Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 – Tips for runners

Hey everyone. THE marathon event of the year will be happening this weekend, and I am sure most of you runners, organisers and volunteers out there who are directly or indirectly involved are counting down to the big event.

The event is officially kicking off tomorrow with the race kit collection happening at the KL Convention Centre. A good location indeed for a 3 days spread for runners and the likes to come and collect their race kit and visit the Prudential Healthy Lifestyle expo.

Prep tips for runners

For runners, this is about the time where you have wind down  your mileage and take all measures to avoid any last minute injury. Pamper yourself good with a massage or reflexology session to ease those muscles and joints. Do the necessary preparation and planning to ensure you leave home on time this Sunday morning, know where to park if you are driving, and if you are car-pooling or taking other modes of transportation, plan that in advance too.

Take your time to look through the event itinerary, ie warm up and start time for your event. Find out up front where are the luggage drop off area, and if you are coming with some supporters, agree to a location to where you guys could possibly meet after the event.

Post event pics are cool, so make your camera/phone cameras are fully charged!

Runners – whether this is your first, or first for the distance which you will be running, or even if you are a seasoned runnner, here’s a quick check list you might find helpful for your event day to be smooth;

  • Original NRIC (MyKad) – bring it [you will need it as part of verification document if you get a winning spot]
  • Keep your original bib after crossing the finish line [you’ll need it for winner verification]
  • Original winner’s tag [those lanyard with paper tags showing your position #] if you are handed one at the finish line
  • Baggage/luggage service is available at the Dataran Underground. Service starts 3am and ends 12.00pm. According to the guide book in the event website, baggage not collected after 12.00pm will be donated to charity or disposed at organiser’s discretion <– so make it a point to collect it early after your race !
  • NOTE:  45cm x 35cm x 20cm <– luggage guideline. Organiser have the right to refuse your luggage



Food and drink – Some tips

You will need to have a tummy pre-filled before your event. Don’t eat too much else it’ll be hard too run. Do not NOT eat at all as you’ll experience hunger pangs which can disrupt the quality of the run, and your concentration as well.

Eat per usual, as you have done during your practise run. Race day is not the day for you to try out new things ie. new shoes, etc and this includes the things which you consume.

Keep stock of some energy gels/bars . Click here for a guide from Runner’s World. The link also shows how you should be taking your fuel.

Personal experience- been over drinking and not alternating between sports drinks and plain water.

Shall I stop for a ‘roti canai’ or McDonald’s ? Most probably not as the purpose of refueling during the run is to absorb the carbs and nutrients almost immediately. Roti canai and McDonald’s might not only have longer absorption rate, but it will also shunt your blood to your GI instead of your musculoskeletal. So stay away from over loading your system unnecessarily. You need your body to be working efficiently and economically to give you the best run, and that you finish comfortably.

Cramps? Side itch?

Listening to your body is an art if you have not listened hard enough. Listen to your body. The second you feel a tugging or pulling in your muscles, slow down your pace. It’s a sign of possibly a cramp developing. If its the case, stop running, and stretch the affected area. According to Runner’s World, applying pressure by just using your fingers on the affected muscle for 10-15 seconds can provide relief.

Side itch? Same thing…Stop and stretch… if it comes again, repeat the procedure. Breath in deeply, and apply pressure to the affected muscles. Weak obliques muscles normally contribute to side itch during runs as the upper body rotates. Hence– the importance of building a strong core –> you’re less prone to these symptoms, injuries as well as a longer endurance before fatigue hits.


We typically miss this out.. take a look at some of the short listed items I personally think you can benefit from:-

  • make sure your shoes are intact. you don’t wanna go mid way you run to see your sole coming off unless you don’t mind running barefoot
  • socks – it’s GOTTA be comfortable. Too thin, too snug.. it will and can be discomforting and also lead to blisters on your foot/toe
  • shoe fit — same as above.. ill fitting shoes can cause blisters and black toe nails <– familiar?
  • Body Glide/Vaseline – a runner’s life saver.  Apply some to areas prone to blisters and chafing. I’ve posted on this before. Photo of a guy with bleeding nipple ! ouch !
  • Other things — Get any wired gears ie earphones out of the way. Not only it affects your running momentum (you trying to keep things in place while running…!), it slows you down from your best potential running pace which you’ve worked oh so hard for– but it also can contribute to risk of unwanted accidents. You are so into Queen’s ‘I want to break free’ you missed all the verbal warning pointing to a pothole in front of you , or missed a check point (either a ribbon tag, or time mat) . If you can keep those earphone from dangling, possibly the reconsideration for that playlist you have sitting in your music device.



Whether or not you pass any exam depends on 2 things 1) The effort put in prepare for the exam 2)The execution of those preparation into tackling the exam. Same with running. If you have picked a suitable plan for a particular distance which you are registering, AND followed through the training program, this will help 1/2 of the challenge you will be facing on D-day.

The other 1/2 is the execution of it ie what’s been done during practise runs, and implement it for the race day except with more eager and smart enthusiasm. Planning is key to ensure you don’t fumble through your steps unsure if you should stop or not for the electrolyte/water. Whether or not you should be running or walking up hill — all based on your prep and knowledge, and adjusting it where necessary on race day.

Having a sports watch and HRM (heart rate monitor) on (with the understanding that you also wore them during practise run) will give you the edge. You will be able to tell immediately if you are pushing too hard to early to avoid early encounter with a brick wall <– possibly no one wants this right?!

Else, do what you’ve been doing which has work which is–listen to your body. You maybe tempted to ‘draft’ or hook with a runner to get the right pace. If you need to do it, do it wisely. Do not play chase until you get your rhythm and pace right.

Personally, I am more of a ‘keeper’ of my energy, and will disperse it gradually into the run. Satisfaction comes when I start overtaking runners who were dashing their cardiac muscles out the first 2km, and I make sure I keep and then up my pace slowly.


Wishing you all the best for your run !

Yours in writing,


p.s. I will be running the 1/2 marathon distance. Wish me luck too !



Stay focused, positive and most importantly, Have fun ! Pic of me post Powerman Malaysia 2017 . Did the sprint. It was a fun outing !

Coming back to claim your fitness goal? Here are 5 tips.

Step 1

Whether its a ‘return’ , challenge or simply ,to be fit and healthy again, give yourself a pat on the back.

This is the first step to claiming a fitness goal, THE WANTING !

Image result for the need to achieve cartoon

Ready? Read on !

Step 1

For this first step of getting back your fitness, you should have at least a specific target.


This and can be anything ranging from fitting back into your favourite jeans , reducing xx amount of weight, or running a 10K event by mid-year. These are specific goals. Make sure they are realistic, measurable and timely. Measurable? Think time, period, duration, length, mass, body fat, waist line 🙂 It’ll give you a sense of ownership to those targets you need to achieve!

Step 2

Now that you have a specific measurable and timely realistic   goal, hook yourself with a plan.

