siti ????

salamz..erlow and a good day to for me it has been 2 sick days..flu !!!! ayyo…at class, had to seat at the last row..attending to my nose!very annoying..even worse i ran out of tissue paper! luckily jirah brought some tissue..reminder to those who r sick,caught a flu ..dun forget to bring tissue paper or a hanky to class!

well,an issue (not tissue!) that i’d like to raise here is about Siti Nurhaliza..very sad to say that some Malaysians are very closed minded..i’m not a big time fan of siti .i don’t hate her also lar.. tengah-tengah..i bet some of u have at least heard and zoomed thru the newspaper headline today,yesterday..think about it.. and ive actually browsed thru her hate sites to check things out.ive done that for britney,so dont not a critic.just a another curious nose..i saw that siti’s haters are so so very bias!too much of talk in such evil manner of this very talented international Malays diva..just look at our entertainment scenario..the oh-so-called-entertainment.who doesn’t enjoy least some kind of entertainment..and just look what the seed have sprouted into after 47 years of independence.physically we are independent.we’re no dependent on any outside reign/force…the country is so ‘prosperous’..we are rich of resources,our land is vast and fertile,we’ve pretty good line up of ‘leaders’,we’re tremendously catching up on science,tech,education and other fields.we are very proud of our national landmarks,and of the fact malaysia is a ‘peaceful’ ‘terrorist’..not much of ‘rusuhan’.and if there is,it would be very very controlled and again,’peaceful’..and we’re proud that our economy is getting better and better..humm..what about our religion?Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan??familiar with dat?thats what we wail every school assembly during the school years..and of course,now,by our younger brother and sisters.. where is that line??its in the Rukunegara..but where is that line actually??on the wall,very nicely framed in most offices ,schools?where is kepercayaan kepada tuhan?in the mosque,church,temple??when death is on the way, and is very near?when something bad befalls us??

our country is such a mumbo jumbo country..mumbo jumbo as in we’re not that critical and sensitive when it comes to ethics+religious issue..y’know the halalkan yg haram,haramkan yg halal kinda things..what’s going on here is merely gossips a.k.a fitnah..i don’t know what really is going on siti’s life,coz ive much better things to my life which is still full of corruption and needs attention , study etc so dat i can correct my past mistakes,this and that.y’know..

everything which colours the scenario of a country/nation/community begins at the individual level..of course our religion and moral base have to be strong.i admit that my base is weak and still has loads of ‘piling’ to go..well,today…who doesn’t needs more or more aspect ourselves needs very disturb of this fitnah issue which recently became hot at the national-entertainment level.even worse it now has involved the police! whoever the culprit is,i think he or she OR they should start watching their own backs first. whatever this national and internation diva does(which we dont really know what) should be left alone.why do love to jaga tepi kain orang?? her personal life is her personal life.whether she’s done something good or bad ,who are we to judge.we ourselves make our own mistake.have we lately been struggling to correct it?hummm…my mind is twirling rite now..

its not wrong to correct a person’s fact,in Islam,it is really encouraged.right? by action,verbally or by heart..but if a person has more intention than to correct the mistake..for example..hate+envy..that’s another disturbing thing.we,Malaysians have been blinded.still blind on my side.we label the country as a ‘negara Islam’.but WHERE IS ISLAM STATUS AND POSITION TODAY ???? no need to go far..just look at our BIG,HUGE,BEAUTIFUL AND EXPENSIVE malls..and the prayer room is USUALLY, at a SMALL CORNER,TALK ABOUT THE AREA..VERY SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,FILTHY SOMETIMES,AND EVEN WORSE,ive seen SOME MALLS LOCATING THE SURAU AT THE PARKING BASEMENT..hummm…BSC for example…well easy to say rite..but still,think about it.

we’ve been blinded.we don’t seem to care much of our religious sensitivity..most just go with the flow,enjoy what has been fed.argghhh,,,i know u peepz are confused where im leading to..i better stop before i confuse u more..i’ll write in again Monday..take care y’all

“Allaah will keep firm those who believe, with the word that stands firm in this world and in the Hereafter. And Allaah will cause to go astray those who are zaalimoon (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.), and Allaah does what He wills.” [Ibraaheem 14:27].


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