That which doesn’t come in seasons (unlike racing seasons)

IM Langkawi !

Ironman Langkawi 2014. Whooaaaaaaa…!! And since then I’ve been getting questions along the line of… ‘ Sudah register? Jom Julie 2014, Julie you joining? Julie you taking part in Ironman?  The untruthful answer: Will think about it, will consider. The bottom pit of my heart answer: My daughter is still young for me to be committing to this event, and I am planning to expand the brood !

Its a, personal choice after all 

Here’s the thing — raising a family definitely doesn’t come in seasons. Counting down to your son’s first birthday doesn’t come in season. Ensuring your family is intact doesn’t come in season. Spending quality time with your loved ones? Doesn’t comes in season too. Sports events  say, Ironman? They come and go. They get repeated annually too. And if banned by WTC (World Triathlon Corporation), the hopeful ‘comeback’ happens when there’s enough funding of that event, or a trustworthy and reliable organiser is identified and awarded to run the show. So it is definitely a personal choice. If there is no restriction, by all means, go ahead. And remember that, too, Ironman is not about ‘being in the scene’, or ‘what people will think’.. its about you, and your decision makings. Because in the end, no matter what happens, its how you end the game which you started that matters. Eyes are focused on the last 2km, where you are almost drained of energy, and you gotta keep on to put on a show to prove to YOURself that you’ve got it. Ironman is about challenging YOURself .. Its not like running a 10k and know who you are going to beat.. Endurance games like this requires more than just being physically and logistically prepared. The mental and emotions come into play, and that’s when a good support team/group comes in handy. Fellow racers who supports you and says ‘Keep going’ will certainly give you that boost more than you think you need.

I have to be fair to my family (daughter is turning one next month), and its just too early ‘in the season’ to be leaving home for hours. I’m relatively new in the ‘family’ life, and managing a home is one kinda practise which will take years for somebody like me. It wasn’t anything like a hand-me-down sorta skill/property. You learn the trade as you go along. We learn everyday from our mistakes.

Committing is a serious game (with added fun of course) 

So again, whether to Ironman or not is truly subjective at this time being and I at least hope we can be more considerate when we get too over excited over this specific event . I won’t be offended if anybody ask if I will be taking part, but do give me a breather and allow me to tell that its way too early for me to commit to major races as of now. I did sign up for Powerman,,,and MAN… its not the easiest task to find time for training ! Nothing like my single mingle days. LOL.!  So to all you single (not yet committed to raising children/pleasing the husband) ladies out there, do take part in sports, its good, and certainly the best way to keep fit and healthy. Raising a family is no excuse to not keeping healthy and fit. Plenty of ways, plenty of means. Its just a matter of choice. But, committing to a major event where long hours of training away from home is required, is a different ball game. Especially if we’re raising young children, and during this key period where attachment and bond is sealed, and when their psychology, emotions and mental are developing rapidly, we WANT to be there for them. We need to.

Of IM Theryn Tham and such

Apparently I don’t have a maid (glad I don’t) , pretty much hands on, and certainly pray that my child(ren) will grow up to be the best of the ummah. This can’t be achieved if I am not there at home to coach them. Its all about working and deciding smartly what goes when. Another Ironman is possible for me, but for the time being, I would like to reserve the wild thought of training for 1. My fullest support to ALL my friends who have registered for the event, who have booked their rooms, and have been asking where to get an IM training plan (Terkz, have you looked at — that’s where i go tmy training schedule. CK is the support C (chief) for bro Yusran who’s doing his n-th Ironman. Stupe, Shirliza Anne (yes rite??!!), Syukran Terkz,,and I am not sure who else. Theryn Tham who tagged me in our 2009 IM foto at the official hotel– my guess is that you’re going?! Theryn is my tri buddy since my early (if not first) days doing tris. Cool lady, humble and gains my utmost respect for all her IM feats ! She was standing next to me at the wave start in PD July this year, and when I asked when’s your next Ironman, which she answered,  ‘Just last week’…walllaweeiiiii… I would just book a ticket to Bali and get spa-d everyday after an IM !

You’re an Ironmannnnnnn !

Anyways, the coolest part of IM is the journey. The peak of that journey is when you reach the ribbon at the finishing like with your hands raised high, grinning , almost crying…. and which to the end of it,  you’ll ask what? You’re an Ironman my friend !!!!!!! To all Langkawi 2014 IM people, see you insyaAllah there. missJewelz will be there to support, insyaAllah.

p.s. very excited for my lil one’s birthday next month !!!!

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Tribute to IM Langkawi 2009 volunteer. I bump into this blog post just now and thought it would be nice to share it with the rest of you. IM from a volunteer perspective. Yan, this is for you ! Thank you for volunteering at IM Langkawi in 2009. Maybe I did bump into you at the registration/race course, and is definitely nice and sweet of you to be volunteering for the ‘coolest’ triathlon even in the entire world. 🙂 Yan, dah join triathlon belum?


3 thoughts on “That which doesn’t come in seasons (unlike racing seasons)

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  1. Ala… come lah, kak Julie! Another one adding the pressure hehe.

    No, totally understand it is an individual choice and it’s not an easy feat juggling training with children. So hats off to you guys. I’m fortunate to have the time to train… for now heheh.

  2. hi Julie,
    Thanks for the words of motivation! I really need it. To be a finisher in Ironman has always been a dream, the journey to the start line is another. Seriously don’t know what to expect but will plan ahead for it..Was about to ask u where did u get ur training plan (found the answer there).

    Would love to see u at the start line of IM langkawi again (and still think that u will).

    Send my hugs and kisses to ur pretty darling. She has grown so fast i thought she’s becoming 2 this year! ~

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