Pernah Tak ?

Pernah Tak   Pernah tak anda patah balik untuk ambil something then halfway lupa apa yang nak diambil ? Contoh; balik bilik nak ambil jaket, tapi sampai je bilik , lupa la pulak apa benda lah yang nak diambil tadi.. Pernah tak berjalan ke arah tong sampah untuk membuang tisu tapi terbuang pen yang berada... Continue Reading →

The Healthy Diet + Healthy Malaysians

Beware : this will be a medium to long post.. By now, I guess most of us know that the mention of the word diet ,or the term "I'm on a diet" does not mean "I need to lose weight." It means I have to achieve a well-balanced and healthy diet. Diet as in taking... Continue Reading →

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