RIP Ngae..

Just to relay the news that my dear friend NGAE KOH HIENG has passed away today. REST IN PEACE………

its hard to believe that you’re gone Ngae..

it felt like a moment ago when we took fotos together at IM Langkawi

it was like seconds ago when i last called you..

not that you’re literally gone..

but the news of your passing..

did shock everyone..

in case you didn’t know,

you had a lot of admirers, fans, wannabes !

i am plainly one of them.

remember we were training for Powerman together in Putrajaya?

or was it for Desaru..

you told me about how you grew up in the kampung

and how much you loved the kampung atmosphere

and your thoughts on how the younger generation today

is not working as hard at the people

from your generation..?

Little did I know that Powerman Malaysia 2009 would

be your last Powerman.. and we crossed the finish line together ?

That moment will always be cherished..

I remember you told me..

‘oo you orang muda tak nak kasi chance

dekat orang tua !’ 🙂

you’re always power and muda Ngae..

i remember taking photos with you  at Bukit Aman

after one of the morning runs…

as usual,a photo for memories sake..

well, i didn’t expect that sake would come to soon.

dear ngae, let me know if there’s wifi in heaven,

you’d probably be reading this and smile to yourself

you will always be remembered, remember that.

if you can check out your fb,

that would be cool too..

i got the idea of the wifi from Stupe.

Go check your wall.. he wrote this:

Ngae, i hope they have FB in heaven. RIP bro. 😦

I wish I had been a better friend..

I wished..I listen.. but its all a bit too late now..

all that i can do is pray for you dear friend..

Ngae.. I will upload the video i took of you here ..

and also some pics of us !

Love you much dear friend,

xoxo;  Julie

p.s. to all reading this, there will be a minute of silence dedicated to Ngae before the NB15k start tmrw AM. do show up in your sarong if you have any aight..

me and Ngae after the GE 2008 run

Ngae and I ..2 years ago.. we were training for Desaru/Powerman. Can't remember which 1.. we had fun running in the hot sun and he actually showered at the floor fountain on the Putrajaya boulevard , at the small roundabout. so fun !

Ngae and i at Shihming and Doc Ray's birthday bash at Ronnie Q, Bangsar. That's typical Ngae by the way, him, the sarong, the loose shirt/singlet, a cap and that sling bag.

Your last Powerman.. we crossed the finish line together. ... we ran the last few ks together too.. i remember you had to slow down because it was so hot..

Little did I know that this would be your last Powerman.. and our last hug !! 😦 You will always be remembered dear Ngae. mmuah, Julie.

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18 thoughts on “RIP Ngae..

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  1. I never had a photo with Ngae simple because he is too fast, even on his sunset days, for me to catch.

    I always remember him telling me that “i’m back in the game, Stupe”

    that was PD tri last year.

    1. PD will be a tri tribute to him. Sofian suggested to pakai sarong for the run ! lets race in his memory ya Stupe… smlm so sedih la think of him… I hope he is in a better place..

    1. Thank you Kok Aik Tan. I will compile all the comments and condolence message from you guys and pass it to his family. may Ngae rest in peace.

  2. my first contact with him was scklm 2009. .. . . RIP Ngae… you will be miss by many.

    anyone knows when & where is the wake?

    1. hi jue.sorry for the late reply.. i hope you got to read the post i wrote on the wake’s/cremation details. and feel free to view the video tribute i made for him in the post ‘Ngae’s Cremation ceremony’

  3. am glad a lot of pictures were taken with him by different people. i know you miss him much, i do too:(

    1. Shihming, i am glad as well.. in fact i am still digging up some old pics and videos frm my computer. all over the place ! he will dearly be missed. you take care ok.. let’s make it a point to catch up next week. will sms you aight.

    1. Thanks Fairul 🙂 he will be close to our hearts. are you doing PD tri ? planning to do a minute silence before the start. sarong not so sure. maybe save it for KL Marathon.

  4. We love you Ngae, you will be so dearly missed but not forgotten.
    R.I.P Ngae..

    Vivian, Eric, Jay Ren & Way Ren

    1. a wonderful and lovely message from you and your family. Ngae loves all of us too I believe. 🙂 take care Vivian , Eric , Jay Ren and Way Ren. it was relly nice meeting both of you at the cremation. love, Julie

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