Thank You Powerbar !

I wrote something on my twitter last nite after reading Paula Radcliffe’s statement that she can resist the temptation of racing. ūüôā Sound familiar? And Lauryn Hill said in 1 of her songs, ‘ready or not, here I come’ .. When you stir these two statements together ,juggle and blender them, you’ll get Julie. At least for this particular upcoming event in Manjung !

If I feel that I am going to regret for going for this event, I won’t go. But since the pros are looking much hopeful and better now than the cons, (my general condition), I might as well give it a go. What I didn’t share here before is that I did register. (and lucky me¬† did not have to pay¬† the registration fee upon race kit collection. last Saturday! Powerman Malaysia 2009 will be my last race as a Powerbar Team Elite member. Of course I’ll still be racing after this.¬† I have no idea if I am going to make it for the 2010 selection, but what I can say is that 2008 and 2009, especially the first quarter of 2009 have been helluva good time for me as a triathlete.

I was honoured the 1-year sponsorship 2009 contract¬† last year after receiving the Powerbar Duathlete of The Year Award , and I know¬† I did not waste it.¬† Even if I am not sponsored for next year, I’ll still be donning some of the Powerbar apparels given to me by Powerbar. A confession to be made, I feel very proud wearing my Powerbar cycling jersey. I got 2 cycling jerseys for them, some dri-fit and cotton¬† tshirts, a pair of Zoot tri suit (2 piece) (thank Mr Rahimi!), socks, the 3 quarter shorts etc.¬† More importantly Powerbar gels, bars, endurance and recovery drink for a year. And on top of that, I didn’t have to pay a single cent for registration fee for the tri events, Ironman and Powerman. ūüôā These are Powerbar sponsored major events. Oh ya, and not forgetting the MUDS series.

Not listed above, or in the contract, is the motivation and inspiration that Powerbar gives to their athletes, and to those who takes part in Powerbar sponsored events. My branding knowledge sucks, but I know people associate certain brands with certain values. Powerbar is associated with performance, sportsmanship as well as a healthy lifestyle.¬† Sports should not be very serious and left to the sports geeks and kiasus.¬† It should be enjoyed by all, and more vital is that ;it is our ultimate right to embrace sports as part of our healthy if not healthier lifestyle. Some people go for races because they simply can’t resist the temptation to challenge their friends *ehem*, while some take it leisurely. Either way, you’re already in the right mind set and foot step. So keep it up and spread this positive enthusiasm to all our family members¬† and friends especially those who really needs to ‘change’ and improve their lifestyle.Team Elite members also hold their share of responsibility in promoting Powerbar as THE sports nutrition provider, and of course,¬† promote sports itself !

Powerbar Malaysia¬† have provided some platform and opportunity for event organizers to run their show successfully, and this in turn benefits us sports lovers. Be it mountainbikers, runners, cyclists, kayakers, rugby !, what else… too many to mention here. Continue to support Powerbar, and if you missed the application for 2010 Powerbar Team Elite intake, make sure you don’t miss it next year.

To the Powerbar Malaysia management team; Mrs Emily Loo, Mr Rahimi, Mr Jordan Ng,  Mr Shahrulniza, Ms Roslizawati and the whole crew from Totalfield Sdn Bhd РMr Razman, Mr Khamal Basha, Mr Jasrul & Cik Nor ,  a  very big THANK YOU to all of you for the endless support and encouragement. I am dedicating my last race this year specially to the Powerbar family . God bless !

Nor Juliana Ali

Team Powerbar Elite 2009

>>Powerbar Malaysia website<<

>>Powerbar Team Elite<<

>>Team Powerbar Elite application<<

Proud donning the Powerbar jersey !

Emily Loo
Mrs Emily Loo, Country Business Manager of Healthcare & Performance Nutrition, Nestle(left most), Shahrom Abdulllah, another Powerbar Elite athlete (receiving the Duathlete of The Year Award) and Ms Melody Tan of Quick Release Adventures.
Powerbar Malaysia
Mr Shahrulniza Othman (Powerbar Business Development Manager) , myself and Mr Rahimi (exPowerbar Business Development Manager)
Julie and Ros
Roslizawati of Powerbar (right) and myself
Powerbar Team Elite 2009
Powerbar Team Elite 2009 logo launch at Totalfield
Great Eastern 30k 2009
My 1st race in 2009 as a Powerbar Team Elite ! note that I have the Powerbar logo on my running vest ! And yes, love those catchy Buff !

<<first race as a  Team Elite (2009 intake)>>

<<Powerman Report next week lah after the race !>>


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