Let’s Cov-end the Covid-19 !

The fact that this pandemic started almost 2 years ago, spreading like wild fire, has gotten all of us on our feet. We felt the sentiment change as the virus came and took away from us the sense of comfort and ease we have taken granted of for as long as we can remember. This... Continue Reading →

Pledge challenge: Mileage untuk Ga za

So this was written on an unfinished draft called 'Sometimes you need a new sofa', but nah, move over new sofa, this new challenge is here to stay ! I have heard of pledge campaigns before, but never actually organised one publicly and for a humanitarian cause. So alhamdulillah in these days and age, we... Continue Reading →

Malaysian arrogance: A 21st century take [Kelana Jaya Line ed.]

Will see how you can read this without feeling that this is just another rant. Rant by definition means 'to speak, write or shout in a loud, uncontrolled, or angry way, often saying confused or silly things' (dictionary.cambridge.org). I will try This won't be loud, uncontrolled nor will this be an angry lambasting piece. So here's the story, 2 days ago on the 24th May 2021,... Continue Reading →

Coretan 1 Februari 2021

Didiklah anak-anak menjadi manusia yang berpendirian dengan ilmu, bijaksana dan pengalaman, dan pasti apa yang diimpikan di dalam hidupnya bukan setakat sia-sia Kerana di kemudian hari pasti ia berpaling belakang dan bersyukur engkau telah mendidiknya sebegitu Kerana di kemudian hari, pasti ia fahami nilai ilmu itu bukan sekadar lulus sekolah mahupun universiti Kerana di kemudian... Continue Reading →

Return to the Teluk

So here I am, at the Teluk (bay). Only now, after years of repeated visits, I am back with my offsprings. My 2 blessed lil angels sent from the above. Such a stark reminder while things and events change, certain things take their own steady course, to remain. Unchanged. Take the Teluk for example, it... Continue Reading →

Podcast Selamat Datang !

Sememangnya apa sahaja yang baik dan bermanfaat, tidak perlu dilengah-lengahkan ! Dan Alhamdulillah semalam saya diberi kekuatan untuk memulakan venture terbaru missjewelz.com dengan siri podcast yang telah 'dirasmikan' secara tidak langsung! Kepada rakan-rakan blogger, dan kepada silent readers saya yang telah mengikuti perkembangan di blog ini dari masa ke semasa, InsyaAllah kali ini, podcast missJeweLz... Continue Reading →

Managing Covid-19 as rakyat

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera....   My 2 cents dear Malaysians.. . By now I guess we are attuned with how our government is handling the pandemic raging our land. Salute to all those who are directly and indirectly who are and still playing their role to ensure all plans are put into action, including those... Continue Reading →

250 Ideas for them Bored Heads Amidst Covid-19

Hey guys, I am aware it is a very very trying time for most of us here , no matter where we are. The pandemic is wide spread and the dilemma concerning every layer of the society will not end anytime soon. Hence it is important that we pull ourselves together and prepare ourselves in... Continue Reading →

Home run – 15 Jul 2019!

Its been a tough ride going through a Master's program. Its nearing the end after almost 2 years now. 2 years since I left the comfort (or rather!) of corporate life convenience, where time and pay is more structured with the compromise of flexibility. But hey, I enjoyed totally the learning and experience corporate life... Continue Reading →

No Doubt – Running

Super busy at the moment.. but in all this rush and complex of a mess, I never leave a lighter moment to listen and reminisce to nostalgic deep meaning songs such as this one by No Doubt from the fifth studio album 'Rock Steady' recorded in 2001 and released in 2003. Such a lovely tune... Continue Reading →

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