(Some) more ideas for them bored heads during the Covid-19 extended lock down

Hey guys, these are trying times for each and everyone us. My condolences to all who have lost family members and loved ones, and my hope and prayers that those infected  will reach recovery soon. Our healthcare system together with various agencies within our government and community are helping to fight this war, and we too should join in the effort to fight this too, where ever we are.

While it can be challenging to adjust to the new normal of staying at home during the lock down (well..before we eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel), it is important that we regroup our heart, mind and soul, and act as the best of individuals and citizens. Support the recommendations by our governments/authorities and healthcare experts to protect ourselves and others. Each of us play a role given this ‘invisible’ war by taking the precautions advised to ensure the infection and death rate reduces. Let’s not take this lightly!

Within the safety and comfort of your home lives, do make full use of your day despite the ‘hiatus’ from the ole regular. Who knows some new habits which you have picked up the last few weeks are actually good for you! In my last post, I have shared some ideas on activities which can be done during the lock down, including a trivia and a mini-info pedia on COVID-19!

In the updated Cheat Sheet below, new sections/titles are introduced, while refreshing the trivia and infopedia section for your entertainment and fun learning! Do check it out, and feel free to share if you find it useful and interesting. If you have any suggestions on more interesting contents which you think will be useful for you and others, feel free to share them to ! Take care everyone, and stay safe !

Click below for the PDF download

Solutions for Boredom Amidst Covid 19 v2by Juliana Ali_missjewelzcom


Photo credit: Travelocity

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