See the low-down on how to ‘strategise’ and ‘hook’ with a plan. There are generally 3 types of plans

i)A structured one : It tells you what to do when, how much/how long etc, but not too detail or much technicality

ii)A structured and specific one : It tells you exactly what you should be doing, ie what pace, what grammage , how long, when ie AM or PM — normally requires quantifying and timing the plan

iii)A flexible one : Something like type i (Structured) but with added leniency ie you are given the option to choose certain things (ie when to do a workout) The plan can be loose but sufficient to guide someone achieving the goal intended. Efficiency of plan can be questionable.


Why do you need to know about plans? and their types? To begin (and end with), you need to prepare yourself with the overwhelming amount of program, plans and regime you will find out there. Just make sure your source is trusted, reliable and credible ! You want to pick what’s best to your knowledge knowing that your sources are trusted and the best or you too! If you have signed up with a gym or fitness center, your trainers and instructors should be giving you the right guidance, and suggesting relevant program suited to your goals.


Step 3 

Once you’ve ‘hooked’ up with a plan and considering the commitment involved to execute plan, you have to start preparing yourself mentally and habitually how you would be following through the program. Depending on what program or plan you are on, there might be adjustment needed to your personal/social life, the junk food tucked in your kitchen pantry. Some sacrifice might be in order, so you have to take it on if you want to succeed achieving your goals. Those realistic goals mentioned earlier will be achieved with a plan equally realistic. Your plan has to have this quality so that it will be easier to adapt as oppose to an out of this world kinda plan.

Some tips how you can start prepping (but first a little poster below!) :-


  • make an informed decision that THIS is what you want, and THIS is what you will do to achieve it
  • start practising to say NO especially when you already HAVE a plan for lunch/brought your lunch — you know how tempting those lunch/dinner invites are
  • incorporate your plans into your personal/family/work schedule so that you don’t get any clash of events ie your 3km morning run coinciding with your kid’s year end school concert! Move it to another day! Jot down your program/plan in your organiser. Its a crucial part in making sure you don’t miss crucial items in your program/plan –> helps you to be more organised too
  • logistically you may need to have some additional gears depending on your program. Food/grocery items too. Think ahead of the venue/facilities you will be using. Are they accessible during the time you need to do your workout?
  • this is an excuse to be more organised at home ! Get your household sorted out so that you can go for your workouts at ease !
  • be modest in sharing your plan unless its really to motivate others and yourself. not so much of impressing. let Your results do the talking. Most importantly, stay focused and believe that you Will achieve your goal


Step 4

  • Action speaks louder than words. What you waiting for?!

Step 5

  • Don’t stop doing it once you have achieved it !!!
  • It’s always easier to continue and maintain those goals you have worked so hard for rather than starting all over again


So there you have it, 5 steps to reclaiming your fitness and health goals! 🙂


If you want to know more about the type of plans available out there, check out a little brief we have for you here:-


Losing weight/reduce body fat/Diet Kinda Plan : 

  • Fad diet to achieve weight goals fast? You may hear alien-like sounding diet plans from friends who have or sort of have tried them. Or something you came across on  YouTube? If you have any medical or health concern at the moment check with your doctor first what’s the best diet recommendation for you. I won’t say fad diets are unsafe, but you need to be sure as it involves your well-being.
  • Some fad diet restricts the body of certain nutrition and also fuel source. As each of us are individuals living in different environment ie working mom/dad, athletes, retiree, teenagers etc, meeting our body’s essential need incl nutrition, fuel, rest etc is different and unique. Restricting certain essential nutrition? Does the cons outweighs the pros? Think again.
  • Look for a meal/diet plan which is REALISTIC, not too extra out of the ordinary and not hard on the pocket (head on to your local wet market or weekend market for a good bargain for all your freshies!)
  • Plans which works for you. How would you know? The one easiest to incorporate to your daily routine! If you have an office job, your plan should work around it. If not, don’t simple discard it, perhaps with 1-2 genius workaround you can actually use it
  • Remember , losing weight (and fitting back into old clothes) in essence is about eating the right food in the right amount to lose weight and to move more –> On the long run, a good plan is the one which is sustainable and can be used even after the plan has been execute and goals achieved.

Get into shape/Be fitter/Complete a sports (swim, bike, run or any sports) event Kinda Plan

  • There are lots of plans available out there. Don’t panic. You don’t necessarily need to purchase the latest running magazine or invest on a book on training. You can borrow magazine and books on running guide (if running is your goal) from a friend, and get flipping to get the right plan for you. Online ? Reliable website think Runners World, Beginner Triathletes for a plan.
  • Plans in books and online sources normally have training plans for various programs for different levels ie beginner , intermediate and advances, free or paid.
  • If you are targeting to participate in a big event (think the biggest running or triathlon event in  your country), the event website sometimes may include training plans for participants and also training/racing tips. These plans are generally one size fits all. You generally need a good base before starting with one
  • Have a certified coach as a buddy ? Make good use of em (in a good way). And if you don’t mind investing a little, a hired certified coach works too. Why I mentioned certified here is that there are many self-proclaimed coaches out there and you should be putting your hard earned $$ to the right and reliable instructors/coaches
  • Already nailed down a plan? get the plotting into your calendar/organiser. Countdown from the final week to the 1st week and ensure nothing major comes in between . More critically there no major events which you should try not to do as its counter productive to whatever  you’ve worked so far ie taking part in a tough race during recovery week. Chances are you don’t fully recover and slip off from your initial goals
  • Be creative and flexible in planning when/where to do your workouts. Gym facility available in your work place? Pack your gym bag to work 🙂 No excuses 🙂

If you don’t really care about no plans, read on !

Eat healthier/Want to just be physically fit and healthy/Doctor’s recommendation (on health and diet in general)

  • I mentioned in a few paras above, in essence  you should be eating well and be moving more.
  • If you have not been ‘moving’, start making changes in  your lifestyle including planning a week/a day ahead of what to do etc so that you can slot in those workout sessions. Start moving!
  • I will not recommend subscribing to a gym as the first step to this. My recommendation is to work with what you have first ie the office gym, the public pool, the stadium track behind your house, or the hiking trails nearby. Parks are not only for kids, they’re for everyone. Have a gym at your condo/apartment? Its already paid for so what’s the wait?!
  • Majority of us underutilised our gym membership. So have that as a last option and if you really need it only. But if you do subscribe to a gym,there are plenty of gym machines, classes and also certified trainers who can guide you
  • As for your meal plan, make sure you have plenty of greens in your meals, fruits. Protein and fat are essential. Go easy on the carb.
  • Switch to alternatives is brown rice/pasta instead of the regular white, same goes to bread. Brown sugar instead of white. Steamed vs deep friend, and home-made vs eating out.
  • Fast food? Be weary of the ‘healthy’ breakfast set and those oily fries. It will be a waste to  your hard effort to spoil it with fast food which normally are processed, low in fibre, high in sugar and salt content.



