Pledge challenge: Mileage untuk Ga za

So this was written on an unfinished draft called ‘Sometimes you need a new sofa’, but nah, move over new sofa, this new challenge is here to stay !

I have heard of pledge campaigns before, but never actually organised one publicly and for a humanitarian cause. So alhamdulillah in these days and age, we need to put on our creativity hat. How else can I engage with the community in bringing awareness on the plight and horror the Pales.tinia.ns are facing at a humanitarian level??

Our awareness is key, and putting that awareness to an action can hopefully bring some relief and assistance to the oppressed people in Ga. za and actually help them rebuild and nurture their lives back. With that being said, allow me to share with you #kitajagalife latest initiative MILEAGE untuk GA ZA. Now this odd spellings are basically so save me from the headache of having any of my sites being b lock ed ! I just need to get my words out, so out it shall!

Okay, on the the meat of this challenge:


Mileage pledge challenge

How to participate:

  1. Follow mileageuntukMU club/group in Strava or Fitbit
  2. In Strava, you can choose between the run, or ride challenge
  3. If you are using other sports application, you can still participate. Just fill up this form!
  4. Clock you mileage as usual
  5. On the 14th and 28 June, the mileage will be calculated
  6. The leadership board will be announced (individual and group with highest mileage)
  7. Total donation (calculated from mileage) will be emailed to you
  8. You will receive Cinta Gaza Malaysia donation receipt after you have emailed me the proof of transfer (details will be made available nearer to the end of this campaign)

Event and leaderboard updates

  2. Strava club : mileageuntukMU
  3. Facebook event page: Mileage untuk Ga za Pt 1
  4. Instagram : missjewelz

Looking for individual and group challengers now !

To qualify for group challenge, you will have to register 4 other names (total:5), and email to . Don’t forget to name your group !!

I truly appreciate your kindness to share this post with your family and friends. Despite being in lockdown here in Malaysia, we still CAN come together he within safe parameters to create an impact for our brothers and sisters in need.

Warm regards,





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