Ramadhan Mubarak

Ramadhan Mubarak

Wishing all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there Ramadhan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadhan). Its been 6 days since the first day of this holy month. May the rest that follow be utilised and occupied with good deeds, practice humility and self control apart from refraining ourselves from food and drinks from dawn to sunset.

For myself, welcoming Ramadhan is a joy. A blessing 🙂 So far, I have engaged myself to the Ramadhan fasting and expectations. To all my non-Muslim friends, do take this opportunity to witness your Muslim friends and colleagues observe their Ramadhan. From waking up early for our Sahur (pronounced – Su-hoor) — our pre-fast meal, taken before our morning prayers (Subuh), Iftar (breaking fast) during sunset, and to the prayers that follows after that. Other acts of worship, include paying alms/zakat/charity for the needy.

While specific and general practises are done widely by Muslims worldwide during Ramadhan each year, it is not meant to stop once Ramadhan ends. Muslims are adviced and encourage to continue what they’ve practised and conditioned themselves during this holy month. For example, controlling our anger, giving charity to the needy and controlling ourselves in all that we do with the focus of practising the best of deeds as they’re food to the soul. The soul flourishes with good, and holy deeds summoned and encouraged by Islam. Islam is a way of life and it doesn’t stop after we give salam at the end of our prayers, or just by admitting we’re Muslims.

No preacher

I am no preacher, but I don’t have to wait to become one to share my humble thoughts. Mere reminder to myself, as well as my Muslim friends out there.


I haven’t been able to update this blog quite consistently now. Tied up with lots of other things, but hey – – here I am ! Before I forget.. I had a funny dream earlier this week..(or was it last week..).. I dreamt I participated in the K.O.M (King of Mountain) Ipoh while fasting ! My tyre punctured, and at the same time, I had to have a pee-stop.. :p So I stopped, left my bicycle outside.. Went to the loo, and came out only to find my bicycle missing !!! Apparently whoever it was supporting me thought I have decided to pull out from the event.. Man !!!! They took away my bike without asking me !  When I asked where’s my bike,and informed that I need to change the tyre and continue, answer that came was ‘Oh we’ve sent your bicycle to Ampang. If you want to continue you gotta follow us to Ampang (to get your bike)’. Bugger of a dream and team of supporters !!! *good thing it was just a dream*. oh LOLz..  must be me dreaming to take part in the KOM Ipoh this year (most UNlikely..).. Last year,  did my first KOM. I did have fun, was in a good position until the last 2-3km. I was going downhill (last stretch was an uphill to the finish line) trailing behind a car, something which I seldom do *apparently supporter convinced me to trail closely behind the car..*.

Well, doing something which I don’t personally do during training during actual events has its costs..I couldn’t see the small and rough stones ahead of me as the I was trailing the car. The tyre burst and I was forced to finish the last 2km or so , uphill with a punctured tyre. A few ladies overtook me *great!*, and the guys who were behind me cheered on as they passed me *don’t give up! they shouted..*.. I was bit frustrated — but hey, I finished the KOM Ipoh in 1 piece (well, not my tyre..). It would have cost me TIME if I were to stop and start changing the tube.. tinggal 2km je..so, pedal on je lah ! I could have been *nak jugak..* in the top 10 if not for the tyre puncture ! Saying this just for the fun of it.. things happen, and we’re suppose to get over it. Jangan 3-4 tahun kemudian still nak brag the same thing. Basi kang.. hehe..



Nak kasi bakar semangat to all those who have, and are planning to register for King of Mountain (KOM) Ipoh 2012, happening on the 14th October. I won’t be anywhere near any hills that time but will have another BIG task THEN. *will share nanti le..*. KOM is doable – and you have plenty of time to train. Yang lutut dah pecah, wat ilekk.. give ur knees some rest and recovery first, and get your doctor’s advice before deciding to pound the hills with those precious joints..
Ramadhan Mubarak again !


p.s :  Countless hours, money, energy and effort and spent to become the best athletic and competitive you..with the best gears and apparel.. sanggup berjam-jam dalam panas.. So why not use the same spirit to better ourselves, inner and outer, beginning this holy month.. It doesn’t take up many hours,  money and energy to serve your Almight Lord, Allah Ta’ala. Ingat tuh.. *reminding myself once again and my fellow Muslim friends* Allahu’alam (God Knows Best).


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