missjewelz is a full time working mother, triathlete and blogger from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her interest and inspiration to write developed since a young age thanks to the encouragement from mom and dad — Reading. The writing spark came during high school where missjewelz attended boarding school – when internet and social networks were non-existent . Writing and exchanging letters was a full time business to be in touch with pals and mom then !


missjewelz first blog entry was in 2004 on blogspot before moving to wordpress in 2006. Since then she has written and rambled hundreds of blog entries on various topics. Writing is a joy and she shares her passion and things that she loves here in missjewelz.com. Areas of interest includes  sports mostly training tips and race reports, photography,music and community related announcements/discussions.


Involvement in sports

Growing up in the early 80s saw the privilege of  spending time with real people – cousins and friends, playing real game, real time. Athletics was a favourite during school days up until secondary years where 100m, 200m and relay events were the forte. Had my hands on Taekwondo (managed until Yellow belt only).


missjewelz got engaged in running and multi sports during college years, and never looked back. A 1-time Ironman Langkawi finisher in 2009  and 1-time Ultramarathon (100km) in 2011 in Singapore, she challenges herself to maintain her fitness especially after the arrival of her daughter in November 2011. Its in her head, ‘When you want something, go get it. Period’. She continues to take part in multi-sports events while prioritizing and balancing with her new role as a mother and a wife.


The written encounter

Parental encouragement played a big role in missjewelz interest in reading, knowledge and writing. Reading a book everyday and spelling quizzes were a staple in her childhood. Writing was the channel of communicating with both family and friends through the years in boarding school and college – back in the days where mobile phone and internet were luxury items. missjewelz was a guest writer for Cycling Asia magazine. She now writes during her free time on her blog missjewelz.com.


missjewelz  adapts the conversational writing style in most of her postings engaging her audiences like how a face-to-face dialogue would sound like ensuring there is flow in her sentence and that each paragraph flow after the other. The tone if her writing is somewhere between formal in informal though most time she likes to keep in the latter, but not too informal. Language of choice is English to ensure her posts captures audiences from all over the world.



missjewelz appreciates all her followers and subscribers, as well as all the feedback shared in her comment box. Keep the comments coming ! Her favourite blogs, and sites belonging to her friends and tri buddies can be found in the blogroll at the bottom of the page.


Terima kasih ! (Thank you!)


The blogger circa 1985-1986. Location unknown.
The blogger circa 1985-1986. Location unknown.