Life Gained and Lost.. but not forever

Haven't done a condolence post for a while now. Its almost mid way through 2022 and we have been through, together, one of the roughest patch in living human history. Depending on how you look at it, how economically and psychologically you were affected, there somewhat lays a slice of it most of us would... Continue Reading →

Assalamualaikum Dett….

Just last week, the tri/cycling community was saddened by another loss. It wasn't a road accident or anything of that sort. About 9am plus, I received a called from Bahri, an old triathlon/cycling buddy. So Sunday morning it was..I thought it was a bit of an odd timing for a phone call. But nevertheless I... Continue Reading →

His last few hours..

Have you been on roller-coaster rides ? That thrill of a few minutes of laughing and screaming at the top of your lungs. You wouldn't want it to end. Don't you ? 🙂 The roller stops, and you're back to your senses. Wow.. what a ride that was.. ! That if you come back to... Continue Reading →

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