My Cup of Oats: Thoughts on achieving healthy

Kicking off work day with a bang of nutrients and energy!

If fast food delivers ease and quick cheat to meal preparation, this old style meal is timeless. The only saviour to this being incorporated to my daily routine is the enjoyment of prepping such a ‘creative’ meal without the hassle of the regular traditional prepping/cooking ie cutting, peeling etc.

Even with the simplification of steps, not all sees this as appealing and resort to a more easier way to access food ie taking away or buying them from a nearby store. That or ordering them from food delivery applications.

Incorporating new & small habits in a daily routine is easier than making an extensive lifestyle change

Even with the morning rush, this is my meal of choice and it goes a long way in terms of the health benefits that I am getting from this bowl of oats. My children are still young and momma needs to choose better food to reduce health risks. Investment for the future comes in many forms they


So while nasi lemak is an enjoyable Malaysian morning delicacy well deserved especially for those who depends on physical labour for their work, the rest of us — we have to asses what is that we are spending our calories on. Too much calories unspent is a grave issue and this is a reality which either have gone unchecked or pretty much ignored due to our resistance to give up old habits and change for the better.

Achieve healthy the smart way!

Just me,



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