The ironhead melts and hardens while getting stronger and stronger, resistant towards the external and internal pressure building up on it.

The ironheart keeps 0n pounding stronger every beat no matter what the situation.. Live life to the fullest; this key organ has all it takes to ‘carry’ its bearer through her life time.

The iron-will ; very much compatible with the iron-heart. Passionate and full of life, this will is the reason why life is so rich and meaningful. The iron-will makes me wonder why at times we are so blind-sighted in things which only serves temporary, superficial and worldly benefit.

Deep seated in this iron entity is a humble soul, yet full of energy,zest and excitement. Towards life, and towards everything that is meaningful to it. This iron entity won’t go rusty, and will be polished to shine and glow forever.

missjewelz would like to thank all her relative and friends for the birthday wish (birthday was on August 3rd). She turned 28 ! Had 3 birthday cakes, 2 makan treats; thanks Heng for the Minang Saiyo lunch and Kash(and kids) for a yummy dinner at Delicious !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was kiasu enough to count how many greetings I received on my birthday.. a 100 ++ of them ! And Paรกn, thank you for the birthday call. Very nice of you lah ! Nice surprise to know that your grandma shares the same birthday! Amy Yusnita (primary school classmate) and Mrs Nalini (highschool art teacher) and Addin (my cousin) also shares the same birthday.

2009 marks another transition for me.ย  While T1s ,T2s or PBs are not the main agendas for mj this year,it was definitely a sweet PB that I got in d recent PD Tri,a 2nd placing and 1st placing in MUDS 2010. Take 1 day at a time. That was what I’ve been told and reminded of. I’ll do it my way, and my pace. And as far as I am concern, I do not need to ‘train’ to get a PB in life. Its about knowing what I want, why I want it and how I would get it.

Thank you all for the time reading my humble blog. Have a nice day !

P.s. Somebody shouted my initials m.j. during PD Tri. Whoever u are, thank you !!! True to my m.j. Spirit, missjewelz.

Some pics !

:) 28 and loving it
28 and loving it

lol..i was taking a close up pic of d sweet girl but this photof makes it look like something else!
lol..i was taking a close up pic of d sweet girl but this photo makes it look like something else!

missjewelz in da house !

in JayBee !

My beautiful adik2

me and Paรกn frm UPNM

Azmar, missjewelz, Alia, Lee Puh Heng and Heng at Minang Saiyo, Melawati

Birthday girl in the middle !

Nady, missJeweLz, Kash and Citra ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Kash !!!

Before I owned a bicycle. LOL. and YES, hate the haircut lah !
At Zul's doa selamat before he left Malaysia. Deebot, Limau + Acap with their funny poses ! ๐Ÿ™‚
Alert, (slow)swimmer in South China Sea !

Yeah, its me alright !!! (reminds me of Nirvana's Nevermind album cover.). Tioman's water is THAT clean and clear !! Taken after the Tioman Eco Challenge, the day I went face to face with a big blue fish with yellow dots on it...!!

At my best. hahaha... makan !!
Fi, Kell and Jules !! My friends for more than 2 decades !! ๐Ÿ™‚ Our mini gath + outing @ Batu Dam

p.s. been busy for the past 2 weeks taking the role as a team manager, captain, coach, duathlon clinic presenter !! *woot*.. and wanting so badly to update on PD. will definitely work on it… *gosh what a procrastinator !* ive like LOADS of pics from PD tri . can’t wait to share em hiyah ! ok, cau cin cau and have a happy Friday. please let this weekend pass by quickly.. Monday awaits… an exciting Monday i hope…. !


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  1. Life is great isn’t it? That’s becoz you choose to see it and make it that way! Wishing you many more yrs of more joy, contentment, challenge!

    I like yr pre-bike ride! Wonder if can use it for an Ultraman challenge one day(self steering and can sleep on it while it still goes)

    1. yeah, Paul, many dont realize that life is great because we choose to have it great…and create options to make it greater ! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the birthday wish !

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