I am best being just myself. Knowing and getting comfortable with what I think, say or do is most probably due to the internal motivation which goes on within me. While its not the easiest of things, the support system which I have, and have had, was superb enough to push me through my years being involved with sports.I enjoy what I love doing certainly not because of external material short term persuasion. Also certainly nothing to do with ‘proving’ to the world that I can — hence the results along the line of a sub 14 Ironman, top 3 at Sabah Adventure Challenge. and etc. Being in the top form of my life came deep from the bottom of my heart.



Its not too long ago since my first days of taking part in multi sports. But it sure is a great fun and I’ve met numerous lovely people along my journey of sweat, tears and laughters. I am sure those of you who can relate to what I am writing can appreciate this.

You see, passion.. goes a long way… Well, compared doing something just for the sake of doing it ! Or put it.. ‘completing it’ and able to showcase the series of finisher medals, and t-shirts to others. Lots of craving goes on here.  This comes hand in hand with lots of ‘NOT respecting the distance’. I have a few tri friends who have spoken/written on respecting the distance. Respecting the distance involves many things but in essence it is simply doing it sincerely. Respecting the distance is 1) not underestimating the race or distance. Each course is unique. Your readiness for each event is different too. Expecting the worst should be in the check list too so at least you can mentally prepare yourself if things don’t go your way. Respecting the distance involves 2) ‘keep on going’ despite that cut foot or swollen ankle (thanks to the barnacles which you accidentally hit during the swim). Respecting the distance is 3) treating the mission personally, and yet have a jolly good time. Its about having a ‘life’ and NOT ‘not having a life’ just because…


Remember,sports is not a separate entity which completely shuts you with the rest of the world. Sometimes its just YOU who shuts off. Smile and say hello to your neighbour at the transition. Chill Mike. During training..geez, at least introduce yourself first before asking to borrow that tyre pump from somebody who is parked next to you.. And you’ve heard of competitors who simply take others drink/gels during races..? worst case scenario which doesn’t deserve to be a well respected athlete despite winning his/her age category. Its not really WHAT you do..but HOW you do it.

So think again.. train religiously,and race with all your heart and might. You will reach that finishing line before you know it. And when you do… you will ask yourself…. now what..?

And that was exactly what I questioned myself when crossing that finish line 4 years ago in Langkawi. I know there are lotsssa eager fingers out there awaiting for the Ironman Langkawi registration. Its doable. Just do it SMARTLY. Don’t injure yourself. Don’t injure others. Don’t injure relationships. And certainly, have a life. Its cool alright being a triathlete..Ironman..whooaa… again, have respect for the distance, and your fellow competitors. Certainly don’t judge anybody from their looks, or their bikes which are not as ‘canggih’ as yours. The RESULTS will speak for itself, and this is where and when I need to point out, the importance of being sincere and humble no matter what you have achieved before, or what you think you are capable of. If you have a family, get your family blessings 🙂 and they will surely support you.  Ironman is about the journey and I wish you a good one.

Quality over quantity. Did it once–and it lasted me a lifetime. I am glad to share my story and journey. Drop me a message for any questions !


Salam ceria from missjewelz. Keep smilin’.


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