A’Famosa International Triathlon 2007

Assalamualaikum and a good day to all. ūüôā This is my 2nd post for my wordpress blog.. really can’t afford luxurious time writing and updating, especially when its during the finals.. I’ve 1 paper left.. SOCA1010 that is…anyway, this Saturday (April 7) , I’ll be taking part in my 1st triathlon ! 4 days to go .. geee… didn’t expect ‘it’ to be happening so soon. In fact, triathlon is the last thing I see myself taking part in, at least after i finish my first full marathon, or a duathlon..the decision to register for the A’Famosa International¬†Triathlon was made after a friend suggested that I take part in the sprint event , instead of watching and cheering !! humm.. and i was like, ‘humm…why not.. i’ll give it a try..’. so, that’s it.. the final cut.instead of having to wait for another year or two, why not just do it now !! so, no turning back missJeweLz..ive already registered online, the fee is RM40..

¬†My weakest displine –> swimming !! setakat breast stroke bley la.. but no one does this type of stroke for triathlon, unless you want to be called old-age…huhu..so the free style a.k.a the front crawl is the fastest swimming stroke. been working on it this past 1 week… if before this tak pernah turun the university’s swimming pool, sekarang baru turun.. 50m pool, so ok lah.. at other time th training would be at the Selayang swimming pool. been working out on the front crawl, thanks to Dino for the swimming technique tips and drill..kena buat mcm ni, mcm tuh…. he said buat drill ni ‘macam orang bodoh’.. huhu.. can’t agree more on that one bro ! but mcm tak mcm, have to do la.. i enjoy it tho..(the drill).. As for the other 2 discplines (bike,run), I do my training around the campus. have to get up early to avoid uni’s morning rush hour..¬†1hr of bike, and then continue with running around the campus or the track. The express training regime was put together by Dino,a friend,¬†who happened to be the national triathlete.. So, to get these training tips and guidance from him, is a real honour. Thanks Dino !!! of course, there are a lot of triathlon manual which u can find in the bookstores or even online.Still, you have to consider them all , filter and select which regime best suits you.

¬†To divide time between academic and training is indeed a tricky business. Sometimes a disaster ! Anyway, here’s some info on¬† triathlon… I’ll be taking part in the sprint event..

 Race format :

Triathlon Olympic Distance
Swim : 1.5 KM
Bike : 40.0 KM
Run : 10.0 KM

Sprint Triathlon
Swim : 0.4 KM
Bike : 15.0 KM
Run : 2.0 KM

¬†400m of swim, 15km bike and 2km run..my target is to finish the race..no exact time target.i better stop now. will be writing soon.. wish me luck okay!!!!! Have a nice day y’all !!

  bike.. run.. 


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