The days that go by..

Some Julie updates

Counting down to the big day. Will pop anytime from now as I am full term. Parents excited, hubby excited. I’m excited as well – like duh ! Time flies sooooooo fast these days (well– more like these years..) you have to always give a step back, catch a breather and reflect. I am not on Facebook or Twitter much these days as my time, priority and thought (especially my thought) is directed on other things. Get away from social media, and satellite TV, you can actually feel things slowing down a bit as you occupy your mind with other things yearning for your attention.

Anyway, I have been trying to keep active – manage a few walk/hike up Nuang with a couple of friends. Nothing vigorous to the extent of increasing the core temperature as its dangerous to the fetus inside. And coping with the weather and temperature nowadays as its getting a bit unbearable.  I was actually down with flu.. Nearly had fever (its was soo hot) that I am reduced to indoors on weekdays during working hours. And outdoor again in the morning on weekends when its a bit cooler.

The Circus

It is exciting to see my friends from the sports community taking part in events all over the place. Kinda lost track which event happens when as there are like soo many sporting events nowadays. Good in a way – if you can afford it. And especially if you can work out that sports-life balance without compromising your primary commitments. I used to think that running is the cheapest sports, but not anymore. *sigh* But that ain’t a barrier, and should not be an excuse for any of us to stop being involved in sports and active-healthy lifestyle. Go for a run before work, eat healthy, stop snacking non stop !! To the newbies in running, cycling or multi-sports, welcome !  Just be cautious of your own health even when engaging in sports — as it might creep behind you and give you a nice bite on the buttocks for either overdoing it, or not stocking yourself enough with knowledge to prepare yourself before you even start thinking of training or signing up for some crazy distance events. I like to repeat this line which have been mentioned by my friends many a times.. ‘Respect the distance’.

Achieving that balance

I’ve seen people doing the darnedest thing just to prove a point to others. We have just one body where we are ‘vehicled’ in, and 1 life here on earth.  Take  good care of it. As a Muslim, there’s always a guide for that point of balance in everything that we do, every decision that we make. Do not be too carried away with the fun of engaging in sports as we all damn well know its a social get away as well. Things knock in my head as I progress through my years and stages in life. If I am not saying this out loud to anybody out there, then I am saying it out loud to myself  “Take a step back, take a breather and…reflect”. Its just as good as having a quick getaway in the islands of Tioman or Perhentian.  I will soo keep my friend’s words which he mentioned over lunch last week : ‘orang-orang yang takde commitment’.. quoted by S.I. He was referring to the sort of things that people without real commitment do. They do all sorts of things. Not to say those with real commitment (err.. i.e. having a family, wife and kids, and religion) can’t do everything – just that balance has got to be there without, again, compromising our primary responsibilities.

And finally some fotos from the past few weekends !  Fun and luvin’ it !

from left : Danial, myself, Nor and Aliah. Brekkie stop at Batu 18 before heading to Nuang. It was raining that morning we decided to delay our start as trail could be slippery.
All smiles while out in the sunny Sunday morning. 1hour in, 1 hour out.
And another trip ! 🙂 1.5hrs in, and 1.5 hours +/- out.
Breakfast picnic last weekend at LG ! 🙂 A great get together with friends 🙂

I think that’s it for now. To all who did Miri last weekend, congratulations ! 🙂 Aileen, a friend, got involved in an accident. Apparently a motobiker hit her while she was cycling. Heal soon Aileen and keep on smilin’ .

To everybody : Be careful on the road – whether you’re walking, running, cycling, riding on your motorbike, or driving a car. Crazy and selfish people are all over the place nowadays. Just gotta be extra cautious. Better to have a support car whenever you can. At least anything to minimize any risk of unwanted incidents.

UPNM 2012 graduates : CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU !!! I’m sooo proud with you guys 🙂 Selamat datang ke alam bekerja ya. hihihi.. Hope your juniors are inspired to be like you guys – brave, strong and smart ! Dan dapat meneruskan the triathlon/sukan lasak club. The UPNM cadets/or officers — (not exactly sure how to address them)..have always inspired me. They’re trained to discipline, team work, tough endurance mental and physical games which come in various form. They’ve set THE benchmark for all higher institution of learning for students’ participation in sports – not just as a curriculum, but as a passion that they build and live by. I’ve lost count the number of UPNM students which have completed triathlon events, with Ironman being the king of all IM events. So, to Chan, Amirul, Aiman, Paan, and whoever else which I’ve not mention here (not forgetting ‘kak Suzie’ @ Amad..), bravo and congratulations again 🙂 I look forward to meeting you guys again in the near future, insyaAllah. Semoga Allah permudahkan perjalan kerjaya dan hidup awak semua yek..Amin..

Fr left : Aiman, Chan, kak julie, Ahmad, Amirul Hafiz. I’ve posted this pic various times before. Taken at Perhentian Island Challenge 2008. *gawd i feel soo old noww..*

IIUM 2012 graduates : I am not sure who besides Jepah (Huzaifah) is graduating this year, nevertheless, congratulations !! Nadea, Arif and the rest of the IIU X Team – teruskan perjuangan ! 🙂 And jumpa nanti *SCKLM was the last time we met !*.

Cau cin cau from missjewelz.

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