All the best !



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I am best being just myself. Knowing and getting comfortable with what I think, say or do is most probably due to the internal motivation which goes on within me. While its not the easiest of things, the support system which I have, and have had, was superb enough to push me through my years being involved with sports.I enjoy what I love doing certainly not because of external material short term persuasion. Also certainly nothing to do with ‘proving’ to the world that I can — hence the results along the line of a sub 14 Ironman, top 3 at Sabah Adventure Challenge. and etc. Being in the top form of my life came deep from the bottom of my heart.



Its not too long ago since my first days of taking part in multi sports. But it sure is a great fun and I’ve met numerous lovely people along my journey of sweat, tears and laughters. I am sure those of you who can relate to what I am writing can appreciate this.

You see, passion.. goes a long way… Well, compared doing something just for the sake of doing it ! Or put it.. ‘completing it’ and able to showcase the series of finisher medals, and t-shirts to others. Lots of craving goes on here.  This comes hand in hand with lots of ‘NOT respecting the distance’. I have a few tri friends who have spoken/written on respecting the distance. Respecting the distance involves many things but in essence it is simply doing it sincerely. Respecting the distance is 1) not underestimating the race or distance. Each course is unique. Your readiness for each event is different too. Expecting the worst should be in the check list too so at least you can mentally prepare yourself if things don’t go your way. Respecting the distance involves 2) ‘keep on going’ despite that cut foot or swollen ankle (thanks to the barnacles which you accidentally hit during the swim). Respecting the distance is 3) treating the mission personally, and yet have a jolly good time. Its about having a ‘life’ and NOT ‘not having a life’ just because…


Remember,sports is not a separate entity which completely shuts you with the rest of the world. Sometimes its just YOU who shuts off. Smile and say hello to your neighbour at the transition. Chill Mike. During training..geez, at least introduce yourself first before asking to borrow that tyre pump from somebody who is parked next to you.. And you’ve heard of competitors who simply take others drink/gels during races..? worst case scenario which doesn’t deserve to be a well respected athlete despite winning his/her age category. Its not really WHAT you do..but HOW you do it.

So think again.. train religiously,and race with all your heart and might. You will reach that finishing line before you know it. And when you do… you will ask yourself…. now what..?

And that was exactly what I questioned myself when crossing that finish line 4 years ago in Langkawi. I know there are lotsssa eager fingers out there awaiting for the Ironman Langkawi registration. Its doable. Just do it SMARTLY. Don’t injure yourself. Don’t injure others. Don’t injure relationships. And certainly, have a life. Its cool alright being a triathlete..Ironman..whooaa… again, have respect for the distance, and your fellow competitors. Certainly don’t judge anybody from their looks, or their bikes which are not as ‘canggih’ as yours. The RESULTS will speak for itself, and this is where and when I need to point out, the importance of being sincere and humble no matter what you have achieved before, or what you think you are capable of. If you have a family, get your family blessings 🙂 and they will surely support you.  Ironman is about the journey and I wish you a good one.


Quality over quantity. Did it once–and it lasted me a lifetime. I am glad to share my story and journey. Drop me a message for any questions !


Salam ceria from missjewelz. Keep smilin’.

Shoutout to all 2013 TMBTers !

The excitement and anxiety is on for the Sabah heat and adventure ! Woohooo *and clap clap clap* for all of you taking part in the Colourcoil TMBT Sabah 2013 (The Most Beautiful Thing) ! Its D-day in 48 hours or less and I bet all is set for this beautiful event !


Refresher Tips for Adventure Racers

Muscle cramps and treatment

All the best !

I have never done TMBT. The closest from the same organiser (Aman Avtar) was in *holds breath 2011 ! Gosh I feel so gOLD. But not a surprise that some fotos from my SAC report is still in the top 10 in the Google search anytime (for now) you type ‘Sabah Adventure Challenge’.The lengthy reports and versions is enough to tell that it was indeed a truly amazing adventure ! And I suppose lesser is not the case for TMBT. Heard all the good reviews of the race and the way it was organised. So thumbs up to the organisers and hard working crew. From what I can recall during my 2011 SAC experience is that, setting up a safe trail is not the easiest of things. While some of us feel good and proud just by registering for a major race and especially after having completed it, the same applaud and compliment should also be given to the organising and working crew.

Okay, here are some tips/refresher to those doing TMBT this weekend :-

1. Check out the weather forecast for the area, date and time that you will be running so that you can prepare necessarily. You don’t want to be caught off guard (and frustrated) for packing that extra pair of trail shoes or gloves.

2. Have your itinerary ready,and your check list checked. You never know what’s between life and… until you collide with the moment of misery on the trail when you are tired, cut off your resources, and ..alone.. batteries, waterproof pack for your essentials, paracetamol just in case.

3. Pack your race gears according to functions and reachability. Taking a long that can of sardine? Pack that deep in the bag as you know you won’t need it regularly or soon enough to reach for it quickly. That waterproof map case, or water bottle ? Keep it where its easy to reach and that its tied/fixed properly to your bag/hydration belt. The last thing you want to have is ANYthing dangling in your way. Not even the carrot dangler ! haha.. yeah, you can get tired just trying to balance that DANGLING camera/map while running or climb up that steep hill. You don’t also want to be carelessly dropping anything on the trail. Hydration bags come with the sac IN the bag – so no worries there.

4. Make sure your watch is working ! Set the time correctly so you can estimate the journey to the next checkpoint, and that you make it to the cut off. Heart rate monitor comes in handy though not a major necessity from my personal point of view

5. Take time to familiarize yourself with the race course even though you haven’t been on the trail to experience it. Look at the map, keep your eyes and ears opened during race briefing and don’t feel shy to chat and check with fellow racers.

6. Don’t miss out on meal times. Eat well and enough. Don’t underload, or overload. Spicy food? If your tummy usually handles it well, fine. If your first attempt to try something local or different before race day, uhmm, you might wanna skip it. (I buy bread+butter to be safe. Eat them on race morning, and pack some for the race).

