Gunung Nuang invitation: Walk and Cherish Mother Nature ! – 18/4/09

What : Walking UP and Cleaning UP

Where : Gunung Nuang

Meeting point : Gunung Nuang car park

When : 18/4/2009 (Saturday)

What time : 0645hrs

End : approx. 1300hrs

What to bring : yourself, some water4u2 drink along d hike, gloves not necessary, clothes to change, some money to buy ice-cream from the ice-cream pakcik after descend !


1. To hike, I mean WALK ,all the way up to the summit of Gunung Nuang (1493m).

2.Enjoy the scenery and chill !

3.On the way down, we will start collecting the garbage/rubbish that we see on the way.

4.Depending on the turn out, we will divide you into groups of 5-7, with a leader for each group.

5.The walk towards base of the mountain is around an hour, so, we should not be taking it toooo easy and too slow going, coz we expect the time going down even longer due to our stops to collect rubbish on the way down.

Garbage collection point : will be informed before we ‘take off’  on 18/4

Hand wash will be provided at the public toilet, near the entrance to Gunung Nuang


Prepare RM 1 for entrance fee !

Do take care of your own safety.

I’m looking for volunteers to help out on event date and also anyone who can provide walkie talkie (communication and safety purpose..)

Any questions regarding the volunteer-recreational program above can be forwarded to sojulie82[@] or simply by leaving a comment here at the bottom of this post.  🙂

Thank You,



2 thoughts on “Gunung Nuang invitation: Walk and Cherish Mother Nature ! – 18/4/09

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  1. That was the plan Julie, to hike with you, but now it’s off cause that weekend there’s a family outing to Redang. So sorry. Enjoy your hike.

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