Shahrom Abdullah at Powerman Austria 2010

Malaysia's duathlete Shahrom Abdullah is the sole representer of this country at the Powerman Austria (Weyer). This installment of the Powerman Duathlon World Series 2010 kicks off at 11am today (Austria time , GMT : +1:00) near the National Park 'Kalkalpen', Upper Austria. At the Powerman Weyer 2004 Shahrom came in the 10th placing for... Continue Reading →

Not blogging

I wanted to update on the race I took part in Tioman 2 weeks ago (8/5) , before the New Balance run. Or even right after. But after the news of Ngae's passing broke, I thought I would give this page a week moment of silence and not updating anything on training or racing. The... Continue Reading →

Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 4

I made it on time to 'listen' to the age group start. The 1st and 2nd Pro came in around 48mins : Luke McKenzie & #12. For the local triathletes, among the first few to come out of the water; Mansor, Kevin Siah and Hafiz Wong. Out of T1 according to the sequence: Hafiz Wong,... Continue Reading →

Thank You Powerbar !

I wrote something on my twitter last nite after reading Paula Radcliffe's statement that she can resist the temptation of racing. 🙂 Sound familiar? And Lauryn Hill said in 1 of her songs, 'ready or not, here I come' .. When you stir these two statements together ,juggle and blender them, you'll get Julie. At... Continue Reading →

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