Still got it !


I finished the run in once piece !!! I was really worried if I would shatter my legs into a thousand pieces yesterday due the fact that I have been off from any sort of training for the past few weeks ! Though I did manage to slot in a few sessions of treadmill and cycling here and there, it was nothing to really prepare me physically for the 12km hilly run yesterday. Mentally, no problem, as I kept the race ‘off my mind’ from Monday to Saturday last week. The only ‘real’ preparation was to prepare and pack the apparels and gears I would need the following morning : shades check, running top check, Zoot shorts check, watch + heart rate monitor check, socks, shoes, Nike headband, plain water, towel, a change of clothes, CHECK. Race number?? Esok pagi ambil coz I didn’t have the time to collect it the whole week !!!! [but, still, I am less busier than you! heehee..].

Sunday morning : another awaited reunion with my sporting friends at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club for the annual MALAKOFFF 12km run. Arrived around 6.20am, quickly made my way to the official tent to collect my bib, back to the car, put it on, geared up, some quick warm up and back to the crowd which was waiting at the start line. Caught up with Syazaril Azha, Fadzil Ikhwan, friends from Kuantan; Tan Wah Sing, William and Sharon <<– I miss my running kakis from the East Coast ! Jason Thiang, Sook Ying and Jaja were also at the start line.

The run took me an hour and 10mins, that’s almost 8 minutes slower than last year. Not a surprise at all as I have not been training regularly lately. My heart rate remained plateu at 170 bpm.. that is definitely pushing it… *not good..* eventhough my feet and legs picked it up and ran like it was any other run. To all of you who took part, congratulations !! Results here


The coming month : January

Many important events have been taking place in my life of late in both work and my personal life. The transitions? Well, some smooth, some not. Just adapting where, when and however possible. January will be even busier than this month and I have been slowly shifting all the energy and vibe to prepare for January. I am adapting with the new work, will have more on my plate when the new project kicks off, and personally will embark on something that is novel to me, etcetera etcera. To those in the know, 😛 wait up for more happy news that I will avail to you. I would like to thank all of you for the positive and supportive response. Spread the luvin’ missjewelz style !

Bob Marley : “Legalize It”

Work etcetera

I have been pounding my head if not my neck to cope with my new job. Pretty interesting as what I am currently doing ties back to what I did during my study years in Psychology, and also being able to utilize my experiences and even hobbies. Apparently a project which falls under my team is, ehem, social networking. Though I miss my old company and my ex-colleagues there, I see this chapter of my career as another stepping stone challenging me in various aspects. I love challenges, especially those types which motivates you intrinsically. The satisfaction achieved after getting through a challenge serves as precursor for positivity, something which I pretty much rely on in whatever I do.  The satisfaction can be so overwhelming that it can leave me clueless saying ‘Ok, Done! What’s next…?’ And that was exactly how I felt when I crossed the finish line at Ironman Langkawi 2009. I was too concentrated on the journey. So let’s not get lost in our own little (or big) ‘syokness’ in life whether it be a work related or personal achievement. You can stay motivated by recalling how you were once able to achieve those tremendous milestones. Ask, why can’t I do it now?

And since I mentioned ‘syokness’ here, (which I didn’t plan to), I want to discuss briefly on the issue of bragging.. ahakzzz… It happens everywhere. At home, at work, during sports training and meets. Self-complimenting and bragging are two different things. There is nothing wrong with pointing out what you are good at and the recent achievement you went through. Do it at the right time and place. Jumping to pop it out the minute you have the chance to does not guarantee that somebody does not get annoyed. Bragging, especially if its consistent can be bad not only to the bragger (whether he or she realizes it or not), but also the unlucky individual who is left to listen. Know where to draw the limits, and be sensitive who you talk  all your good deeds to. Doing good and achieving success does not give us the right to brag to anybody we wish to. Nuff said. Adios !


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