Conflicting or just short sighted….?: A short take on success and being happy & free

This lil 1 hour of peace & quiet giving me these vibes:

1. You don’t need ‘a lot’ to be in abundance. You need a few which means ‘a lot’

2. The trap of the material world is definitely deceiving. What it means to be successful is interpreted wildly differently. The default sect goes with how much of material accumulation and ‘power’ that you have, how many likes and following that you have

3. To another sect, running away from the chaos of this world, and being good at is another level of confidence

This sect is not influenced nor undermined by what is generally considered successful, powerful and having that sense of control in one’s life. Pure control is needed while acknowledging the reality of life and abiding by principles and belief

4. Freedom and being able to live each everyday less stressed (if not stress free), is an ultimate blessing if not luxury.

You are giving yourself that choice, and know that no one can take that away from you. The sacrifice and investment that you make IS gold and you damn know that it’s all worth it

What does success means to you, and is happiness a given?

Me having a lil peace and quiet. The mind thrives, the soul fulfilled and the chaos of this world takes a back seat.

27 Feb 2022


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