Things -to-do…

1.  siapkan scrapbook Rekrut Siri 2/2008 ..

2. register for Trailblazer..

3. Psychometric assignment

4.  train2 4dis wknd relay run..

5.prepare for desaru & perhentian..yep…taking part in both..(perhentian might be shifted to mid october..take note)

6. ayya,,,,, pening…pening..

7. recall that this is the month of train, makan, tido,train and race..  jgn dok pikiaq yang lain…

8. 1 more thing..dont forget to write MUDS final leg @ UPNM report.. coming up soon !!! and LOADS of fotos lah !!!!!

9. signing off..


p.s : yesterday my birthday la.. tua already …. hehehe…had birthday lunch with the family .


missjewelz & her strongest supporter, her beloved mummy !!
missjewelz & her strongest supporter, her beloved mother !!
with my cousins
with my cousins

2 thoughts on “Things -to-do…

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  1. Babe, happy birthday! Kita punya birthday quite close, mine will be this Sat. But age apart…hehehe…

    Waiting for your blog update on UPNM MUDS.

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