

    Think of it again..First,there should be no one who should dictate YOUR life (coz its yours). Secondly, heck,  what’s this I’m big and better you ball game? Think PLANETARY.. whether you’re the moon, Earth or whatever, who cares? The bigger you think you are just shows how ‘tiny’ your view of the world is (no, like literally). So ..pity on those people who thinks and feel that way. Everything seems to twirl around in the name of dollar signs, status, lineage, and ability to dictate that other people are inferior just because they don’t own what you have. I seriously, seriously pity these kinds as they’re missing a wholllleee lot out there. Seems like the sun is shining on them all day but they forget that their lives are too short to be wasted on little minuscule things like this.

    Sounds familiar?  Or am I making this sound a little hard for you imagine? You see family members fights over who takes ownership of some property their parents left behind? Or colleagues who speaks non-stop of his or her 4- or 5-digit expenditure? and oh, even worse, segregating Chanel-iers and lemmee see….. Guess-ers? Think of it again, the higher you are in the rank of materialism or status, all these things gets a little upgrade..what you thought was good enough for you is now no good as it doesn’t represent that current level of you. Hence you keep changing for the sake of changing. Friends, friendships, familial ties, love, sincerity, loyalty…warmth. Your life just becomes so cold and stiff like a frozen meat you lose sight of what this life is really about. What has become of you..?


    The river of life

    I remind myself of my humble beginnings, the mistakes which I have done, the potholes I’ve stumbled and fallen into, the thunderstorms and hail stones episodes.. well, these are all episodes, and episodes past. You fall, and you regain your posture and balance. But what does it all really mean to you? That you’re a survivor? My best definition of a survivor is a person who knows himself and herself better and better as he gets tested over and over. He realizes those who really cares for him, and those who really will stand for him in the test of time. He endures the darkest times of his life and stay true to what HE really wants in life, and not what other’s expect of him you know, so that he’ll fit in a certain status. He walks the shoes of people who are less privileged than him and he is challenged with the happiness of simple people around him. What makes them happy — he wonders again..

    No strings attached might not be the answer — he wildly thought.. you need things to pull you down on the ground. So what is it ?? Ahah… Being grateful ! Thankful. Syukur. Syukur with what you have and spreading kindness and justice with everybody you meet. Taking  your responsibilities and always have good thoughts on others.

    Now…lets see if this test works. Pick one of the ungrateful person you’ve met in your entire life… See out of these 4 characteristics which I have mentioned, and compare it with this person.. Does he bother to help you when you’re in the need? Does he help you only when asked..? Does she belittle you in front of everybody just to make you look bad..? Does she deny your right and treats you indifferently just because you’re not from her ‘kind’? Does she ever compliment you? Is he or she alwaysss looking for your slack and slips..? Does he expect help from you and not bothering to lift any fingers when you ask for help?


    In a nutshell

    The rough summary which you’d probably get here is either 1) a grateful person is a happy person or 2) a happy person is normally those grateful ones


    Share me your thoughts– as this is something we talk over and over through our span of life just with different words, descriptions and terminologies..


    As I figured out while orchestrating my fingers across my keyboard is that — I was actually replaying videos of Felix Baumgartner’s free fall from space when I recently started this fresh interest looking into all things astronomical and vast.


    Readers, bloggers, and ehem..silent followers… if you ever think you’re having an awful terrible day (ie. your boss indicating that its difficult for him to give you a 3 this financial year — or a family member ruined your vaca), think big, way and beyond. That moment will pass and You should start taking a grip of your life. Remember I told you of stars and galaxies which has been around for billion of years and not colliding ?? Well, be that planner and stop being a kid! You can do it, persevere and always always be thankful with what you have. Never cease your prayers just when you think you’ve lost hope. Keep it coming and never undermine its power. Be kind and loving to everybody even when they’re treating you like a stinky poo.


    Feel you need a break? I will recommend you star gazing and start re-educating yourself on how enormous the universe is and how we’re invisible we are from the celestial point of view. Subhanallah, Glory to Allah for all his Creations.


    Have a blessed and wonderful May everybody.





    My honeykin in the middle turns 8 months and celebrated her first flight ! Yeehaaa. Kakak, and adik..daddy and mummy love you and want the best for both of you. Kakak, I will take you stargazing one fine night insyaAllah ! Honeykin in pink, you’ll learn to stargaze when  you’re bigger insyaAllah. To my readers, get out of the freakin’ city and look …beyond the night sky. It’ll be worth it 🙂



    Stargazing. That’s an arm from the Milky Way. Best seen between mid March to mid October. (Photo credit : mirror.co.uk). More Milky Way images here

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