Adik Fitri

For once I wish the weekend to pass by quickly ! Still a few things to do on Monday.. and 1 of it is major, as advised by my dad.. We’ll see how Sunday rolls by .. (oohh plz roll by quickly..!)

Anyways.. some pics I took and edited this afternoon, and a short story on Adik Fitri !

Take 1: Abdul Hadi - something elegant (though a bit boring) about the pose. Controlled, poised and simple. To not 'take away' this simplicity, the composition and editing was kept simple, and real.

Take 2 : Haikal Aliff - guy in the photo is skinny and has a quirky sense of style. Orange Crocs, black shorts, and a black T saying 'I love theater'. He has a sense of imagination, as illustrated by his kungfu moves, opened arms and C from YMCA pose. LOL. So I was testing out the liquify filter function in Photoshop. The result, a pair of big calves in the characters above,a wider than Naomi's forehead and of course, that big flat nose in the center figure.. reminds me 1 of the Dwarfs in Snow White.
Take 3: Nadzeri Fathi - I like the depth effect achieved from this one.. The 2 near symmetrical figure, and the middle one running towards the lens. I played around with the colour-hue function and I particularly like the middle figure.. Hell Boy much..!

Tour de France - fueled by Powerbar ! Get the t-shirt from Totalfield !

Flashback Powerman 2008 : Me with 2 young duathletes/triathletes, Adik Fitri (the younger 1 in Du Rock black T) and his brother. I just got off the phone with him. Was informed earlier on by his dad (who also does multisports) that he(adik Fitri) fractured his shoulder (i'm not exactly sure which bone...either shoulder blade/clavicle..). The accident happened during the recent PD Triathlon. Adik Fitri told me a Singaporean athlete kicked him during the swim, he was hurt but continued the sprint triathlon race and came in 6th in his category (Kids - Boys 13 & under). Impressive result racing with a cracked/fractured bone. When asked how long is he suppose to rest, he said 2 weeks. Then he asked me, 'Akak tengah buat apa?'. I said I am preparing for tomorrow's'race. 'Race apa?' (What race?) he asked.. I said MUDS (MALAKOFF Uni Duathlon Series). Next question which popped from him 'Boleh register lagi ke?'...hahaha..he tickled me alright.. I told him he should be resting well to recover soon. FYI, Fitri has been taking part in duathlons and triathlons. He did the Powerman Sprint in 2007, 2008 and 2009. And for the Sprint event in Powerman last year, he actually overtook Mac, Bandit, Bahri and Shahrol Saad (my friend, Acap)..LOL.. and these guys are like.. triple his age..? and Fitri is that super fast !! Anyways, I invited adik Fitri for lunch this Sunday.. hahaha.. I thought of visiting him at his home but seems like he's moving around already, so might as well buy him lunch ! 🙂 He recognizes me as a familiar face in duathlon (and tri races), and likewise. It was a shy introduction in Powerman 2008 when he agreed to take foto with me ! Anyways, before Adik Fitri hung up he said, 'Terima kasih tau bagitau (for inviting him to join me for lunch!). Sweet boy. Oh btw, he will be sitting for his UPSR right after raya. All the best Adik Fitri !! 🙂

Powerman Malaysia 2009 - kak Julie, the slow duathlete. haha.. (marah Powerbar..)
Powerman Malaysia 2009 - finish line
Powerman Malaysia 2009. that final moment crossing the finish line with Ngae, laughing away. Epic. and still smiling after that. having fun in the hot Manjung sun !!

If you have not registered for Powerman Malaysia 2010, click here


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