Benazir, sincerely… by Nor Juliana Ali

I was looking forward for a relaxing family getaway to Thailand, to ease my mind and soul from the chaotic 2008 only to be shocked by the news that Benazir was killed in an attack after her rally in Rawalpindi,Pakistan. It wasn’t the first attempt to assasinate the former MP of the crisis-clouded country, and late Ms Bhutto knew very well she was risking her own life on returning to Pakistan after years of exile. This wasn’t the first time any prominent leaders were shot during or after a campaign. There was ,Tsar Nicholas ll,Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Yitzhak Rabin (PM of Israel), and the list goes on. So, this is not a new case nor it is a new trend in political history. Leaders shed their blood in the name of unity, democracy and justice. And I agree with Mr.Bush (ehem…) when he said “The United States strongly condemns this cowardly act by murderous extremists who are trying to undermine Pakistan’s democracy,” .

I took the small effort of looking up the list of martyred/assassinated leaders.. mostly top ranking leaders; Presidents, Prime Ministers, and even kings and emperors. But what I immediately saw is that nearly 100% of the documented list (correct me if I’m wrong) were made up of male leaders. Point is, there were not many female leaders, prominent Bhuttoones, who have held the Prime Minister office twice, who fought and rallied in the name of democracy, who had been exiled due to corruption , and who came back her homeland only to be assassinated by her enemy. That was the very case of Benazir Bhutto,54, who’s father(Zulfikar Ali Bhutto) also succumbed in the hand of his enemies. I must admit that I did not really follow her saga, only a glance at headlines mentioning her name, never actually going into the details. But the tragic end of her epic sprung my interest to read more on Ms.Bhutto. I guess this applies to some of us too.. we do not really value what’s around us until its loss. We do not appreciate the giftgiven to us until it is taken away from us.The potential and credibility of what Bhutto potrayed and realized through her political journey is wonderous despite the political circus which Ms Bhutto has went through; from the house arrest to the corruption charges against her…

Online orbituaries filled in as soon as the news of her death reached around the world. I got the new through phone from my boyfriend, (he was watching CNN), and right away afte that updated myself with the news from various news websites(as you can see). May God Bless her soul, and place her among the righteous. I salute you Ms Bhutto. A courageous and exemplery leader; criterias lacking in many Muslim leaders, and other political leaders. To all of us, let’s not allow today pass without feeling more motivated to fill your life with essence and values which can be benefitted by yourself and those around you. No matter what career and field you’re pursuing, do it with justice. To all leaders, the world is never short of enemies, your enemies, my enemies. It is a matter of them making themselves visible and making their presence felt. And it isour fight to keep this world in peace despite the fact that peace is becoming more and more endangered and extinct. Waking up to a peaceful and beautiful morning has been taken granted for by many of us. Pray and make sure it will still be a beautiful tomorrow. To war and poverty stricken countries, that might just happen in the people’s dream. Brothers andsisters, be thankful to God for what has been blessed, to you. To people of Pakistan, the world mourns with you today.The evil has to stop… we have to stop the evil… !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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