7. Keep an extra bottle of plain/mineral water handy and refill it at the next CP (check point)

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8. Feeling tired during the race? Take it easy. Stop and stretch if you need. Your muscle cramps? Perhaps your body is overheated, or that bundle of muscles is just tired. Here are the most common causes of muscle cramps during exercises, and what you can do about them !  :

Common causes1 What you can do
(understand that effective treatment of muscle cramps depends on the cause of the cramp)
Altered neuromuscular control – due to fatigue and overload/overuse of a specific muscle group Passive stretching, massage, icing of the affected muscles, and contraction of the muscle on the opposite side of the muscle cramping (i.e., if the hamstring is cramping, contract the quadriceps muscle group to relax the hamstring muscle group).2
Dehydration – deficiency of sodium and other electrolytes may lead to contracted interstitial fluid compartments, which may exacerbate the muscle cramping For muscle cramps prompted by excessive sweating and a sodium deficit, the same treatments as above can be immediately applied to reduce the pain and muscle spasm. However, along with the stretching, massage, and applied ice, these athletes need to consume fluids with additional sodium.2  How much to drink? How to drink? Click here
Electrolyte depletion For years, athletes were told, “If you’re cramping, eat bananas.” Although well-intentioned advice, bananas are rich in potassium which is an end-stage type of electrolyte depletion that is quite uncommon. Sodium-related cramping is much more common.When athletes loose salt, muscles start to cramp. These can include hamstrings, quads and even the small muscles in the feet or hands. The way to tell if sodium-related muscle cramping is happening is to check to see if you’re loosing more salt than your friends. Is your skin caked in salt after a hard workout?3If so, are you cramping? Fixing sodium-related cramping is easy. Increase salt intake before and during workouts. This can include foods such as pretzels, salted Goldfish crackers or some of the specific products designed to balance electrolytes. Salt loading in the eight (8) hours before a strenuous workout can help load sodium stores.3
Poor conditioning Physical conditioning in sports is the workouts that someone puts himself through to be in shape for the specified sport. In football it may involve certain strength and sprint workouts, while in basketball it may contain plyometrics–but for every sport the conditioning will be altered in some way. Being in physical condition for golf requires lots of stretching, walking, running, and practicing the mechanics of the golf swing.4missjewelz says that poor conditioning for an endurance HOT race in Sabah is;1) running months long in the gym without a tint of the sun reaching your skin,2)skipping the trail runs, and also no quality in the training (read: not quantity eventually!),

3) Leaving out the Camelback and adventure race gears out during training

4) Not enough core workouts to compensate the endurance distances/load.

6) Not training in a variety of terrains enough.

What you can do is make sure these doesn’t happen in your future races. A bit too late for TMBT this one !

Muscle fatigue See ‘Altered neuromuscular control’ above.
Doing a new activity Go back to ‘Poor Conditioning’. Think playing badminton or going bowling with buddies after not having touched a racquet or hitting the bowling alley for a super long time. Those unused muscles combined are shocked and fatigued with repetitive movements and intensity which it has not been exposed to for a long time. In TMBT, this can be the case for those missing out on valuable training hours! Even newbies should have sufficient training and not fall into this category.

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Best wishes



Special shout out to miss L , Good luck buddy !!!! *winks*

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1. Elizabeth Quinn, How to Treat Muscle Spasms and Cramps, Guide.

2. Terry Zelgler, Treating and Preventing Muscle Cramps during Exercise.

3. Jordan Metzl, MD, Muscle Cramping: Causes and Treatment, triathlete europe, 7 February, 2013.

4. Patrick Foley, What is Physical Conditioning in Sports, golf link.


TMBT Website :

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Pejam celik – Port Dickson Triathlon 2013

I found myself yet again at the Port Dickson Triathlon swim start. Something I’ve been doing every year without a miss since 2007. I arrived in Port Dickson (PD) on Saturday late noon with my family. I was very excited to be taking the little one for her 1st triathlon outing! 1st triathlon as a real momma too ! Preparation for this event was pretty much low key. I was on a program (a 6 weeks OD program) but found it hard to commit especially the weekdays sessions.

Training | Race morning | Swim | T1 | Bike | T2 | Run | Finish | The Apparel | More pics

The weekends rides and bricks were not too bad and I manage to do quite a few of those, thanks to hubby for supporting and accompanying me for my rides. Of course the few rides I manage to do with friends. So that’s better than nothing. Swim? Yeah,I can count with just 1 hand how many times I’ve hit the pool. Now, don’t get me wrong. A proper training program for a triathlon event is crucial. And don’t be fooled by those who repetitively mention out loud that they’ve done no training whatsoever. It can be pretty misleading. You need to train. People take part in sports events for different reasons. Hence their approach can be really different from those hard cores. My goal for this event is just to finish it. Nothing impressive on the target list, survive the swim and make it to the finish line in 1 piece. So here’s my story…

Race morning

I wouldn’t be able to make it to the race morning if it wasn’t for the support from my husband. As easy as it sounds to pull out from a planned event, I was determined to take it through. SOMEbody left a piece of her tri apparel at home and mr Hubby volunteered to drive all the way home (yes KL) at night to save my life. Thank you luv. *hehe*

Might sound like a tri-myth but you know its going to be a good day when you get to do your ‘business’ early in the morning. So hey, its gonna be a good day ! Cycled from the hotel to the event site by myself- around 6km. Quickly placed my stuff and bicycle at the transition area, and off for body marking. #6043, that’s me !

I was excited as this is my come back tri after PD Tri last year (like I said I come here every year !) and this time with my family coming to support me. Hubby was still at the hotel waiting for the little one to wake up. She still needs to mandi and take breakfast. She just started with chicken (baby just turned 8 months last week alhamdulillah !). Okay, back to my swim paragraph *sorry tersasar topic kejap*.. Tested the water .. it was nice and warm! haha.. Did a few adjustments to ensure the new RM59 goggles doesn’t sip in sea water. Bumped into Stupe, Aileen, Lesley, Siok Bee, Kenny, Boss (Lim Led Ye), Azizul Hakimi, Abe, Ikhwan, Nadia and a few others. There were about 7 waves (mine  the 6th) . Semangat dan excited punya pasal I was actually at the front next to IM Theryn Tham -my tri buddy from Singapore 🙂 First raced with her at A Famosa Tri 2008. I asked Theryn what’s her next event, any Ironman and guess what she said ?!! ‘I just came back from an Ironman 6 days ago. Don’t know what I am doing.’ LIke wwhooaa..really ?! This must be a recovery tri for her then. Anyways, respect and salute to you Theryn. Good to see these old (but young at heart) faces over and over again.

Almost didn’t recognise Don Khor (ex Powerbar athlete too). He lost a bit of weight (and tone). Busy with work that’s what he said. The water was pretty calm and we hit the water full of energy. I always mix my stroke just to keep my mind focused on the swim. Not that my swim is fast (its supa slow FYA). Just had to ensure I keep on moving !  I didn’t threw up in the water this year, so that was good. Not much of drama in the water this year also. Had a few rounds of sea water unintentionally hahhaah..LOL ! Navigation was okay so saved time and energy there. The swim back also was fun as I did not feel tired at all thanks to the high arm movement (up and over). I did not put extra stress on my arm this time by doing the bent-arm freestyle. Straight arm free style would be a bit tiring for these weak arms (that the distance is 1.6km!). Last year my time was around 53mins yo ! Tahun ni dalam 41-42 mins.(35 mins in 2011 but sebetulnya tidak boleh nak compare timing this year compared to last as the distance this year is different from last year). Tarik nafas.. I need a new year tri-resolution !


