Port Dickson International Triathlon : A Walk Down Memory Lane

Did my 1st Port Dickson triathlon in 2007. InsyaAllah this will be 4th year taking part in this race. Anyways, I’ve compiled here race reports and posts from previous PD tris. Do take a look ! Some of the post also contain some tips which you may use for your next triathlon race ! In case you have not heard of Port Dickson Triathlon, it is held every year in Port Dickson (hence the name Port Dickson Triathlon , or PD Tri for short), Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Usually on the last weekend of July.


In Memory of OP Zoob

Port Dickson Tri 2007


Port Dickson Triathlon 2008 : Race Report

Results : Port Dickson Triathlon 2008 Asian Cup Series


Port Dickson Triathlon and Some Tips To Try

Port Dickson Triathlon 2009 : Race Report

I am looking forward for this race. Fitness wise, I think I am fitter this time around compared to last year. I’ve been doing a couple of races the past few months, and manage to do some brick session with friends. Well, I still have time to get prepared for this event. I would be careful not to bust my knee during training. It scares me to know a few friends who just started running last year taking time off to fix their knee. I’ve been pretty (extra) careful 1st half of this year by practicing  ‘give and take’ with em knees. One thing I discovered recently, is that my IT band is extremely tight. And it reflected quite obviously during last week’s long run.. a day after I did brick in Putrajaya. One thing I need to remind myself again and again, is to not follow the course which was not planned. I was planning to do a flat/mildly rolling course last week for the bike, when another friend suggested another route to the same destination. There goes.. some roller coaster hills which I’ve never seen before ! Tucked neatly in the heart of Dengkil ! Well, not to say its not doable, but my legs are not ready for it. Suffered the next day. So lesson for me, don’t follow through a plan which was not planned earlier. Ask the person who is leading what is the course like before you take off. The exact same thing happened to me during my last trip to Kuantan. My friends took me to the Sg.Lembing route. Damn hilly. Original plan was to take the Tanjung Lumpur route, where its more scenic and flat, but somebody decided to switch plans (without informing the rest).

If your knees, ITB, quads, groin (adductor) are weak, strengthen them. I am doing the exercises to strengthen em. But still need to balance it with some stretching. Especially with the 4 group of muscles supporting the knee. If any one of the group muscles are much stronger than the rest, you’ll be in trouble. It may result in patella maltracking.  Basically your patella is pulled to one side of your knee and is not in the position where it is suppose to be that is the groove at the end of your thigh bone. I’ve written a related  post on this a month back I think.. lemme see … ok..it here..

Stretching tips : Inner thigh and ITB

One of the ways to detect if you have a tight ITB is that you’ll feel a mild to sharp tightness on the lateral (outer) side of your knee. Just outside the knee cap, as that is where the ITB insertion is. For more info on ITB anatomy, click on the link above. Google up ‘foam roll itb stretch’ to know 1 of the ways you can stretch your ITB. I have a secret (cewahh) stretch gadget or…shall i call it weapon ?!! ..for my tight ITB. I’ve introduced it to some of my friends during the few stretch sessions which I’ve conducted. Positive feedback, they like it, and they do feel their ITB being stretched. One thing about stretching, if I may, its not a 1 off thingy. Like I said, give and take.. After working out those muscles, makes sure you rest them, repleninsh em .. stretch em !!! 🙂 You take care of them, they will take care of you. A major plus during both training and races.

Okay.. i think i better stop. missjewelz got some work to do ! 🙂 to all my friends who will be doing the Port Dickson Triathlon this year, I wish you all the best. See you there !

missJeweLz & Siok Bee  ; all smiles..
haha..muka mcm baru bangun tido !!!! p.s. i don't use Phiten anymore (that necklace im using in this photo). Personally, not much difference with using it. That's me and Siok Bee at the 2008 PD Tri
Bike start . mind the tongue. :P
Bike out - PD Tri last year.

I might take out my other bike for this race. Its called Blue Pill which I bought  nearly 2 years ago but never used it for any races. Was suppose to use it for Ironman Langkawi 2009 but since I didn’t take part, it just continued to play its role as my training bike.  The one you see up here , I call it the Yellow Submarine, 1 of my best friends after my running shoes. LOL..yo Julie getta life ! haha.. Yo PD , here i come !!! (weh lambat lagi la cik kak… another month….)..

Before I forget, to those doing the KL Marathon, all the best to you too ok. I’ll be doing the half marathon. I am not sure how slow I can wallop this one. hahah… InsyaAllah Penang Bridge Marathon will be my 1st stand alone marathon. before this marathon only in Ironman where i did a 5:10, that is plus diarrhea, cramp spray stops, food stops, gambar stops.. ok…my target..lemme see.. at least a 4:30. Hopefully ok. I AM looking forward for this event and I pray that I do not have to travel else where on that race weekend.

Litte Red Indian ! missjewelz circa 1987, Singapore

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  1. Blue Pill?
    is it the blue color “C*****O”?
    i remember u used it during one of the MEX ride with u
    great to see it in action, in real race 😉

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