That which doesn’t come in seasons (unlike racing seasons)

IM Langkawi ! Ironman Langkawi 2014. Whooaaaaaaa...!! And since then I've been getting questions along the line of... ' Sudah register? Jom Julie 2014, Julie you joining? Julie you taking part in Ironman?  The untruthful answer: Will think about it, will consider. The bottom pit of my heart answer: My daughter is still young for... Continue Reading →

When you want something..

GO GET IT. PERIOD ! Bringing optimism to our daily breath is by choice. Whether we want to execute the plans in thought, or let it breeze away like the cool morning wind. The Yes and No that interplays is a game. The mind game. How keen and committed we are in getting to execute... Continue Reading →

The days that go by..

Some Julie updates Counting down to the big day. Will pop anytime from now as I am full term. Parents excited, hubby excited. I'm excited as well - like duh ! Time flies sooooooo fast these days (well-- more like these years..) you have to always give a step back, catch a breather and reflect.... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan Mubarak

Ramadhan Mubarak Wishing all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there Ramadhan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadhan). Its been 6 days since the first day of this holy month. May the rest that follow be utilised and occupied with good deeds, practice humility and self control apart from refraining ourselves from food and drinks from dawn to... Continue Reading →

A missJeweLz reflection..

2004 My first blog entry was not too long ago. I started writing (in 2004) as a past time whenever I am not listening to lectures or having a date with a thick medical text book. Plus the free access to the computer lab (oh uni days..). Basically the IT lab guy can already familiarize... Continue Reading →

Halu ….!

Salam Jumaat kepada semua para pembaca yang sama ada kebetulan membaca entri ini.. and to those who have subscribed to 🙂 Been waiting for this breather to actually write ANYTHING.. boy it does feel a lil strange not being able to update this dearest blog of mine lately. Anyways, I hope its not too... Continue Reading →

Still got it !

MALAKOFF 12km I finished the run in once piece !!! I was really worried if I would shatter my legs into a thousand pieces yesterday due the fact that I have been off from any sort of training for the past few weeks ! Though I did manage to slot in a few sessions of... Continue Reading →

What’s Next ?

Malaysia 1- Indonesia 0 Okay, hands up any of you who did not catch the Indonesia vs Malaysia quarter final match 2 nights ago? We won 1-0. thanks to the goal from Syahrul Azwari. Catch the telecast repeat on Astro (if any/if you can). I made sure I was in front of the TV last... Continue Reading →

The Fool On The Hill

Congratulations Well سلام‎ and Hello there everybody ! It's been 2 days post-Powerman Malaysia and I am sure most of you who took part are on your road to recovery. It was a HOT HOT race this year I heard. The ground temperature aside, this year was the 10th edition of this event with the... Continue Reading →

You’ll Never Know

(You'll never know)You'll never, never know I careYou'll never know the torch I bearYou'll never know it, for I won't show itOh, no, you'll never, never know(You'll never know)You'll never, never see me cryNot even when you're glancing byFor I won't weaken, when we're speakingOh, no, you'll never, never knowYou'll know the used to meThat... Continue Reading →

‘Trend Berbasikal Kembali Lagi’ – Wanita Hari Ini, TV3, 19.9.2011

Sudah pastinya dalam apa jua perkara yang kita lakukan atau alami akan melalui zon 'buat pertama kali'. Bagi saya, hari ini 19 September 2011 merupakan kali pertama saya menjejak kaki di bumi Dataran Prima, sebagai jemputan mewakili Cycling Asia ke studio TV3 untuk program 'live-talk' 'Wanita Hari Ini. Ingatkan nak ambil leave today, tapi tak... Continue Reading →

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