This (not) just in

Went to collect my Powerman race kit last Saturday at Armada Hotel,PJ.  Met up with YitThing Wong&bf, Victor Loh, Tony Quay, Wai Onn, Shakhir, Laif and some other friends doing the race next week. My lucky number for this year #517.

2008 Powerman race number was #404.. ! Anyways,the training is ON going despite the overall condition being tilted on the slacking and relaxed side, and …..thus …..I might be racing after all. These knees were tested during my regular runs and last Sunday they were still okay.Again, its not an easy option for me..  Control will be the keyword this Sunday !  Let’s pray for the best aight ?! So they say..Powerman is harder than OD tris, trust me, there are some truth in there. Unless you’re coming from a running background, you will have the advantage on enjoying your duathlon races. I am from running background. Been running since the day I was born ! Just kidding..LOL.. It’s a hobby and passion..Anyways..yikes.. .I’m secretly hoping someone(who is not racing) can drive me to Lumut !!!! So can help save me energy ! Planning to leave Saturday afternoon and be back in KL the next eve !

On another note I’m looking forward for a long vacation happening somewhere this month after my exams.  LOL..  I’ll be off from racing after Powerman (no, not retiring). Sending my system to the service center for fixing ! Rest and Recover. Looking forward to a fresh season next year y’all.

So again, all the best. Remember to race smart if you’re racing. And if you’re thinking of trying out tri events for next year (Miri Tri will be the last 1 for this year i believe), I wish you all the best in your training. Triathlon and duathlons are fun ! Seriously !


Powerman 2008
racer:404 time 3:59 rank : #7

DU 181
By far the only race my NOSE bled ! Manjung,Perak is indeed SUNNY & HOT ! Just hope it rains a bit this year !! FYI, my nasal capillary are thin and sensitive.... imagine racing with blood dripping on your white tri-top...that was what happened to me last year in my 1st Powerman..luckily it happened before the last water station or else my finish foto will be with blood stain on my baju..euuuww ! p.s. : at 1st i thought it was the PowerGel or something ..contributing the stickiness in my fingers..tengok2 blood..this pic shows the saki baki of the blood after i rinsed them off at the water station!

Powerman Malaysia 2008
Don't be fooled by this photo.. Mariana Mohammad is behind me because she is 1 lap ahead of me! LOL..and damn..i think im fatter now ..! fatter as in heavier..i trust that the camera have some special effects to make my thighs look errr..slimmer !

Powerman 2008
me leading the Rawalpindi Express.penat tau lead the train !! hahaha.. Bro Yusran, AJ,Zabil, Stupe and a few others..tak nampak..p.s. : didnt know got people chasing me ! 10k PB in the 1st 11k run.. i hit a 49er..

Powerman 2007
Bike in to T2 for 2nd run.

Powerman 2008
These Singaporean dua/tri athletes will be back this year to retain their title for age group. That's my friend Theryn Tam on the left most of this pic, and Stephanie Wang (white shirt) on the right most.

Powerman 2008
Junior fans ! Adik Fitri in the black Du Rock tshirt. He's so adorable !

-thy end-


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    1. not racing is the 2nd option. not going is the 3rd. the 1st 1 is to take part but not race 🙂 so, im going to support the race but not aiming to push or set another PB on the run.

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