Ramadhan Kareem + MUDS reflection

My training program for this fasting month will resume as usual. Will need to alter the timing a bit that will be all. Other than that, I need to put on weight. Family and friends have been complaining, but I don’t know..! I HAVE NOT updated my PD Triathlon race report, and another 2 sprint duathlon races. Podium finish for all 3 series in MUDS,(MALAKOFF Uni Duathlon Series) and recipient for the Powerbar Top University Duathlete. This is the last year I’ll be taking part in the uni category. First time was in 2008. Yesterday a Berita Harian reporter covering the MUDS event called to ask me how I feel. And I asked back, ‘Feel about what?’. He replied, ‘Feel on winning the overall series and the award’. I said,’ ‘This is my 3rd year taking part in MUDS, and I’ve taken part in all 3 series for each year’s event, and have been taking the podium every time I race.’ I told him it does not show that I am any greater than the other competitors. It just goes to show that this sports (duathlon) is relatively new to the higher institutions in Malaysia, and more can be done to encourage students to take up this sports. In the Women Uni category especially, there aren’t many participants and the role of promoting and encouraging should not be rested only on the students’ shoulders, but also taken up seriously by the universities’ sports center department.

I also highlighted to the reporter how the UTM students travelled from Johor all on their own expenses WHILE representing the university. Ong Wei Xiang, an uprising multisport athlete who also have been regular in the MUDS scene told me a couple of weeks ago, he spends at least RM100 per trip to KL every time he races. Going back to the reporter’s question, I told him I didn’t expect to win as I am more than happy to have strong competitors in the category and for them to take the podium and overall title, and of course let other people to have their podium moment. In short, the win came in as a surprise and it was indeed a sweet ending for this year’s series bearing the fact it’ll be the last time I’ll receive the award.Β  I actually have been handling a multisports team called IIU X Team the past 2 years. Through it I try to give back, by encouraging the juniors to take up sports as a lifestyle. To the last MUDS saw 39 of us taking part. πŸ™‚ And 1relay team actually made it to the top 3 placing for Men Uni Relay. What I realize is that victory is not always everything, but when it does come, it is always sweet and memorable. The team also landed IIUM as the top 3 Uni in this year’s MUDS Series after UPNM and UTM.

The 1st time after 2 years having a relay team in the top 3. I am VERY proud of them. Their own effort being paid off. πŸ™‚

The whole team had a wonderful outing, and I as their manager/unofficial coach/kakak felt that the win is for them (I’ve substituted my with the), and the fact that I had my PB recorded in the 1st 3km run leg in 11mins 44secs, and 2nd run in 13mins 24secs made me even happier. The PB teaches me that rest and recovery IS important..i had a whole week of r&r by the way..!busy handling the team lah ! anyways…I just feel happy that I at least have initiated something for the institution which I’ve been affiliated to the past ..lemme see..8 years !!! Sports center of local higher institutions can be really thick in their heads and skin when it comes to sports development and very (mark my words) NOT up to date to the current sports scene. They send a team out for a game but do not provide any training program for the students, no official assigned coach (ehem..), no sports nutrition budget, NO transport..BUT they expect results. So, why call yourselves sports officer..or..lemme see… Sports and Recreational Center..? I haven’t written in for them the official report. But I will surely include these lines in lah. This also goes to show that PASSION and INTEREST is key to multisport.. duathlon, triathlon, name it.. Releasing a budget for a game/event is only 1 part of sports development. Planning, execution, follow ups, and studying are as important. Maybe I should apply for a post in the sports center. I see the mahasiswa and mahasiswi as not having enough exercise..what more taking up more serious and extreme sports. ‘Sis, come join me jog petang ni..’ .. ‘Takpe lah kak Julie, lain kali je.’

post race talk with the team. would love to see the number grow year after year. i'll still contribute even i am no more in the uni !
with more adik-adik from UPNM πŸ™‚ UPNM is the only university in Malaysia (which I know of) who has a functional and active triathlon/multisports club. They played host for MUDS twice already, and are certainly the best of examples for other higher institutions to follow with a growing number of them completing extreme races like Ironman Langkawi. UPNM, here is for you. Congratulations and keep up all the good stuff you guys have been doing and have achieved. p.s. it was an honour to present at the the Powerbar Duathlon Clinic at Dewan Pendekar, UPNM !

*more update and pics from MUDS Series 2 (UM), and Series 3 (UPM) in my post AFTER PD report !

Many things have been going on the past 2 weeks i tak sempat update anything on my blog. yeah..after this will be busy writing an official report for the recent MUDS for the uni sports centre, and hopefully an appreciation iftar+dinner for all IIU X Team members somewhere this month.

Ramadhan Kareem + Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim friends, fellow bloggers and readers ! May Allah Bless You.

Suzanna De Cruz (in yellow), Geetha and myself ; primary school mates back in 1989 ! A small get together at birthday lunch. Pix courtesy of Mr Chan Wing Kai.

missjewelz wishes you selamat berpuasa ! (photo taken last year on 1st raya. when my hair was longer!)


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  1. Selamat berpuasa jul!Salute you on the encouragement that you’re giving to your team and even on race course…my fren told me too …*hugss*

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