T1; the transition between swim and bike.. This year CCS (Chan Chee Seng) decided to put a 1km beach run before T1 ! I think I did an 8 minute just on the sands and lost my RM59 goggles trying to place my steps on the sands. Here’s a tip when running on sand.. step on the places where there are foot step marks.This saves some energy to push off (take off) as oppose landing on a fresh mound of wise when running on trails. We tend to step on more solid areas rather than softer ground which are harder to push off after having sunk a few centimeters deep even if it is just a few seconds. The T1 proper was at the transition area. I’ve arranged earlier my bike shoes (clipped on the bike), helmet and race belt. Didn’t take me long to push the bike out of T1. Only thing missing was the rubber band to keep the cycling shoes in place during bike out !


The bike….was more than I anticipated. It was soooo enjoyable ! Sapa kaki kayuh, kaki bukit and lovessssss the technical game of managing those gears will drool over the PD bike course. A mark up to 43.5km as oppose to the standard 40km bike- no complaints there. I noticed 2-3 cyclists at the side of the road. Tyre puncture, and 1-2 accidents. Saw a guy sitting down with blood on his knee and arm. Poor dude. Hope he was not seriously injured. I am not too sure of my timing but I really wished mr CCS would put more timing mats so that we can have a more accurate timing for our swim bike run (and beach run legs) compared to timing it together with either T1 or T2. Kalau zaman takde sportwatch dulu, ikut time pada digital foto je.heehee.. Finished the bike with a smiling face.


I lost count of the people I overtook during the bike leg. Bukan wa yang laju..heheh..*reminding myself this is a race against nobody. just myself! Mr Zamri nice to see you ! Tahun depan masuk full yek ! haha.. T2 Another fast transition here. Was a bit confused where the run out was- lost in the sea of bikes ! *weird, just like that feeling when I walked into the IM transition area in 2009!*. Placed the bike on the rack, took put on my ‘powdered’ socks, slipped into my old Brooks T6 Racer,took of the helmet, put on the cap, grabbed the water bottle from my bike and off I went ! 🙂


The 9.5km run course was similar to last year’s course minus the short ‘wooden bridge’ run. I asked that during the Q&A at the race briefing the night before. No need to do bridge run uncle Chan said. As usual PD is hot and blazing! Welcome to Malaysia in case you have forgotten. The temperature ranged between 25 – 31 degree celcius (according to the weather forecast). But this is nothing compared to Sabah Adventure Challenge (SAC) a couple years back ! The first two kilometer was on tarmac, followed by the off road section before we turned out again before the batu 14 beach stretch (before Petronas) and turn in again before the public car park near Avillion Cove hotel. It was an off road from this point until about 1-2 km before the finish line.Again, I tried avoiding ‘soft’ landing ground/sand to optimise my energy output. I was not tired at this point. No cramps, and happy ! Here’s a secret not many triathletes wanna share with you.. they pee themselves during their event.. hahah.. even duathletes..Let’s try not kid ourselves and only talk about the glamour part of multi-discipline sports..

I wanna suggest/share some pee-during tri tips here. Based on experienced, you gotta go when you gotta go..whether on air, in the sea or on land. Why ? First, its not good to hold urine/or the other item which comes out the other end. Medically, this adds strain to the muscles and nerves ‘holding’ it. Secondly, your nervous system will respond more slowly to inputs from the full bladder if you ‘train’ it to hold your pee longer. Thirdly, the longer you contain your pee, the higher the risk for infection..what..really ? Well, apparently yes in case you didn’t know ! Read here . Whether that involves peeing wherever/whenever, or rushing to the nearest public/private washroom, behind the tree/behind that hill or…jumping into the drain in front of the housing near along the housing area in Manjung!, go when you gotta go !

I had my bottle of Gatorade in my hands (thanks hubby for sponsoring!), energy was always at hand !heheh..di antara malas atau rajin, dan nak atau tak nak je. Kalau cramp tu lain cerita. But alhamdulillah, tiada cramp sepanjang perjalanan PD Tri kali ini . Those stops at the water station was mainly to make sure I don’t overheat.. I drink regularly..timed myself every 10 mins before 2-3 sips of water. Kalau taknak cramp atau heat stroke, minum la air ye…


Pictured my hubby and daughter clearly, especially on the last 2km. missJeweLz bawak phone masa bike and run. Had to as I’ve agreed that I will call him to update where I am so that he can schedule his time leaving the hotel and to wait for me at the last 100meters to finish. I didn’t want the baby to wait in the heat for too long. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature as well like the adults do. It didn’t take me long to spot them (after the shouting match over the phone (it was so noisy) to locate them. Hahaha.. so there they were, just before the security post before the turn into the finishing shoot.

The initial plan was to push the little one in the stroller..but naahh mummy thought it was more fun to run with baby in her arms..ha, ambil…an 8 kg ++ on 1 arm at the last 100m I had to switch her to the other arm. ‘Kesian budak kecik tu’ said Razani my Ironman sifu..LOL.. ! I am sure she couldn’t grasp what thy heckkk is going on, but hey baby you will one day ! Mummy and daddy loves you. My patience and endurance trainer is my daughter FYI. 🙂 so, thanks missAquila! Thanks to hubby for patiently waiting for me. I finished in the 3hr 35mins-3hr 40mins region..or ++. Just have to wait for the official results to be out. What I am more interested in is actually my timing on the bike for a 43.5km bike. I’ve got useful pointers and training on hilly routes and I think I really felt it on the bike. #qualityVSquantity-ly speaking !

The apparel

missJeweLz received a comment asking on the apparel I wore for the PD Tri. Thanks for the post Waheeda ! I planned ahead what to wear (there were a few options) and it was tricky picking, choosing (and matching…ladies…) which 1 to wear. More importantly which is practical for a tri-event in a hot climate. I obviously don’t need an ‘arm warmer’ racing in a hot weather. Check out the photos below for the ‘breakdown’

Got this 1 last year. Imported from Capster a Canadian based company :) Sesiapa nak order, let me know. I can help order in bulk. Its light, dri fit and sportingly versatile !
Got this 1 last year. Imported from Capster a Canadian based company 🙂
Sesiapa nak order, let me know. I can help order in bulk.
Its light, dri fit and sportingly versatile !
This is from Nike. You can get similar from other brands/non brands. It's dark in colour and padded. Worked well with what I wore it. See below.

This is from Nike. You can get similar from other brands/non brands. It’s dark in colour and padded. Worked well with what I wore it. See below.

I came across the men version of this at Stadium in KLCC (next to Kinokuniya).  This was my best bet. Quite difficult to find a long sleeve tri top/suit. None in 2XU, and nothing online nearest to my criteria online.

I came across the men version of this at Stadium in KLCC (next to Kinokuniya). This was my best bet. Quite difficult to find a long sleeve tri top/suit. None in 2XU, and nothing online nearest to my criteria online.

Reebok's Cross fit light compression. That's the top I was wearing at PD ! Waheeda, I didn't change !

Reebok’s Cross fit light compression. That’s the top I was wearing at PD ! Waheeda, I didn’t change !

