Every citizen has a right to voice out his/her views + thoughts no matter how bitter it is : ”the i-didnt-want-to-write-this-note saga , Part 1”

(I wrote this note for my FB note app. Today I decided to share this on missjewelz.wordpress.com. I even included the fotos which i included in the FB notes here)

Happy New Year everyone. 😛 i’m optimist that i will indeed have a Happy new year. not only in Jan and Feb, but throughout. hopefully. not only for myself but also for all of you my friends. i was commenting on 1 of my friend’s FB status regarding ‘the’ nation’s current issue (our country run out of things quickly, but never issues..hahahaha..) and i thought there’s no harm in sharing with all of you what my views are on this ‘issue’

i think kan, frankly, its the politicians are to be blame..Coz they yg start kecoh2 this things…and then because of them, people get confused… when confused..people misunderstand each other for no apparent reason (except for their misunderstanding tuh..)..and because of that people react blindly not realizing that they’re just ‘victims’ to this so called drama and stage play by politicians, termasuklah…kita2 yg kat facebook nieh who gives bitter comment and start judging each other . . walhal before this xde apa2 pon. it is the politicians who knows that their big mouth can cause all this chaos..and because of them , ‘uncivilized’ people finds an opportunity and space to ‘react’.. Its because of them (the politicians), those without a well rounded knowledge on something sensitive like this will be attacked by panic and fear..and hence all this kecoh2 now… It saddens me deeply.. Sebelum ni xde apa2 pon.. and just because of the mulut and shallow thinking of certain people , and the issue blown up by the media..tuh yg jadi mcm2 ni..

And those yg ckp they are kuat pegangan dia orang.. well..action speaks louder than word.. they’re not kuat.. they don;t have their facts and knowledge right..and say even if they did have some knowledge, no religion supports their stupid acts..we know that right..? and we begin to wonder what sort of knowledge do they have..? This is just so sad… pasal isu di politikkan, rakyat jaid takut ..demonstrating riot and start to gaduh with each other.. hmmm… I believe we all SHOULDN’T fall prey to this situation. if we feel and sense we’re being trapped, its not the situation that we need to escape from , but its that feeling and that sensations which we really need to let go..

part of my reasons why i hate politics, is that the politicians (and their kuncu2) think they have the ‘right’ and credibility to comment on any issue available on mother earth. if xde issue, ntah2 they look for issues kot.. termasuklah the issues which they dont have much knowledge of.. tau surface je.. Holding on to certain faith does not give us the right to simply comment, make statements which uhmm, confuse and scare people. b4 this takde kecoh2 right?…and then when the issue was publicized and stuff..only then we see all this drama and chaos going on..Do we see d relation..? its not the issue per se.. but its how we’re led to reacting to it.. so, its important that we think before we start reacting.

i’m tagging all my tri/ sports friends here because i believe we have some ‘advantage’ in the sense that we don’t go about doing sports with our ‘values’ being played with. we do sports together, along side each other because we have succeeded in overcoming certain ‘boundaries’ (if it even existed) which may/may not set us apart. we love somethings, and we go ahead doing it. and its the similarities which is our priority and not the other differences. we leave our differences behind, pack it and you know.. just let it go. because we do not need it. so in times like this, if we can stick together as a nation , like how we maintain our harmony when doing sports, i think we can sort of compare and contrast where we are and where we stand in times like this..tak payah compare jauh2..just compare our selves with those who don’t do sports, who dont do triathlons and those who havent felt how nice it is to put our differences away because of something we love. so if we love this country… lets just remind ourselves that we have the control of things and can’t leave it to all this jokers mocking our harmony.. (and datz why it sickens me when that 1M Dukethon was held.. hmm… )

love + peace ; missjewelz.

p.s. : ayat curi : pegang kuat kuat tak guna kalau berpegang benda tak patut dipegang.. 😛

p.s. : can’t they(the politicians) just shut up their big fat mouth and start thinking of improvising their mentality and getting their facts correct? errr..maybe they can’t.. coz politicians (not all) are good with talking..but don’t hold expertise on the matter they’re dealing with… they can hold different 10 different posts in 3-5 years, and believe that the creativity of talking and playing with words can carry out their job and tasks effectively.. (and not to forget their need for power) not knowing and realizing that their ignorance is the one poisoning them.. they’re not capable and yet they still want to play around issues which are out of their boundaries.. think tank takdak..cakap kosong banyak…same goes to the irresponsible NGOs who don’t think before they act.. (sorry im being like so frank here…)..again, just my 2 cents.. i overslept on the couch, woke up around 2.40am and just can’t sleep any more.. tiba2 so fresh my kepala otak nieh..huhuhuh..

As you have observed here, I’ve uploaded various pictures.  If you’re a good observer, you may notice that I did not have to attach any captions whatsoever on these photos, or explain why I uploaded them , what’s the relevance of attaching these fotos to this particular post. We may also come to the realization that action speaks louder than words. These pictures portrays the thing’s that I’ve experienced and the things that I do, like to do, without even having to say it. So there, Just Do It -Nike- . Being involved in sports gives me this edge. I just Do It without even having to think of it.

Some quotes which I’ve stumbled upon to support and reinforce my points here :-

William Sloane Coffin, Jr.
Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without.

missjewelz says : its like a workforce. the more diverse, the better. it has been proven over, and over again through researches, that diversity in a work group enhances work performance. This happens at all levels of a nation’s hierarchy.

Ambrose Bierce
In each human heart are a tiger, a pig, an ass and a nightingale. Diversity of character is due to their unequal activity

missjewelz says : in my heart there’s an emerald green boa, an Appaloosa (a breed of horse) and a Panthera Leo (basically, a Lion!).

James T. Ellison
The real death of America will come when everyone is alike.

missjewelz says : too much similarities is thus my friend, is not better than having some degree of differences. We can develop if there are differences. Have faith in these differences because we are responsible to use it to bring us to greater (and better) heights.

Mikhail Gorbachev
Peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences

missjewelz : this quote by Mikhail Gorbachev speaks for itself. we need to get to know each other more, in length and depth. Don’t get what I mean ..? scroll up an re-view the fotos which I’ve uploaded for this post….Still don’t get it ? Join any running events or triathlons, and if you still don’t get it, email or call me ok..LOL 😛

“Cheers everyone, I wish all of us reading this will get the benefit of it. Sometimes we waste so much time on less important things and leave only a short fraction of time thinking & doing the more vital and crucial issues pertaining to the value of our life.  If there are inter-faith talks, than good. But this should be a continuous process as I believe, learning is a continuous process. We don’t stop only when the problem is solved. Or when the cause of an incident have been identified. What this country have failed, is realizing these points which I’ve just mentioned. We plan, we dream big . We put in a massive budget on so-called ‘community projects’.. we publicize them. And then…What’s the word…hangat2 tahi ayam ?? and then what..?  Think about it my friends. We all count, we all matter in this. Your thoughts, my thoughts are important. We can’t leave it to a certain group of people to decide on the fate of our beloved country. And when I speak ‘DIVERSE’, i mean diverse in all aspects possible.. cultural diversity, knowledge diversity etc. “

-missJewelz’s left ventricle..right from this heart to yours. Can you feel me?


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