Great Eastern Pacesetters 30k 2009

Always the first race every year for the past 3 years. (this year my fourth!). Will be looking forward to meet my friends this Sunday ! 😛 Sporting events= social gathering= huha time with old and new buddies. To all friend taking part in this annual event, either for the first time or not, ALL THE BEST ! To volunteers who will be on duty starting today , thank you and good luck in advance !


For more info on Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia (PACM) please log on to . I’ve been a member for 5 years now. 🙂

I have no target for this GE30k. The last 3 years i did the 20k category, and like every year,  there will be upgrades here and there. This upgrade from 20k category to 30k is as natural as the sun, f.o.c . And also part of my training. 😛 (natural as the sun ? hahah..)


This particular event will also be my debut event as part of the Powerbar Team Elite . Thank You Powerbar !! More info on Powerbar Malaysia at

Those who never checked out and tried the route for this Sunday’s run, another all the best. It would be too late for tips for training..  still not too late to stop me from sharing some points :-


1. be prepared mentally for a hilly course

2. imagine for endless rolling hills

3. don’t rush or sprint at the start line unless you’re really fit or targeting for PB/podium. expect some pushing here and there for the first 500-700m. Its pitch dark at some points, the first few be careful yeah..

4. race your pace. for a 30k event, do ur own pace. too fast or to slow will not do you any good.

5. don’t skip the PowerZone or any water station. PowerBar endurance drinks will be served along the route.. drink em !

6. Listen to your body.. if your legs are stiff-ing , slow down, stretcchhh..or else you’ll risk having a  cramp !

7. Go easy down hill. Yes, when there’s climbing, there will also be descending. Thread your steps carefully.

8. Smile to camera man. There will be cameraman here and there along the run route. Be sure to say Cheese !!!


GE30 2007
GE30 2007


GE 30k 2008
GE 30k 2008
4 years ago
4 years ago - me&Azwar @ GE 2006
2 years ago
2 years ago-me&Mariana
Powerbar Triathlete of the Year Award PC
5 months ago- mr Rahimi, Ong Wei Xiang ,Stephanie Chok, Razani, myself, Dato' V.Radhakrishnan @ Powerbar Triathlete of the Year Award presentation


Some pics. The 1st 3 during my GE run in 06′, 07 ‘ and 08’..and the last 3, pictures of me and other current Team Elite members.


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