Things To Do

1. start reading em fictions : ive a line up of books. so excited to start readin em !

2. get the system back in shape + performance : i’d better !

3. learn to cook : a good form of cross training, trust me.

4. guitana lessiong with Chekdet : Chekdet, my musician friend !

5. continue strength training : pump it….common’ common’ pump it..!

6. some womenly slim + strong abs 🙂  : will take time. its not easy !

7. get the thousands pf photos on my laptop organized !! <– this one harder.

8. take mtb for jalan2 makan angin <- last road it last year..oh dear..

9. prepare for ——– happening 1st May << tada…!!! 1st standalone marathon would be an off road one. hmmm…

10.recover n repeat. 🙂 she’s back.

I like d background. Something different. Sand ! No, I’m not at the desert. Was at a parking lot somewhere near home. LOL.

myself + Azmar at FRIM. did a 10k trail run recently.


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