Let’s Cov-end the Covid-19 !

The fact that this pandemic started almost 2 years ago, spreading like wild fire, has gotten all of us on our feet. We felt the sentiment change as the virus came and took away from us the sense of comfort and ease we have taken granted of for as long as we can remember. This is a threat not just on the precious soul which we have been bestowed with, but also a threat to those things which we care and value for. While putting a worth to the things which we may ‘lose’ due to the virus is easy to imagine, I guess, it won’t be the same as the experience of losing loved ones due to Covid-19.

While this is occurring at a global and supersonic pace, one can’t deny, unless it has occurred to you personally (or almost), and depending on your experience ,it is easy to see how some of us, are taking Covid-19 lightly now, as compared to before. While this disruption has affected me, in many ways it had on you, it will never be the same as those experiences, psychological and emotional disruptions faced by the front liners who day in and day out sacrifice beyond their job scope to care for those who fell ill from this virus. Whether the patient contracted Covid-19 due to their own carelessness, or the care-less attitude of those around them, including the community they are in, the dominoe effect is obvious.

You punya pasal-LAH

So to say SOLELY, it is a government ‘issue’ for a certain ‘government’ to solve, again , by themselves, is not justified. Reckless so to speak. Easy to pin point when you’re in disagreement.  For a second, its hard to imagine a premiere of a nation going to bed at night thinking, ohh, lets sleep this off, it will go away on its own’. And what about the daily 5pm briefings which we tuned in during the 1st MCO in Malaysia? Don’t you think they were all in gear 5 most times, working tirelessly trying to figure it out? And after almost 2 years.. how much is enough? Put yourself in the shoes of the fighters working in the hospitals to save our mums, dads, grandparents  children, OUR nation.  Don’t be glad that they’re doing their best, but be ashamed that at a community level we have allowed the problem to blow up to this proportion.

So my case is, this is not an issue belonging to a government, to a particular ministry, nor tied to a ‘questionable’ government.  I was taught, never to assume. I was made to appreciate the fact, that you don’t throw a problem without recommending a solution, whether it works, or not. Similar to complaining/whining VS giving productive/constructive feedback. We have a situation, how do we move from here?

How do we fare up?

We rank 3rd in the SEA after Indonesia and The Philippines for the most number of reported Covid-19 cases, and 3rd highest mortality rate behind both the countries mentioned earlier.

It seems though in Malaysia, no matter how good or satisfactory your ‘performance’ was in the past, when 1 (one) failure or bad performance occurs, all the goodness disappears! 

Is it just a government issue? Or really is just the rakyat not truly abiding by the SOP? Well it certainly looks like its everyone’s issue. Perhaps we are too afraid to own up? How do we tally up then with our neighbouring countries:

Here is the link for the source of the graph and reports above.

How to make that cut?

The report by CSIS highlights (click on the link), the various efforts taken by South East Asian country leaders and government in the fight against Covid-19. Government interventions, announcements, economic stimulus, ministries setting price ceiling for Covid-19 swab tests, you get the point. The fact that South East Asian countries are similar in many way, we are different in many other ways too. Just look at the 2 images above, to spot, who’s ahead of the race against Covid-19, and who needs a pacer?

Since my TV broke down last year which worked for me.. (I did grew tired keeping up with the announcement, and reduced to getting updates in family WA groups. I believe in Malaysia, we have not given up this fight, but I am also beginning to think that some of us are already ‘immune’ to the changes and difficulties we have been going through as a nation. Lockdown is normal, online classes, normal. WFH, roadblocks..normal.. I can say, we have it seems lax down a bit.. Going jogging like normal (because it’s allowed).. when we were allowed to cycle, that was quite a celebration for us cyclist, I can imagine. I am not framing this as a right/wrong issue by the way!

All life matters

I have 2 girls, and I have to be honest, I am concerned with this new variant of that virus going around, no signs and symptoms, and BID cases in hospitals (brought in dead) are increasing. My worry is growing unlike the first lockdown. If that was paranoia, this is anxiety. Containers beginning to pile outside hospital building to place dead bodies of those who succumbed to the virus (Innalillahiwainnailahiraji’un)[“We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return”) (used when a person experiences a tragedy in life, especially upon hearing news that a person has died)]..

Guys, please stay safe .. and do not go out unnecessarily. If you’re reading this in 1 year’s time from now, please give me a shout out on 4 June 2022. I want to know from you, and I want to know that we went to war against this virus, and won it TOGETHER.

So it ticks me off when a certain leader not in the current ruling government comes up complaining/whining as though he can do better. Why this, why that? Errr… be part of the solution? Have a check-in with our SEA neighbours flattened the curve? Why not?

And you.. yupp…you.. You too can be part of that problem by staying cautious and vigilant. Practise the guidelines by WHO, the ministry of health and what have you not, and stop looking at others only as the source of the problem. PROTECT your loved ones.. This is vulnerable time for everyone, especially for those with old family members and young children to take care of.

My personal advise will be:

  1. Get yourself vaccinated
  2. Stay at home (be creative while at it)
  3. Time management: There is a time for everything. Don’t go cramming doing everything in 1 time.
  4. Work from home is this can be done. Else, practise being safe when you’re out there
  5. If you have kids, this is not the time to give the option to them whether or not to wash/sanitise their hands or not
  6. Make the best out of the time at home. Declutter, tidy up your house, have meaningful conversations, read a book, change the world <– world wide web of wonders !

Its really time to stay creative and innovative in the way we approach of keeping safe and sane in the on going lock down and movement control order.. Its done for a reason, so let us contribute to that reason. We need to fight this war, hook or by crook. Click here to read a memo from a front liner to us the rakyat.

This May 2 pic shows the situation at the intensive care unit of Sungai Buloh Hospital. - Pic source: Facebook/DGHisham
From NST



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