missJeweLz reaches 80,000 hits !

Dear readers and followers of my blog, regular and irregulars, I want to thank all of you for giving a precious fraction of your time to reading and following my updates. I just noticed at the Blog Stats page that this blog has passed the 😯 k hits mark !!!! 😛 Yeap, 80,000 !

Future plans for missjewelz.wordpress

–  Delete the excess page tabs

– Place a regularly updated tab on the top right corner (will have to decided whether to put it above or below Twitter!)

– Update my links ! I know I haven’t linked up most of my blogger friends’ url !

– Archive my posts according to categories and tags and put em in a page.. a.k.a indexing all my posts

– Set up a permanent and better gallery for my pics. The current one sucks..

– Chat box  ! wordpress doesn’t allow ChatBox. Other than meebo I still have to look for other more interactive chat apps

– what else..?

– more customized and suited-to-my-personality kinda background theme. I know that the current one is too stale and boring

– add click n pay app.. where i can make money everytime some1 clicks the ad 🙂

– update my interview page. Watch out for next week. Interview with the country’s top duathlete, Shahrom Abdullah !!

– any other suggestions ?

– how else can I maximize the benefit of blogging , on my side and the reader’s blog .. (suggestions ?)

– oh ya.. will do some profiling work for Malaysia’s triathletes , duathletes and runners ! (this will take time tho..)

– organize my ‘Events’ page..its a disaster !

– will try not to be too ‘seasonable’ with my postings 😛

I really really do appreciate to those of you who have said Hello to me when we met during training or race events. Sincerely, I was and still am surprised (in a nice way lah) that there are real people who reads my blog and recognize me when they see me. I mean, thanks !! It is an eye-opener indeed to have people telling me that they do follow this blog.. or they’ve dropped by before when searching for training tips/events info.

To these people, thank you for inspiring me by acknowledging me that you read my blog ! :

Wan Diba – Raymond Tan – Hero McNizz- Ian Yusof- Nik Fahusnaza – Jennifer Ng’s friend (didn’t get the name)- Shahrizal Sanusi – Kevin Siah – Eddie Chulan- Omar Yip-OP Stupe-Pn Nurul Ain (Fong)- Nurulhuda Khairudin – Chan Jun Shen- Simon Cross – Saya Laun- Chin Chin-Lynn Guan-  and all you missjewelz.wordpress readers out there ! 🙂

😛 As far as missjewelz.wordpress.com it is written volunteerily .. when I have to, when I need to..  I try to, at most times, not to write just because I feel that the readers need to read something, that I am obliged to meet this expectation. Doesn’t go that way here. I write at my will and don’t believe in daily updates, or even weekly updates when there is nothing specific to write. Coz if I do write, then there will be no depth at all.. I don’t want to plan and cook mething up just to ensure this blog gets the hits. If you’re a regular here, you might notice once I have an idea of on a certain issue, I usually write extensively. I write by feel most times and try simply love relate my writings to you, as though I am conversing with you. That’s basically my style of putting down my thoughts.

How and when did I start to write? Wait for my next post..hihihi..Keep on supporting missjewelz !! 😛

Thanks guys,



A missjewelz follower( become friend) told me, I look different when he saw me. He was expecting me to be taller ! Hahaha... well, u get different version of missjewelz from the pics and in person. Here's the rabbit-from-Hawaii version of me. Tucked neatly at my left ear is my favourite flower 😛 Bunga Kemboja a.k.a. Frangipani !

4 thoughts on “missJeweLz reaches 80,000 hits !

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  1. whoaa … 80,000 hits. cool. start opening slots for rental. I’m sure there are quite a number of takers. 🙂

    p/s – I’m still taller … by merely less than an inch. hehhehe

    1. thanks Ian.. i think u were in those heeled working shoes.. (TomKat) 😛 thats why seems taller la..hhhiihihi.. yeah, already 80,000… i don’t exactly know how to react and respond to this stats… huhuhuh.. 🙂 open slots for rental?

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