I think this is a well known brand from Taiwan. Quality and hi-tech sports apparel. Love it. Thanks to Razani for posting the pants to me. Its padded so no sore bum on the bike ! Sesiapa nak order, meh sini !

I think this is a well known brand in Taiwan. Quality and hi-tech sports apparel. Love it.

Thanks to Razani for posting the pants to me. Its padded, and suitable for a triathlon/duathlon event.

Sesiapa nak order, meh sini !

PD Tri Photos

Life continues

Friends have asked what it feels like being a new mom, what and how life has changed. Being a mom is obviously one of the things which have ever happened to me. I am raising a being, a human being ! The little one is turning 8 months in 10 days insyaAllah and I must say I enjoy having a family. Life goes on as usual- not that it changed a lot to begin with. It’s still me, I am still blogging though less frequently now.

Was out and about doing the PD triathlon around this time last year. Took part in the relay team as a swimmer. Team mate did the bike and run leg, but I decided to run anyway. I was 5 months pregnant that time. Pregnancy did not stop me from staying active. I gotta run, hike and swim – of course with lesser intensity. Walking around with extra pound is already an exercise on its own. Commuting to work was a bonus. 🙂 Gynae gave me a 15kg additional limit. Read on weight gain guidelines here.It’s benefiting me as I didn’t gain too much extra weight .So post-pregnancy weight loss is a bliss 🙂 Not much to lose, but still some extra determination needed.

I did not get to do much exercise post delivery though first ride post pregnancy was Peres ! Focused more on planning my meal planning and try to exercise at least 3 times a week whenever I can. Signing up for the PD Triathlon was a good excuse to train thought I would still have trained without the event.

Got myself a weight scale a few months back for some clearer commissioning – shedding that extra few kilos. I also downloaded Noom on my phone. Apparently its THE app to have for any weight watchers. 58.2kg down to pre-pregnancy weight of 55kg (ish) may not sound a lot, but it was certainly a huge achievement for me and I am happy with it. Note that it is generally easier for a much heavier person to lose weight compared to a lighter person.  Next mission : Reduce that body fat percentage. The last time I checked its 23.5% . It fluctuates. But on the long run, I am trying to lower it.

Diet plans aside, the little one has started solids after turning 6 months. Puree stuff only for now. Started with fruits puree, then veg+fruits pure. She has also started with whole grain to replace the traditional white rice/brown rice. Calorie and (more importantly) nutritionally grains are more packed than brown rice/white rice porridge. The latter is easy on the tummy, fills it very well, but nutritionally wholegrain is my top pick. In fact they are more readily digested by the baby. Little one enjoys her meal time. She’s fed 3 times a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Grains in the morning, veg+fruit for lunch, and fruits for dinner. Some meals I have prepared for her the past 1 month :-

pear puree

apple puree

carrot+mango+apple puree

prune puree

quinoa+buckwheat+wheat mill +banana

sweet potato (yam)

baby spinach+banana

To new and expecting mothers, do your little study to ensure that you and baby gets the best. The best does not mean the most expensive. The more you know what’s good and important for you, the easier for you to make decisions, little, medium and big ones. Following anything blindly despite being told its better 0r good. Knowledge is key. Knowledge is power. But don’t get me wrong, the more we know does not mean we are superior than those who knows less. Experience is as important. What works for 1 mother may not work for another. Just that having a little extra knowledge, set you (and baby) in a better position – this I mean by health and overall wellness. Of course if it implies dollars and signs like which diaper it better(and cheaper), and how to economically prepare the wallet, then go with it. Preparing homemade puree without ever buying baby food from the shelf is a bonus. Somebody I know bought 3 boxes cereals and that costed a whopping  RM200. It’s a choice and preference. I am not implying if its good or bad. If one can afford to buy boxed meals for her child, by all means.

Raising a child (I’m reminding myself here) reflects pretty much on the person who is doing it and the environment surrounding the family. Its not just which diaper brand is best, which toy/game to introduce at which age, which high chair to get. To me, at this very early age, it’s all about making sure baby’s getting all her essentials – lots of love from mummy and daddy, food, sufficient sleep ..values that you want to communicate and impart the baby even if we think they won’t make any sense to the cute little one. Speaking to your partner as best as you could for instance, handling the baby (and other things+beings around you nicely/softly). Don’t be fooled, a baby can take cues better than us adults. Adults who are not used to taking cues from babies gets a rough time trying to figure out WHY is the baby crying and WHAT to do!

Told you. 🙂

I am a (well, not so young) new mother who takes that everything onwards revolves around the family, and more now, around the little one. What I do, say, think.. revolves around the little one. Guess priorities and responsibilities pulls us back to the ground and reality. I’m living one and love every second of it, and will continue to do so. InsyaAllah. But hey, I still have a life; Just a better one alhamdulillah. On top of still being able to do sports, socialise, err…blog ! hehehe.. Everyday is a learning experience. Allah has His ways of testing his subjects, and His own ways caring for his subjects.

Love you munchaquila. 🙂

First visit to the market !

First visit to the market ! Lil missus has a pair of baby tooth popping out from her lower gum 2 weeks ago. Mummy is estathic !!

The ride this morning in Hulu Langat. Nice view at the back...

The ride this morning in Hulu Langat. Nice view at the back…2 hours spinning. This was the turning point. Bumped into my friend Chee Kian soon after !

But lo and behold... the car which went flying down the ravine which what used to be the interconnecting road to Semenyih

But lo and behold… the car which went flying down the ravine which what used to be the interconnecting road to Semenyih

Tourists. Typical... correction, Malaysians, typical ! Sungguh dramatis !

Tourists. Typical… correction, Malaysians, typical ! Sungguh dramatis !

Quite the cliff for a major drop off !

Quite the cliff for a major drop off !

Okay folks. That’s it for now. Happy Monday tomorrow, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take it easy with the outdoors. -missjewelz-
Next post : Port Dickson Triathlon – Tips for Newbies !

Cycle and Carey

Salam and greetings everybadeyyhh !!! How is your week so far ? Hope all is looking good. Took leave from work on Wednesday to bring the lil’ one for her 5 months jab. 2 jabs on her bum bum, a loud (and short) cry. Lucky me ! Alhamdulillah Aqilah is 5 months now, and will be starting her solids real soon. (I’m very excited!).

Power, Torque vs Spinning

Well, anyway, last weekend I manage to go cycling after a month long hiatus – That after arwah’s passing (my father-in-law passed away last month (23/3/2013)). 60km + seems pretty decent just that the route was super flat except for the 1-2 climbs on the bridge crossing the Sungai Langat. I was basically spinning to accomodate the fast speed (by my standards after a month long break !!!) of the group. Uhm, using the big crank at the front only meant more power is needed as more torque (force per pedal stroke) is needed to produce that power. If I want to do strength (a.k.a. power) training I would just look for any climbs and engage the big and heavy gears, and pedal real slow to achieve a real good training session. Hill reps !

