Heck this year is wrapping up pretty soon (and some serious notes to parents)

Isn't it? Scratching my head to get a few things sorted out.. my house, my master's program, my kid going to the big school, and my sanity !! Definitely not hitting the road to anywhere this year end as I've done that the past 2 weeks and couple of months ago down under. A whirlwind... Continue Reading →

DRCC KOM Challenge 2018 – Race report

A little flashback My first experience taking part in a hill-climb event was at the Shimano U.C.I. - King of Mountain Ipoh in 2011. 54km of endless climbing from Simpang Pulai (start at Bomba* Simpang Pulai). *(oh did you know that 'bomba' (Bahasa Melayu for fireman) actually originates from the Portugese language? Bombeiro ! The... Continue Reading →

Tanjung Bidara Challenge 2018 : Race report

Half a decade since my last triathlon I can't say how delightful I was to make it through the swim last Sunday morning. 5 years is a long time and for those who have shy-ed away from triathlons due to life/career commitment, I feel you. I have continued taking part in races even when I... Continue Reading →

Vote Azam for youth empowerment ! : Fjällräven Polar 2019 expedition

Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, Dr. Faiz Khaleed, Leon Gabrowsky-- what do these names have in common ? They were all once youth, and peaked in their respective careers and lives as youths. They all had the capacity to give, and when fronted with the challenges, they nailed it right through. Nobody could have imagined... Continue Reading →

Xterra HOT ! – Xterra Desaru Special Edition 2018 (A belated race report)

Say Hello! Desaru ! The thought of revisiting Desaru after almost 9 years excited me more than the Xterra event itself. Desaru is known being super hot!! It is coastal beach area located in the Kota Tinggi district. If you are not familiar with Desaru, or Kota Tinggi for that matter, this post might be... Continue Reading →

On a plan– Attack ! D1 #drop5challenge

I just told a family member who is struggling with being over-weight (and looking for something to do about it) that should external validation and affirmation persist and eventually develop as a must have everytime we are on a mission, it can, sometimes backfire. Depending on the type of person you are, how internal and... Continue Reading →

Purpose Performance Wear – Long trisuit soft launch @ Cycle Studios, TTDI (10 Nov 2018)

A gratitude shout out to Geoff for extending  the invite to me to attend the soft launch for a purpose built trisuit by Team Purpose- a Purpose Performance Wear. So there I was, just a couple of hours ago interested to find out what Team Purpose is bringing to the table, for female triathletes, especially... Continue Reading →

Early November- A Reflection

Pursuing my master's degree I am fortunate alhamdulillah to start this journey, and I am working to make sure it ends on a solid note as planned. Seekers of knowledge are seekers of the truth, and insyaAllah with only a sincere and right intention may the truth be discovered, learned, and gained. And that very... Continue Reading →

Undisputable sweetness of being on time

I guess you have clicked on this article link due to feeling of curiosity or of being able to speculate what I will be sharing. It is a fact of life that we always seek to improve ourselves in many ways, at different times with different goals. Hence our perception on the road of excellence... Continue Reading →

Handling crazy weeks be like

As much as we truly love having a peaceful and relaxing day, days, or even weeks, there will be a point of time where our auto system kicks in saying that lying all day in bed or going for a vacation like forever won't do you good. There is a difference between rejuvenation (read :... Continue Reading →

Pt 1- Much needed travel

We all walk different lives, tell different stories. I can relate closely with the idiom 'Road less traveled'. It brings out the richness of life and the story we as individuals and like-minded souls are able to tell as we venture and discover the world. Most times we use those experiences to relate and compare... Continue Reading →

Passing mid 30s

I passed this point last year, and this year made me a tad closer to hitting my 40s. The beautiful thing about growing up in a blessed, adventurous and testing upbringing and education, is that I can see how much one's childhood, environment, experiences, education and social circumstances shape a person. The two same persons... Continue Reading →

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