What’s New ?

Nothing.Nothing is new for me this time around.Problems in problems out.Problems unsolved.Problems escaped.Hahahah..all these apply to me except for the last one lah ! Its like stirring that thick and over concentrated glass of Milo just to see the Milo settle down at the bottom later.Milo ? ye la.. we Malays are full of metaphors.Aren’t we ? hahaha.. if you’re Malay and reading this lah ! Life can be sucky at times y’know,though most times it seems to be okay.Still, you and I have to be thankful and gracious to our Lord Almighty that we’re still breathing and walking this magnificent earth of His !

I haven’t written here for a loooooooonnnngggggggg time.(I’m using wordpress now) ..but since i forgot my wordpress password, here I am.I miss writing.It is a form of expression and a playground for the intellect mind to exercise and play.So, don’t believe those who says blogs and ejournals are a waste of time and web space.At least I don’t believe that.and that depends too what the bloggers nowadays are writing lah ! Anyway,back to my entry.. ‘What’s new?’. This topic is the ‘too-general type’.Allow me to scope down what I’m about to write and share with you guys out there.The currently what’s new issue which is making headlines in my brains and soul is….. LOVE !!!! *boring ?! just close the window if you think you’re wasting precious minutes here*.. i know , i know.. i hardly touch this matter when writing online.I usually would just talk or discuss with friends, and usually it’ll be related to relationship and other words similar to it . *bond,crushes,chemistry,not working out,what not..*

There’s no need for me to define LOVE, as you all already know.but in case you don’t (duh me….) Meriam-Webbster defines it as

a) strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties
b) warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion
c) the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration
d) unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another

Julie describes love as :

  1. a gift from Allah for us human (there are many other Gifts too of course)
  2. that special feeling and bond u share with those closest to you ( family,husband,wife etc)
  3. that subjective ‘thing’ which keeps u holding on to a person you really love
  4. its not all subjective.Love materializes. (you don’t just say you love your mom.you SHOW that you love her)
  5. its value is uncomparable to anything
  6. you can’t buy it but you can have it
  7. expressive, sometimes abusive !
  8. drives you crazy,nuts,screw and drivers ! hahahaha

Looking to both the definition and description above, simply, there’s nothing new.So why the hell bother to write.Love has evolved so slow and tricky that those involved don’t even notice it ! So slow that it is a common belief that Love is all sugar and cream.Hahahah.. *wishful thinking*. Love is not just with you girlfriend, or boyfriend.Grow up ! Love matters and directly relates to your other closed ones ; family etc. It is a comprehensive issue when we talk about love and being loved, expressing and receiving love and care.Some complains they don’t feel loved at all,and that we’re brought to believe that he or she is the most ‘kesian’ person of the century.Pity… Some people are rich with love; both receving and giving.How nice.. I wish it could happen to me right now.Hahahah…yes, laughing again. We never realise what’s enough for us.We always want more.It is part of the human psychology that we want to beloved. We complain that despite the wordly achievements and success,that thing isn’t just there..or that thing is lacking.And we’re not satisfied.That emptiness,that hollowness.. (“,) … thinking again,would our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq be demanding the same height and level of LOVE.You really love someone, say that he or she is THE one and only person you love in your life.Next second, a dead body who’s skull is cracked due to the air strike,lays slump in your arms.Tears start rolling even before grief and sadness makes their arrival.Is that the end of your life that your loved one lays lifeless..? or what ? Some choose to let the tears dry, so that later on he or she will be able to start and get on his life.some choose to remain mourning.there’s absolutely nothing wrong with mourning and being sad,as it is,after all,your choice,your life.You’ll be accounted in the later life on all the things which you’ve down,and that includes sitting down and staring outside the window,not sure of what to do next. My words matches nothing of the real grief of the people in Lebanon whose family are brutally murdered by the Israelis soldiers.Here in our ‘peaceful’ country,we might not be busy to worry of any attacks or air reids.Instead,some of us,allow me,are too busy thinking and concentrating on our domestic mishaps.Just name it.. politics,rasuah,curi suami orang,artis bertumbuk on the set,AR badul buat lawak lucah on stage,kehilangan cinta,boyfriend not being fair…hihihih…. yeah,i know im not suppose to laugh.its bad too laugh when you’re in this grave and serious matter of domestic issues.which,most,will never ever end.So,tell me,what’s new ?



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