Kurangkan Laju : This Is It

I feel like screaming right now !!!!! aaaaaaa !!!! its 11.41am and im feelin a bit sh**ty at the moment.. butterflies… uhmmm….. after a decade of waiting, it will all come down to this final moment. So overwhelmed by the feeling, that I can’t even concentrate on what I am suppose to be concentrating.. I woke up decently early today..  and soon, I hope..will be …5pm..tick tock..my final moments….yyippeeee…. uhmm..julie oh julie…

That is 'Slow Down' in Malay. 🙂 Yeah, definitely need to press the 'Slow' button...but cant find it. I don't want to Pause my life either... the Stop will definitely come. Fast forward ? Not my thang.. Rewind ? Its ok.. The best and unique moments only come once. I need to hold the rein a little bit tighter and slow it down a bit... gallop....canter...now trot .... ok... better ! and will walk in a bit..! You see in the picture above what happens when you don't kurangkan laju ??!

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