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Rumba Catalana, Eschucha me

Salam and greetings dear netizens and friends 🙂 Wherever you are, I hope all is keeping up pink and well for you ! I am listening to ‘Escucha me’, one of my all time favourite band, Gipsy King as I am typing these lines (oh yeah, nodding my head too !). If I were an artist, the line would be ‘Much of my music influence came from my parent’s cassette, black vinyl and CD collection’, and Gipsy Kings (and Bob Marley) are among those to which I still listen till today !

The band from France have been active from 1978 to..present..! Click the photo for their wiki ! Photo from :

Route 66

I am back in Bolehland after almost 2 weeks of escapade. Feeling refreshed, alhamdulillah and ready to take on whatever is installed and planned next for me. I believe in karma (minus the reincarnation part). Be good, and expect good on the long run. If that doesn’t happen, that check and balance, AND reflection has to take place pronto. In fact, in my belief system, this check and balance takes place every second with the eternal connection with Allah.

My short enough life has taught me a lot, and I continue to prep myself for the better. The past serves as a lesson, and reflection for a more meaningful and content future. A strong support system (and faith of course) should always be in place, and if not, the struggle is to put things where they should be in order for the circle to run smoothly.

I have met many people, friends and enemies. Enemies, I forego them, and forgive them. To anybody which I’ve sinned, I seek forgiveness and I pray the same for you. It is refreshing to meet old faces and recall past and beautiful memories, but it is more important to look at life wholesomeness and how each and everyone/everything are interconnected in one way or another.

#nofilter #az #missjewelz #reflection
#nofilter #az #missjewelz #reflection

The destination of eternal happiness (read: sustainable) happiness is important to me now. The route to eternal happiness? Its my belief system which is guiding me now. Not a separate ultimately-religious entity, but that is one with my flesh and blood and the air that I breath.

The recent get away which I so graciously and humbly experienced was a chance to reflect and experience the other side of this mundane and routine life which seemingly eats us away if we are not too careful. Too caught up with what’s right in front of us we forget the bigger picture. Imagine trying to disconnect yourself with the people who matters most to  you when you are suppose to be connecting with them all the time, and serve them the priority status. So that is one of the many things, apparently which I really worry most of the generation, young, old and between, nowadays where ‘getting connected’ and ‘in touch’ 24/7 is priority while, putting the real people connection on the back row. Frustrating, but true.

Travel to discover

Many people (well most actually) travel to view and experience their chosen destinations. Those spots visited/shopped/dined must have at least some significance to that person travelling. Even on a paid trip, there’s always a chance to discover something new, different of the place, or even ourselves ! I discovered that my priority has somewhat changed over the span of this 15-24 months.. I cried just watching sunrise on a quiet cold morning over some massive rocks which have been carved into existence over millions of years. In awe and admiration (and humility) with God’s creation. On the other side, scanning and missing a trip to some man made world class attraction didn’t really excite me as much as experiencing the wonder of nature and Creation.




Last day of our vaca.

I appreciate my family, and like most of you, we try to create that best internal ecosystem within the family unit. Can be a struggle if we’re careless or too cautious. I would say take it a step at a time, and also focus on fixing our inner self than continuously bugging your spouse to fix the silly shower head which came off last week ! (but get it fix tho!).

I read somewhere before I got married,, that to know your other half better, go on a trip together– see the real you and him/her on survival mode–it can be different and certainly worth checking out.


Ahhh..that’s my daughter’s nickname. This little one is growing up fast.. Her wardrobe need spring cleaning — to remove those clothes which doesn’t fit her no more. I’m not a serious stockist of kids clothings as kids, well, they out grow their ‘baju’ (that’s clothes in Malay) very fast. She enjoyed both her first and super long haul journey on air. Curious, loves to explore and make new friends easily . At 15 months she has mastered the skill of salam (shaking hands) and waving goodbye. I am not losing sight of this precious gift from  Allah- knowing that she is both a blessing, and a test for me. Mummy and daddy love you munchaquila…mmuahhhh !

She kept
”BELL”- Anything round, circular and looks like a Ball –Munchkinthesaurus-

Love and be loved

..with your significant half, children, family, friends, colleagues. Show love, care and respect to make this world a better place to live in. To human, the animals, plants, environment, yes the rocks too. The earth is a blessing to us and we should take charge in preserving it for the future generation, and not destroy it on our own greedy and materialistic expense. Go green, recycle, carpool, educate, learn..whatever it takes.

*AlFatihah a friend’s mother who passed away almost 2 weeks ago. May Allah bless her soul, and the rest of her family and generation, and may all of them serve a place in your Jannah, ya Allah.

Te quiero y adios.


 Upcoming post : Titi100KM (unofficial support crew)

Titi 100km runner posing for missjewelz. Two thumbs up for sporting spirit, and another 1 up for the Bright headlight !!!! Congratulations to all who took part in the 50km and 100km !
Titi 100km runner posing for missjewelz. Two thumbs up for sporting spirit, and another 1 up for the Bright headlight !!!! Congratulations to all who took part in the 50km and 100km !



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