My Cup of Oats: Thoughts on achieving healthy

Kicking off work day with a bang of nutrients and energy! If fast food delivers ease and quick cheat to meal preparation, this old style meal is timeless. The only saviour to this being incorporated to my daily routine is the enjoyment of prepping such a 'creative' meal without the hassle of the regular traditional... Continue Reading →

Pernah Tak ?

Pernah Tak   Pernah tak anda patah balik untuk ambil something then halfway lupa apa yang nak diambil ? Contoh; balik bilik nak ambil jaket, tapi sampai je bilik , lupa la pulak apa benda lah yang nak diambil tadi.. Pernah tak berjalan ke arah tong sampah untuk membuang tisu tapi terbuang pen yang berada... Continue Reading →

The Healthy Diet + Healthy Malaysians

Beware : this will be a medium to long post.. By now, I guess most of us know that the mention of the word diet ,or the term "I'm on a diet" does not mean "I need to lose weight." It means I have to achieve a well-balanced and healthy diet. Diet as in taking... Continue Reading →

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