Hubby and I woke up late the morning we cycled and it took some real optimist convincing to get him to re-agree join me (well , since we woke up late!!). Registration starts at 6.45am and we only blinked our eyes open around the same time. The place is around 65km away from our place. If you want something, go get it. Period. We reached Carey around 8am, a couple of minutes after the main group started.

Carey Island

Three interesting facts about Carey ;

1) It is practically/technically an island but only separated from the main land by a river (look below )

2m below the sea, formerly a swamp !

2m below the sea, formerly a swamp ! Dykes are built around it to keepp sea water out. And hopefully not IN !

2) Named after Edward Valentine Carey a British coffee planter from Ceylon who came to the Malaya. Responsible for the rubber industry ‘boom’ in Selangor, he was awarded the island by the Malay states government.

3) Carey Island is home to the Mah Meri aborigines (aborigines= orang asli) , a Senoi subgroup. More on Mah Meri here and here

I’m still pretty much an ignorant citizen of Malaysia no matter how patriotic and proud I feel being a Malaysian. Still lots more to know and learn of this historically rich and culturally diverse county. Have a nice Friday and weekend ahead folks !!!


When girls come out to play. Yipppeeeeyyyy !!!

When girls a.k.a. mak orang come out to play. Yipppeeeeyyyy !!!

The long and not so winding road...

The long and not so winding road…

Let me guess.. Sungai Langat ?!

Let me guess.. Sungai Langat ?!

Regroup at the bottom of Bukit Jugra (but we didn't go up...ggrr....). Next time naik ler..

Regroup at the bottom of Bukit Jugra (but we didn’t go up…ggrr….). Next time naik ler..

With fellow riders :) A good thing this phone has lens on both sides !

With fellow riders 🙂 A good thing this phone has lens on both sides !

Kathong.. anything 'thong' makes me feel like I am in Thailand !! kap khung krappp..

Kathong.. anything ‘thong’ makes me feel like I am in Thailand !! kap khung krappp..

Weather was good. Nothing to sweat about !

Weather was good. Nothing to sweat about !

This is uncle X..forgot his name. Was told he is 70 years +.

This is uncle X..forgot his name. Was told he is 70 years +.

Well, not my best pose at the colonial club house ! Heard its haven/jewel for golfers !

Well, not my best pose at the colonial club house ! Heard its haven/jewel for golfers !

The small and big..

The small and big..

Satisfied and happy I made it to cycle in Carey ! It needed some spinning and confident legs to finish the route !

Satisfied and happy I made it to cycle in Carey ! It needed some spinning and confident legs to finish the route !


RIP IronLady Maggie. And condoloences to the family of the runners hit by the bomb at Boston Marathon. A very unfortunate and sad day for the running community. Tan Wah Sing who ran the marathon was not anywhere, I believe, near the finish line when the incident took place.

The Fool On The Hill


Well سلام‎ and Hello there everybody ! It’s been 2 days post-Powerman Malaysia and I am sure most of you who took part are on your road to recovery. It was a HOT HOT race this year I heard. The ground temperature aside, this year was the 10th edition of this event with the biggest ever turnout for total participants in both the sprint and full distance. To all who took part, Congratulations ! I am sure you all had a blast in Manjung !

Nor Juliana Ali....


With Adele, Lynn Guan and Pat Ee


I was due to take part ( looking forward to take part actually) for the event last Sunday but was held back thanks to a viral fever. I was warded midnight Thursday and discharged last Sunday evening. Not exactly sure how I got the sick, but I was unwell starting from raya haji morning (6 Nov). Attended Eid al Adha prayers with my family, visited relatives’ home and back to our own to receive guests until evening. Following Monday was a public holiday – took the chance to rest but still didn’t recover so I headed to the clinic with a fever complain, 1 day MC for  Tuesday and was back to work on Wednesday. The office condition only made my condition from better to worse. Feeling ultra dizzy, lethargic and pain around the eye orbit every time I moved the eye laterally to the left/right. Another MC for me for Thursday and Friday. Fully wishing to recover soon only to find my condition getting worse on Thursday eve.

So a 3rd visit to the doctor last week, on Thursday. Had my blood tested. Platelet and white blood cell count LOW with HIGH lymphocyte percentage. There was a possibility for dengue though the marker didn’t show any dengue virus antigen. Anyways, the doctor adviced that I get admitted to they can monitor my condition So went home again, packed my stuff and drove back again to the hospital. I was warded and on drips (NaCl) for 3 long days. Forced to rest, which was good in a way.. I didn’t step out of the ward through out that period. Quite an experience checking myself in and out of the hospital. I was quietly hoping to be better and make it to Manjung, but that didn’t happen.

On NaCl drip



Chan - licin pinggan nampak ! hihi.. Carbo-loading for his maiden Powerman kat hospital.


Nora brought yummy and ultra creamy macaroons. Syah brought cookies ! Congrats Syah for his first Powerman


Aiman, sister and Paan. Congrats on your 1st Powerman too Aiman !


Syukran (groom to be) : knew him a decade ago.. Rasa kejap je kan Terk ?! Looking forward to his big day next month ! 🙂

Thinking to switch career Hadi ?

Najwa (in green) classmate in 1997 in Kuantan, and Farah (in blue) schoolmate from 1998-1999 in Seremban 🙂 Thanks for coming ladies. Farah will be doing her maiden full marathon in Penang this week. Go girl !!! It's not about the flight tickets or car fuel cost. 🙂




Currently resting at home since yesterday, and will be back to work tomorrow. To all my friends, who visited, called, texted and wrote well wishes for me, Thank You ! Chan Jun Shen was the first to drop by, very nice of him. Thanks Chan ! Oh ya, he brought me some food stuff as well (I only checked in with some clothings/books/my laptop and a bottle of mineral water). My family, Nora, Shah, Paán, Aiman Halim (and siblings), Farah Fazu, Syukran Terk, Najwa, Hadi and a couple more friends came. Thank you again guys !

I wasn’t short of company, AND food.. :p but how many more extra days in the hospital could I stand. So when the doctor came on Sunday noon asking if I want to stay for another day or get discharged, I said ‘I want to go out today’.. as I was feeling better, alhamdulillah. My platelet and WBC will take sometimes to recover. So here I am, in my room, blogging.

I am not 100% well yet, but getting there. Tony Quay,Agnes, Paul Lee,Goh and those of you who called to check if I am okay, thank you also ! 🙂 I had lunch with 2 buddies yesterday, but still felt dizzy on the way back home..Looks like I will be staying in doors for the next couple of days though I plan to walk a bit this eve. I know my fitness has dropped.. I was huffing and puffing walking across this pedestrian bridge near my office. I have to get my health back to normal first and the rest, insyaAllah will follow suit.

Fool On The Hill 

And before I forget… (in case you are wondering what’s with the title of this blog post — has nothing to do with the content yeah? I watched a couple of movies throughout my stay in the hospital and one of them is Dinner For Schmucks. ‘Fool On The Hill’ by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney in 1967 but was never performed Live by The Beatles, (so I discovered) is the opening soundtrack for that movie. Looked it up on YouTube just now, and man.. I am hooked !

