Waking up from blog-a-hibernation

Salam and hello world ! It feels good, fresh and crispy to be back writing ! I have been happily  moving along with the real world and life outside this screen I almost don’t have the time to share with you folks any updates. I have been out and about !

Work as usual

Work is as usual, and I would like to maintain that the real job is really with the people whom you care most ie parents, spouse, children and all your loved ones. Planning to have a balanced and fulfilled work-life is an art which which needs patience and practise in order to become a master. I’m novice but hey, I am taking a step at a time to learn this. Not everything was ‘handed’ down or asked in exams eyh ?

Working out as usual too (yeahh !!!)

I have to admit that I was through plateau stage the past few months where the day-in and day-out seems to mirror each other the same way, every day, for every week and every month. It was a struggle getting a pair of sneakers on, what more clicking that helmet underneath my chin ! Good news is I have finally managed to break through (think a pupa morphing) this shell and I am on it again , yeahh !!! Heading out to the parks and forests was the best thing my family and I could do — so both eventually benefit. Lil one gets to meet mother nature and mommi gets to burn some extra calories climbing those hills. Real fun ! *check out pics below*

Park and slides

Ahhh yes, not forgetting the land of children kingdom – where all kids rule. This is simple one of the places where babies and kids become lesser cranky babies, and happy kids happier ( and adults ..’man I wish I was a kid again!).  I’ve been getting the signals from the soft and cute tug on the hand every time I come home from work with her. So instead of heading right to the door, its now the slide ! *LO can’t pronounce ‘slide’. Ends up sound more like ‘shide’..

The great outdoors

Frequenting FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) in Kepong has never felt better. This month alone I have made 3 trips with my little one 🙂 First trip (if you are familiar) was through Rover’s Track – short and sweet despite somebody having a careless fall because she was running a tad too fast for her size and couldn’t balance. The next 2 visits were basically up Steroid Hill and the Helipad. It was fun and not stressful at all as I took the pace easy. Carrying her was part of the work out. That’s how I mentally kept going ! I will be organising another trip this weekend, and if you happen to got to Helipad/Steroid, I hope I bump into you ! Say Hello! Oh and I saw Shanaz, Nik and Richard Tang (Ironman) too.

If you happen to look for natural parks where you and your family can stroll along, I would suggest FRIM. Its within the vicinity of KL/Selangor. Plenty parking space , walker/runner and mountain bike friendly trail with different difficulty/technical levels to choose from. There is a canopy walk too if you like to enjoy the beauty from above ! I’ve never tried it but look forward to it one day insyaAllah. note: you have to purchase the access ticket from the FRIM Info Center@Souvenir Shop. There’s a limit to how many visitors are allowed on the canopy walk/day. So better come early to get your tickets. More info on the canopy walk here.

Some pics from my recent trips to FRIM below :-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hashtag #julie28dayschallenge

I’ve been on a 28 days challenge to achieve a lean-meal diet and fat burn loss (please don’t confuse this with a weight loss program, I am fine with my weight for now ! Look up for the hashtag #julie28dayschallenge to see what its all about.

Some pics from my IG postings below :-

Will catch up in my next post ! Adios !

Lil miss A and missJeweLz
Lil miss A and missJeweLz #lovethestairsbehindme

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