‘Trend Berbasikal Kembali Lagi’ – Wanita Hari Ini, TV3, 19.9.2011

Sudah pastinya dalam apa jua perkara yang kita lakukan atau alami akan melalui zon ‘buat pertama kali’. Bagi saya, hari ini 19 September 2011 merupakan kali pertama saya menjejak kaki di bumi Dataran Prima, sebagai jemputan mewakili Cycling Asia ke studio TV3 untuk program ‘live-talk’ ‘Wanita Hari Ini. Ingatkan nak ambil leave today, tapi tak jadi.. di pejabat ada jamuan raya. Saya patutnya buat butter cake tapi tak sempat punya pasal, ended up buying chocolate cake di Secret Recipe. Anyways, setibanya di Dataran Prima saya bertemu dengan Rohaiza(Ijad) dari kedai basikal Specialized, Kota Damansara, bersama 2 rakan sekerjanya dan . Later on met up with Encik Azli, producer of the program, Zaimi, Farooq and Intan Sofia. Both Intan and I were on set for the live show. First experience for both of us. Coincidentally Intan is also a super junior whom I’ve never met in Convent Bukit Nanas(CBN). She graduated from CBN last year (and is currently studying in a higher situation here in KL). I was in CBN (from 1989-1994) way back when there were still colourful mini buses roaming in KL.

Arrived same time with the guys from Specialized. 2 Specialized bikes were featured on the show.


The 'models' taking their place on Wanita Hari Ini set. En. Azli (white shirt) the show's producer giving a hand.

In the waiting room we met up with other guests on the show, Sharil Mohamad of ISN(Head of physical conditioning unit), Zenny and upcoming artist/ champion of Asia Biggest Loser and also Syahadah from PagiJumaat.blogspot.com (papercraft). Terkejut yang tak berapa nak terkejut because there were not much or any protocols involved from the moment we stepped into the studio building. The best part was to actually see Hunny Madu in the FlyFM studio/conti..or whatever it is called. Masa touch up (ehem) di bilik make up, Shahirah Shahira walked in. ‘Nak pinjam mascara! ‘.. very friendly šŸ™‚ It wasn’t long before Intan and I found ourselves on set. The 2 hostesses were have taken their seats on 2 red bar stools, while the guests (Intan, En. Sharil and I) were seated on the comfy sofa set. Intan kata dia nervous a bit, and afraid she might stutter. I told her she’s not alone. But a quick tip I got from my friend Chairil@Web is just to be ourselves and act as if it is an actual interview while ignoring the camera. That helped, so thanks Web ! Thanks to Ian + Diket as well for the pointers !!

Zaimi and Farooq from Cycling Asia (Ijad from Specialized in red shirt with his colleague)


A make-up artist getting Intan Sofia ready for the show šŸ™‚ Another make-up artist checking who's next on the list !


I thought I had more than enough red lipstick on.. Kena jugak touch up so that I look just nice ! Good thing this guy did put on some make up for me. Straightened my hair some more ! Thank you ! *first time dapat rasa pakai liquid eye-liner.jakun much!!*


In the waiting room before being called to the set

The camera rolled ..and… it was much better than what I expected ! The hostesses did a great job with describing some history and background of cycling i.e. invention of the first bike, and how cycling is very much domestic and serve as transportation in developed country such as Japan, and China [that’s their job anyways..right?]. Dari segi delegasi soalan-soalan yang ditanyakan kepada Intan, Sharil and myself, cukup seimbang dan bersesuaian terutamya untuk menarik minat para penonton di rumah samada golongan wanita atau lelaki untuk mengambil tahu lebih lanjut tentang fenomena berbasikal yang kembali di tanah air ini. Actually, the cycling trend never left us ever since the British/Japanese came to our country, or ever since the first P.Ramlee films where we see people would cycle as much as they were driving a car.

Samada trend atau tidak, fenomena berbasikal ini adalah sesuatu yang positif jika dilakukan dengan cara yang betul. Especially when it comes to cycling safety and road ethics issues. A few points which I manage to put across during the talk-show :-

– cyclist should know the road ethics i.e. respect other vehicles, give hand signal and make sure the lane is clear before cutting across

– cycle on the left of the left most lane instead of cycling in the middle of 2 lanes

– protective gears go a long way in securing your safety and life on the road. And the safety of other road users to of course ! These protective gears include the helmet, which is a MUST Have for road cyclists, protective shoes instead of slippers

– blinkers and extra lighting/reflector if you are cycling in the dark

Log on to www.tonton.com.my (you got to have a username and password to view the video), and search Wanita Hari Ini 19 September 2011, Ep. 179. Selamat menonton !!

Posing after the show. šŸ™‚ Good experience being on a live show. Thank you Cycling Asia again for the chance and honour !!! šŸ™‚ By the way, I am wearing a 'TRUE LOVE' Cycling Asia Limited Ed. t-shirt designed by CA's in house graphic designer Mr.Soul !



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