Taman Bukit Jalil

Quite a pretty taman actually. My first time there. Just walked around a bit after cycling at Kesas yesterday. Cool lah the place. Training ground for serious and leisure runners I suppose. But tak sempat check out the whole taman. Watched Clash of The Titans yesterday. Great movie. I'll give a 7.5 out of 10. Perseus - hot much !


  1. Please give credit to the photographer bcoz he/she snap a really nice picture in black & white. Not to mention the model too

    • ijam, thanks. 🙂 i asked the photographer to panjat the tembok and use the flash. it was shot in colour. but model b&w d photo n did some editing. 🙂 got 1 more foto, model buat2 baring on the grass. but i dont think i’ll upload it ! hihihi..

  2. Thx for promoting my training ground… Cool place kan. Close at 9pm. Adination normally had thier session on every Tuesday, 630pm…

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