My thoughts and prayers go to all those on board Malaysia Airlines MH370, their family members, and those involved directly or indirectly. Like most of us here in Malaysia, the news obviously was a shock to all of us. Imagine being in the place of the passengers’ family members. I just learned after watching the evening news today that an ex-schoolmate’s wife was on board the ill-fated plane. My schoolmate, Nizam married Dina last year and should have I believe, recently celebrated their first anniversary.


Nizam and his beautiful wife Dina at their wedding reception last year. (photo from


I was hoping that the screen capture which a friend forwarded me this morning was just another spam.. but I was wrong. Heard over the radio on my way for a lunch meet with my sporting buddy Aliah this afternoon, ..the confirmation of the missing flight.. I was literally stabbed in the heart.. there are 239 odd lives gone in a blink of the radar..

To the rest of us who are still alive, please keep yourself updated from the official sources and start behaving like responsible human and netizens by stop spreading false rumours, or unverified information. Like a friend said on Facebook, until the black box is found, no speculation can be 100% true, and for that incident report to be released will take another year or more, per mentioned by a Captain Nik in an interview on NTV7 tonight.

Love your mothers, fathers, spouse, children while they are still around..while you are still alive. We don’t know when’s out turn.. For now, please allow the search team to do their work.

Please keep the prayers coming, and lets hope for a miracle to happen.

devastated but still very hopeful;



Malaysia Airlines official press statement

Passenger manifest


Image from


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