Running the brain : Let those creative juice flow

Running the brain : Let those creative juice flow

I look at the brain like a car engine. The moment the ignition is sparked, the vehicle is ready to propel forward. The moment an idea is sparked, millions of neurons are put on stand by to receive the next order.

Being indecisive will just turn the switches off. The idea dies off and we carry on with our lives. Nothing occured.

What we need to know is that having some mental fitness and endurance can make a big difference in our daily lives. That is how memories and histories were made. The thought process pushes through the next phase : action. Whatever it is, big or small, a significant change will be made.

So which are you?

Another more important aspect of this discussion of how mental endurance leads to creativity (and vice versae). Creativity is indeed a trait of a mentally ‘fit’ person. Ideas last as long as the brain keeps going. The ‘ideas’ are the fuel of the brain. Hence, the need to keep going.

You know that feeling when you’re ‘brain-dead’..? Perhaps your neurons are not getting enough ‘spark’ or..perhaps its just too tired.. *Kit Kat* anybody… ?

The picture you see in this photo was taken a couple years ago. My college buddies and I were looking for a place to eat.. when we saw an open space.. we decided to take some shots for the purpose. Being an ‘aspiring’ Photoshop-er , I directed the shots and edited them to its end result.

So let your mind run and put those ideas into action. Whatever they may be – planning for a marathon, or climb your first peak, be the top of your class, top employee at work, favourite ‘boss’ or even when solving a domestic matter back home. I am sure they are away around things if you think that ladder is too difficult to climb. Let the critics be your stepping stones so that you don’t forget to look down when you’re up there.

Let your brain run and those creative juice flow !

-missjewelz, KL, 20 May 2014-


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