Life Gained and Lost.. but not forever

Haven’t done a condolence post for a while now. Its almost mid way through 2022 and we have been through, together, one of the roughest patch in living human history. Depending on how you look at it, how economically and psychologically you were affected, there somewhat lays a slice of it most of us would have tasted.

Before I proceed with this post, AlFatihah and condolences to the lives lost the past few years. I may have mentioned some names before:

1. Deti Affendi (October 2017)

2. Dr Mimi Iznita (December 2017)

3.Brigadier General Dato’ Hj Ismail Mahmud TUDM (July 2018)

4. Abdul Aziz bin Awang (father of Fid SEMSAS PMR 97) (July 2019)

5. Shih Ming (May 2021)

6. Father of Firdaus @ Petai (SMART PMR97)

7. Father of Dr Mardiana (IIUM Psychology Department) (March 2022)

8. Puan Maznah (Najwa’s mom)(April 2022)

9. Zila (exTKC #9599) (April 2022)

10. Hj Mohd Nor b. Abd Manaf (father of Izza H1P4 KMP 1st batch) (April 2022)

AlFatihah dibaca buat almarhum & almarhumah (Muslim) yang tersenerai di atas.

Article continues…….

To date, almost 6.3 million lives have succumbed to Covid-19 since start of the pandemic and in the span of 2 years ++. While life and death is the ‘norm’ of all living being’s lives.. the enormity of the pandemic was magnified due the manner, scale and rate it happenes. Intertwined with the longest quarantine, home isolation and separation between families and loved ones, changing or could-be-better government policies have made us all roped in, in this never expected pandemic. Who would have thought that part of some movies we have watched before is turning into reality.. Who would have thought our loves ones, young or old would suddenly and tragically leave us.

Photo credit: Malay Mail
‘A California couple died of Covid-19 weeks apart, orphaning 5 young children including a newborn’.Caption and Photo credit: CNN

What does the statistic show on orphaned children around the world? It was reported between 1.1 and 1.7 million children around the globe have either lost their primary caregivers, or at least 1 of them. Back in homeland here in Malaysia, the news were frequently watched the first few months of Covid-19 until I finally gave in, and focused on suriving. Its scary and we think its afar.. yet… it is actually hideous and very near.. disrupting our lives in ways we could have only imagined.

“Since the pandemic began, more than 4,600 children in Malaysia have lost at least a parent or guardian to COVID-19.'(File photo: iStock/kohei_hara) Caption credit: Channel News Asia

How did you manage yourself during outbreak, when it peaked.. and when it finally plateud and no longer reported vigorously as it did before…? If you are like me, you would find the alertness comes with context.. the setup..the hype.. If yohr context was losing a dear one.. you would know it best through your personal experience and would relate to those who have lost dear ones too.

After almost 2 years since the outbreak, my family finally took the hit.. First being my daughter.. then myself. Luckily enough, my younger was spared. I couldn’t be more grateful as by then I have completed the vaccination while my kids have had their first vaccination shot. We held our hands and braved through the disease, with lots of medication, supplement and prayer! By then, it was already normal to have had a brush with Covid-19 or else you can declaredl yourself as a Covid virgin!

One for the memory… My eldest was tested positive on 10th March 2022, any myself the following day.

Going back to the ‘context’.. when it was considered as normal to get Covid-19.. and public health was doing its job ie bringing in awareness on Covid-19 management/risk management, then it facing the pandemic became more manageable and almost predictable! Doesn’t surprise us anymore to know a fit and healthy person being Covid-19 positive.. and the anxiety in my personal opinion was not heighted as it did for positive cases in 2020.. or even up to 2021. This would be the Malaysian context. I knew there were countries who had subsequent waves when the various virus strains spread.

Again, I gave up reading articles on how various strains differ, and the endless list of alternative medicines claims as helpful in Covid-19 prevention. Was focused on getting through daily routine which was equally challenging with little social interaction.

Fast forward May 2022, most international borders are opened, with minimum or no quarantine period at all ! How quickly thingd have shifted for some countries.. and, like it or not, we adapt to these development and changes as did we when Covid-19 first hit. From my psychological/social perspective, the different context and unique circumstance we were all put through (or into) have caused to response to this pandemic uniquely.

‘New Zealand to open international borders fully to visitors from end-July’ . Photo credit & caption: Reuters

My hope and prayers to all of you whom are reading this, is that we express our gratefulness for the blessing of life that we have, learn from our pandemic experiences and put them to good use.

In Islam, we believe that i) we are not tested unless Allah knows that we can withstand the test and ii) there are lessons from each situation, good or bad. And the ultimate way to a test, is through it, and surviving it. So we did, Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah. There is definitely hope for us to continue serving our purpose and learn from what we all have been through as a human race.

Just me,


May 21, 2022

Kuala Lumpur

Some photo mash below from the last couple of months. Enjoy !

Beautiful Malaysia. Up north in Perlis Indera Kayangan
Just in awe…
Sheepishly going down memory lane (on my bicycle!) at my alma mater. Formative years thanks to this instiution (1988-1993)
When eateries started to open, I celebrated! Here in Capitol Cafe KL where I had the unforgettable Bali Curry Chicken (thanks photographer. Pandai amek (“,)!
The Covid concoction
Learned quite a fair bit more during the Covid-19 experience
Glad to have a doctor who advised and provided the meds !
Apparently an important supplement to both kids & adults !
The Hulu Klang-shires (and Kiaraburgh sesat sorang)– enjoying our run around Taman Melawati. CK & Fairul— kena repeat lagi ni!
CK– still haven’t finished discussing with you on ‘perseverence’!

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