Taman Bukit Jalil

Quite a pretty taman actually. My first time there. Just walked around a bit after cycling at Kesas yesterday. Cool lah the place. Training ground for serious and leisure runners I suppose. But tak sempat check out the whole taman. Watched Clash of The Titans yesterday. Great movie. I'll give a 7.5 out of 10. Perseus - hot much !

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  1. Please give credit to the photographer bcoz he/she snap a really nice picture in black & white. Not to mention the model too

    1. ijam, thanks. 🙂 i asked the photographer to panjat the tembok and use the flash. it was shot in colour. but model b&w d photo n did some editing. 🙂 got 1 more foto, model buat2 baring on the grass. but i dont think i’ll upload it ! hihihi..

  2. Thx for promoting my training ground… Cool place kan. Close at 9pm. Adination normally had thier session on every Tuesday, 630pm…

      1. Open as early as 6am. Public toilet ada …. Tpi kena charge. So bring some coins masa lari….
        The route basically flat, ada 2 short climb. If you complete one big loop u can get 4km.
        Kalu nak layan staircase pun ada….

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