I think the song has a beautiful lyric and meaning to it. The world of music is like a vast sea filled with treasures and surprises in it waiting to be discovered. This particular song went unnoticed until I watched Dinner for Schmucks, and later getting to know that it was covered more than a 100 times, one of which is by Sergio Mendes and his band Brasil 66. Man I’m hooked to this song I can do with a karaoke session right now ! Check out the song below :-


The monsoon and Penang

On a different note, I think the monsoon season is back, here in the Peninsular. As far as KL is concerned, it has been raining in the evening, sometimes mid-day, but I hope the weather won’t dampen our spirit to be cheery and sunny like the sun ! I can tell from my experience facing monsoon in the east coast, it will find its way affecting your emotional well-being and not only your physical. Take time and effort to keep healthy even though the season for multi-sports is nearly over !

Well, there is still Penang Bridge International Marathon, Nike Run, Newton Run, MALAKOFF 12K Run and a couple of jamborees this month and next. To those of you doing Penang, I wish you all the best !!! I did a 4:40 during my maiden stand alone marathon (a.k.a. suffer fest to expect the worst) there last year in Penang (yes, it DID rain last year as we ran across the bridge). My first 42km was actually ran in Ironman Langkawi 2009 where I clocked a 5:10 including a 10mins diarrhea stop.

MJ at Penang Bridge Marathon 2010. Suffer-fest indeed !

Eat and rest well, run safe and SMART, and enjoy the race. Even if you are aiming for top 10, a PB, don’t be so kiasu and forget that some people are there for their own different reasons too, whether to flaunt a potential PB, and have another 42.195km medal added to a growing collection of metals, and even, nobly, embarking on the pursuit of a healthier and active lifestyle– Smile and say Hello! to your friends as you pass them. Some quick tips for those running Penang (especially if it’s your first) :-

– READ the race manual/booklet

– KNOW the start time/venue/which wave start you are in etc.

– PREPARE your race gears before you leave home. Make sure you have your race essentials with packed/with you – especially the timing chip/race bib, energy bars/gels/endurance/recovery drink/salt tablet/ Vaseline

– PLASTIC. If you are carrying any electronic gadgets such as you iPods, mp3s, mobile phone zip them in these polymers.

– MUSIC. It can be pretty boring at some stretches where you will zombie through without anybody (or nearly nobody..) will say Hello to you either because they’re too tired/sleepy or simply can’t be bothered with anything except to keep on running — so it can be useful to play some songs on your phone/mp3.

What I did before was to put them on speakers (on the phone I mean) to make the run more fun/entertaining not only to myself but those who badly need some spirit lift ! I had some guys and gals running with me just because I had something on the stereo ! hihihi.. It was fun. Anyways, don’t forget to hydrate well during the race.

– RING RING. If nature calls, please answer !!! It’s bad for the bladder if you don’t, and you’ll be surprised with how much faster you can run after that. No joke !

– FAIR GAME. And hey, no cheating please ! U-turn where you are suppose to u-turn and make no short cuts or else that future PB you so want to announce won’t be valid. I heard some not-so-nice news from Powerman Malaysia this year where racers decided to take the race Rules&Regulation into their own hands and that it is okay to draft.. Man.. that’s not cool at all. If one person does it, and you decided that it is okay for you to do it, go back and get a reality check. of who’s the fool here. What are your core values and is it fair to side line these values just to prove that you have the upper hand? In a race? Let us NOT be that fool on the hill.

Have a good week ahead everybody 🙂 -missjewelz.marmalade-

4th placing at Powerman last year. Didn't know I was top 5 until after the Awards Lunch was over !


With the power people from MALAKOFF ; Anu and Yusop Rashid


Ironically I was wearing the exact same pants I wore post race at Powerman last year. Talk about coincidence !


Penang last year with Yusran and Kam. Some crazy heads did both Powerman and Penang back to back ! (I wonder who.. *chuckles..*) .. Oh by the way, Jaja will be doing Penang Marathon this weekend ! All the best to you dear and everybody taking part !!!



Making do the lunch break

Went for a 20mins run during lunch yesterday. With the new job, environment and increasing work load, it is even trickier for me to achieve the a healthy-life balance, well, compared to my old work place. I am trapped 0830-1730 hrs daily , 9 hours a day and 45 hours a week. I felt so out-of-shape the first week I was here.. !!

The less exercise I do, the more easily tired I become ! Apart from the accumulating fat, I just feel so out of shape with the office routine which requires me to sit and work with the computer, occasionally making calls and having to walk to the bosses’ office/photocopy machine/pantry. Office is on 13th floor, and there’s no access to fresh KL air at all .. only bosses’ office are adjacent to the windows – but still, I find it funny as there’s no window that can open. Basically, I’m sealed along with my colleagues, who I am getting to know closer day by day, in this concrete-metal-glass-brick tower !! Part or not part of the job, I gotta keep fit and healthy.

The 20 minutes vertical work out was just nice to fit in the 1 hour break. There is no shower facility here, hence would be a mess to be sweating like an oink oink with a hard work out at the stairs, or even running outside in the KL humidity and afternoon heat. So a 20minutes easy stairs workout it was.

– brought running attire and gears (HR monitor included) & water from home.

– changed, and headed to the stairs

– Now… APPARENTLY the staircase is used by the staffs to get their fair amount of ‘fresh’ air.. Air from their ciggies ! I was warned by my colleague that the stairs stink , my hair will stink etc, but I still insisted to proceed with the plan. Imagine a week without any workout — I just had to squeeze in the 20mins, hook or by crook.

And so I did. The stairs still smelled eventhough the smokers has left.. worse still, cigarette butts were thrown on the floor.. what a shame..

The work out which I did :-

1) Slow jog from 11th down to 4th floor.

2) Slow run from 4th – 6th floor

3) Fast walked from 6th to 9th floor

4) Slow run from 9th to 11th floor ( couldn’t proceed to 13th floor as the ciggie stink is just unbearable !)

 5) And repeat till the 20mins was up. 

My unfit heart rate reading below :-

Below 117 , 35sec

In zone 117-147 , 8mins 2 sec

147 and above , 11mins 25sec

Max heart rate 174. Average 151.  The run pace was a slow one. The idea was not push, but neverthless a good work out for the heart ! And I did sweat ! I felt oh-so relieved after the work out. Had to ignore the colleagues who weren’t pretty amazed of my little feat. attempting something not-so-out of the ordinary. Thinking of it, hey, your health is YOUR responsibility. In my case, as far as my work place is concerned, that’s the only work out most suitable that I can think of at the moment. Whether you are young, old, busy or not, make time and effort to balance a healthy life style, physically, mentally and spiritually !


A vertical routine up and down the office’s emergency stairs !


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