Friday morning :)


The announcement for the Powerbar Team Elite 2010/2012 will be made next month (February). Exact date, unknown. And to all my friends doing the NB 30K this Sunday, all the best !!! The route will be tougher this year, reverse course from the previous years’. So, good luck !

Ironman Langkawi

Ironman updates, not to my surprise, a majority of my friends who did Ironman Langkawi last year are not taking part this year. Including those who have registered and paid and those who have trained half way for it (or anything lesser). Quality of training and preparation is vital and not merely the quantity. There is no point pounding the mileage the last 2 months to race day. Your body wouldn’t have sufficient time to recover, taper time cut short, and you think by then your body and mental would be ‘ready’. If all goes right, then good. But if we bonked, we would blame it on the insufficient training. Typical. For any other sports or distances as well. So friends, plan ahead and train smart and let’s stop this viral conception of instant training ,especially when it doesn’t work for us, and yet we insist in ‘promoting’ this kinda training.

There is nothing better than buying sports magazines, Triathlete, Runners World, Cyclists, or logging on to their online websites. Google or Yahoo!  them up and get all the benefits of the world wide web. Read up on how top athletes train, and what kind of program top coaches recommend for beginner, amateur , novice and pro athletes.  Talking to experienced athletes also works for me most times, asking for practical tips, the what-to-dos before, during and after race etc. Observe is another keyword here 🙂

Case 39

Watched Case 39 last night. Think Case 39, think The Orphan, think The Omen. In other words, if ur a horror/thriller fan, go watch in on the big screen aight. Starring Rene Zelwegger. Her co-star is 15 year old Jodelle Ferland (move aside Dakota !!) who played the role  Lillith Sullivan. Two thumbs up for her acting, plus 5 stars !  Lillith Sullivan (i just found out) is also acting in the Twilight Saga sequel Eclipse , playing the role Bree, a new born vampire – created by Victoria (!!!),  The Cabin in The Wood, Captain Cook’s Extraodinary Atlas.  She’s got like 46 movies under her belt already, mostly horror/thriller flicks. She made her movie debut at age 4 in the TV-movie Mermaid, for which she received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination, making her the youngest nominee in Emmy history:) From today I’m subscribing as her fan !!

Case 39 trailer


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  1. Hi missjewelz–unlike some of your friends, I am still in the running to race in Langkawi next month. I’d appreciate if you could clear up a few things about the race. The official site could probably use someone like yourself, it’s a bit stale.

    Swim–is it 2 lap or point to point?
    Bike–course has been described as rolling and people mention 1 impressive hill. How about you? Anything else to add to that.
    Run–not too much shade on this course… is that hyperbole, what happened to the trees?

    Would also appreciate any race week or racing tips you’ve got.



    1. Thanks for visiting my blog ! 😛 According to another fellow IMer who also did IM Langkawi last year with me, the route will be exactly the same. 1 loop for swim, 1 big loop + 3 small loops for the bike, and the same number of laps for the run (i lost count!). 😛 I will be in Langkawi too (but not racing this year), so see u there !

      Tips? you’re the pro, 12hours 6 mins under ur belt (saw ur timing :P)Impressive !! LOL..just kidding, sure, let’s exchange training tips. I’ve a lot more to learn myself

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