Ive never entered the uni library this early, (but ‘report’ punya pasal..).. 7.45am after baris pagi, already lingering in front of the library.(library opens at 8am..). waiting patiently to write in my MUDS final leg report.. mana yang sempat lah yek..i’ve class at 9. Here goes..


The heat that morning was reminds me of the run leg at this year’s PD Triathlon.. BURNING HOT ! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the race very much as it was the last leg of the series. So, just enjoy it lah ! Here are a few pics for starters.. you could see I got myself all covered no worries of ugly tan lines !!! heheh.. to all winners, congratulations !! Keep youself updated with the photos at


Chan Jun Shen of UPNM . 1st place for MUDS -final leg
Chan Jun Shen of UPNM . 1st place for MUDS -final leg

Chan here missed the Top University (Men) Duathlete Award by a mere 10 points !!!!

smiley cadet ! I'm not sure whats his name.. Adi i think..
smiley cadet ! I’m not sure whats his name.. Adi i think..

 He’s been tagged as ‘Smiley’ at A very nice and cheerful cadet & duathlete. He did the MCing for the 2nd Trikidz too !

My dear friend, Goh @ the transition
My dear friend, Goh @ the transition

 My super fast runner friend, Goh Choon Aun @ T2.

missJeweLz !
missJeweLz !

 Is tat me ? Phew.. a bit reliefed seeing not many bikes yet at T2..


go jewelz !!!
go jewelz !!!

 I look fat..

gulp gulp the name of rehydration !
gulp gulp gulp…in the name of rehydration !

 Focus julie ..focus.. i always kalut after the bike..but this time ‘cool’ a bit..heheh..

so you noticed ?
so you noticed ?

relay runners at the background waiting for their cyclists !! 

that i wear the same outfit over and over again for MUDS ?
that i wear the same outfit over and over again for MUDS ?

 yeah..just a statement i wanna make.. couldnt care less lah.. just wanna race !

this is not a fashion parade..wear anything u want..doesn't hafta be expensive&brandish..huhuh..
this is not a fashion parade..wear anything u want..doesn’t hafta be expensive&brandish..huhuh..

 the tights is less then 20bucks..the nike top around 60++..others things;free.

jewelz on the run !
jewelz on the run !

the run leg was terrible.. this time not exactly any1 i could ‘draft’, and no1 exactly ‘chasing’ me from behind..but anyway, i think i did fairly okay..huhu…


More report coming up. I’m still waiting for the prize giving fotos. Pics courtesy of muds2008 and also neobike ! More MUDS next year I hope !!! Will still be in uni !! ahhaha….. Farid, email ekk gbr tuh.. Man, when’s your next race ??

To all DUers of MUDS 2008 , congratulations !!! It has been a great month (nearly..) meeting and competing in this friendly and fun event !! To those considering this sports more seriously yet maintaining the fun, selalulah training !! the more the merrier ! 1 step at a time yeah..!! You don’t have to worry what other people hafta say..just DU what u wanna do.. You’ll end up nowhere restricting yourself with other people’s ‘restrictions’ . Remember that..  🙂 Cheers !

To all friends, this Saturday, Azwar ( and friends are cycling to PD. Start at MTDC UKM , 7.30am. Distance : 130km. Sesape nak join, come !!!

PART 2 tomorrow !



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  1. Jules, is that you babe with the red t-shirt and blue tights? I have seen this girl before and I thought this girl looks garang! I should’ve have said Hi to you sooner, tapi kan org pemalu camni lah. Anyway, BIG congrats to you for being the DU of the Year and winning the UPNM MUDS. So, so happy for you. Hope to meet in future races.

  2. Jules (Sorry, can i call you Jules?), are you really that babe with the red and blue attire. I did see you but didnt know it was you. I thought to myself this girl looks so garang. Anyway, BIG congrats on being the champ for UPNM and the DU of the Year. That’s double honours. So, so happy for you!

  3. Hi,i still don know that u r juliana..ha!i had seen ur blog be4 this but i never know that its u although u had won the prizes of the whole 3 series of muds..ha!only until u come to my website..anyway congratulation to u too!!!u have more experience than me interm of those duathlon n triathlon,coz the muds is only my first duathlon..

  4. hi Ong !! thanks for dropping by my blog again !! hah ?! u didnt know it was me !! hehheheheh… i usually get that.. i look different from time to time..but its the same old me.. just gotta look harder…woot…ehheh..anyway, congratulations to you ! to us ! haha..and of course, our uni duathlon team !!! 🙂 nice blog by the way ong ! keep updating !

  5. Jules, I’ve been trying to post comments tapi tak menjadi pulak comment I. Hilang entah kemana. I just want to congratulate you, you have done so well, and I am so, so happy for you. And I did see you at both DU races (cos you did stand out), but unfortunately we both did not say Hello. Next time ya? Hope to see you in future races.

  6. 🙂 ya !! we must Hello next time, out of this virtual world Helloing! 🙂 ur comment tak menjadi..ala… cuba lagiii..kooky, cuba tgk utusan malaysia (today)..7 ogos.. page 26 !

  7. “I did see you but didnt know it was you”

    ur comment somehow got, i despammed it tadi!!huhu..sorry about that..camner tah got spam..nak kena lepuk la wordpress nieh..anyway, i get that often.. ‘saw u,tapi tak perasan it wuz u…’ heheh… cute ! anyway, GARANG ? really ??sowii… must be the Leo blood in me… LOL :p

  8. Ya ampun, all the comments dah kena display. Saying the same things in a different way. Sorry about the multiple comments.

    Jules, dalam blog you nampak lain, kat race you pun lain. I cannot recognise you lah. Woman with many ‘faces’. 🙂 BTW, garang is good, its the dont-mess-with me attitude. I pun Leo, tapi the timid kind. LOL…

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