More Powerman Malaysia pictures !

More pictures from Powerman 😛 Thanks to Fadil’s wife, Julia for these shots !

Powerman Malaysia 2009
Rolling out ! Spot me, Ngae, Shakhir, Azahari and Zabil !

Powerman Malaysia 2009
Bike in

Powerman Malaysia 2009
Cepat !!


Powerman Malaysia 2009
Ni shutter speed laju nieh can click click click ! 😛 I was focusing on a fast transition even I know that I can't push it on the 2nd run !


Powerman Malaysia 2009
My idol (in red!) mr Upiq ! He did the sprint ! And thank you oh so much for supporting me and other friends Upiq ! Really really appreciate it ! He was constantly giving moral support every time I pass him on the course

Powerman Malaysia 2009
And I wish to do the same for my friends wherever and whenever I can. visit Upiq's blog He da' man !
Powerman Malaysia 2009
The mercy-LESS Manjung HOTness. The sun I mean. 😛

Powerman Malaysia 2009
I like this one. Thanks again, Julia !

Photos by Jason Hue

Powerman Malaysia 2009
Sun is shining..the weather is sweet...yeah..makes you wanna move..your dancing feet..yeah.. -Sun Is Shining, Bob Marley-

Powerman Malaysia 2009
Stand jangan tak stand ! This is Raymond Lampard (AUS). He clocked 3:37:53. Bike time 1:47. Transition time 45 sec. He came in 11th in his age group Men 30-39

Pictures by PM Tey

Powerman Malaysia 2009 : Joerie Vansteelant
The World Champ Joerie Vansteelant. However he DNFed this year's race. Read my Powerman race report for details 🙂
Powerman Malaysia 2009
Shahrom Abdullah (3:04:22). Malaysia #1 duathlete. He came in 7th in the Men Elite category. Congrats !
Powerman Malaysia 2009
Fr left to right : Muhamad Razani Husain(3:24:37), Iwata Takatoshi(3:30:54), Hafiz Wong Abdullah(3:17:03), Naresh Kumar(4:09:58), Badrol Hisyam(DNF), Sangup Richard (3:55:16)

Powerman Malaysia 2009
Cecil Cheong (3:27:38)

Powerman Malaysia 2009
Radka Vodickova of Czech Republic (3:08:55) (Women Elite)
Powerman Malaysia 2009
Against the odds. Proving that's nothing odd. And that normal IS subjective. Here, Rafiq Khan of Malaysia (2:34:55) strides to perfection. Check out the slimmer and 'fitter' guy behind him ! Yeah, Rafiq overtook the elites alright. (coz he took part in sprint la). but still, he ranked #67 out of 109 guys in the Men Sprint category ! That's like 42 guys behind him!!! So, congrats Upiq. You ladies and guys CAN do it. Rafiq can, and so can you ! In case you didn't know, Rafiq takes part in triathlons and marathons as well !!


This was possibly my first time hitting the road after Ironman earlier this year. Check out helmet sticker still intact. Putrajaya ride with Upiq and Fadil.


Powerman Malaysia 2008
A visit to OBS last Powerman (2008) with the Le Tuangers. That's me and Upiq posing outside the hall. Pic taken by Kam I think.



Powerman Malaysia 2009
This 1 for ya Upiq. Congrats dude !!!

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