Powerman Malaysia 2016 – Duty report !

Hey hey !!! Its missjewelz a.k.a Juliana Ali and she's still rockin' em keyboard ! Yeah, finally a report just now from the other side of the table as a Technical Official for Powerman Malaysia Duathlon which happened yesterday. To those who rocked the house in Putrajaya yesterday whatever your roles were, I am sure... Continue Reading →

The Fool On The Hill

Congratulations Well سلام‎ and Hello there everybody ! It's been 2 days post-Powerman Malaysia and I am sure most of you who took part are on your road to recovery. It was a HOT HOT race this year I heard. The ground temperature aside, this year was the 10th edition of this event with the... Continue Reading →

Powerman Malaysia 2010 – A Race Report

POWERMAN MALAYSIA 2010     I have never had a more analytical race than this year's Powerman Malaysia, thanks to the 2 duathlon clinic sessions by World I.P.A. #1 Camilla Lindholm, my own observation and readings. Preparation and strategy wise, not so good though. But I must say, the long rest I have taken (of... Continue Reading →

Powerman Malaysia 2010 – ALL THE BEST !

Wishing all athletes taking part in Powerman Malaysia this Sunday ALL THE BEST !! I wish I can write longer.. but its past zzzz time already.. tired after a 2 hours drive today.. and another 3/5-4 hours tomorrow to Manjung. Manage a quick sports massage upon arrival in KL tadi.. late dinner.... and early morning... Continue Reading →

Shahrom Abdullah at Powerman Austria 2010

Malaysia's duathlete Shahrom Abdullah is the sole representer of this country at the Powerman Austria (Weyer). This installment of the Powerman Duathlon World Series 2010 kicks off at 11am today (Austria time , GMT : +1:00) near the National Park 'Kalkalpen', Upper Austria. At the Powerman Weyer 2004 Shahrom came in the 10th placing for... Continue Reading →

Adik Fitri

For once I wish the weekend to pass by quickly ! Still a few things to do on Monday.. and 1 of it is major, as advised by my dad.. We'll see how Sunday rolls by .. (oohh plz roll by quickly..!) Anyways.. some pics I took and edited this afternoon, and a short story... Continue Reading →

Powerman Malaysia 2009 : my last race report for (this wonderful year of) 2009

I will try to keep this short   , for once ! (yeah right !!)  😛 Enjoy ! Intro This is my 2nd Powerman Malaysia race, the first one last year when I manage to dip into the sub 4 finish with a time of 3:59. Time split (Powerman Malaysia 2008) RUN 1 ,11KM = 00:54:55... Continue Reading →

This (not) just in

Went to collect my Powerman race kit last Saturday at Armada Hotel,PJ.  Met up with YitThing Wong&bf, Victor Loh, Tony Quay, Wai Onn, Shakhir, Laif and some other friends doing the race next week. My lucky number for this year #517. 2008 Powerman race number was #404.. ! Anyways,the training is ON going despite the... Continue Reading →

5 weeks to Powerman Malaysia 2009

Powerman Malaysia 2009 Hola amigos and amigas ! Initially Powerman was not on my 2009 list, until the last 7 hours before the closing date ! Registered under the age group 20-29, however the system picked up my registration as elite ! I must have forgotten to click after scrolling to the category in the... Continue Reading →

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