Ramadan Kareem comes knocking again. Will we learn and wake up this time ?

I’ve taken a look back at my previous years post and noticed that I do blog  a Ramadan Kareem post to welcome this most holy and much awaited month. You know, the regular crescent moon image with some beautiful calligraphy. The same thing I would do in other social media for that matter. To celebrate the arrival of Ramadan. Year in, and year out like how we celebrate our birthdays etc. But how is everything else different from year to year. It is just another year? Last year was 2014, this year…2015.. Are we really progressing, as we age and grow wiser, in the crucial areas in life which we really should, and as we move along  from Ramadan to another? Or are we just regressing ?

A good friend of mine, sister Aliah shared a video today showing an Ustaz talking to a crowd, and I would like to share with you what the Ustaz said. Bear with me, as this is a reminder to myself, especially that I have been blessed to meet this Holy Month once again. .I, like many, take things in life for granted I forget that these are all rizq and tests from my Creator. It take some self-reflection and effort to realise that the clock really is ticking and I don’t know, Wallahi if I will be able to meet the next Ramadan again. And I would like to share the benefit which I gained after watching the video, with you by translating the speech to text so that it remains in this blog for good for the reading of my belover readers. InsyaAllah.

To all my friends, Muslim and Non Muslims, whether I’ve met you in person or not, please forgive me for all my wrongs be it intentional or unintentional. I am human, I err– and I would like to continue by being a better person insyaAllah. I pray that we will all be better beings, body mind and soul–insyaAllah.


The speech 

Wallahi (by Allah) brothers, this position that we are in now, is something that most of us are not here for the firs time . Most of us have been here, we’ve came before,we buried our loved ones but you and I know very well , you know very well, that soon as we jump in our cars, we are going to forget completely about this grave, like ‘This is not for me’. If I ask any of you now brother, Can you die tonight?  Can we come back tonight and bury you? Everyone will say ‘La Ilaha Illallah’ (none has the right to be worshipped in truth except Allah) , of course, death can come anytime. I have no guarantee.

But the problem we are all facing , every single one of us is facing, the biggest disease in our hearts, is that the truth, that we don’t say with our tongue, is that you and me are, for some weird reason,  confirmed that this will never happen, this will never happen . I’m going home now to my wife,  to my children, I have plans for tomorrow, I’ve already planned for Ramadan, I’ve planned for Eid, I’ve planned for Hajj, I’ve planned for next year,   I will see my kids grow up,I will  take them to uni, I will marry them off, I’ll see my grandkids. This is the biggest Shaytan destroying our deen.

And Wallahi my brothers, Wallahi  in front of our eyes, every single day Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala (The Most Glorified, The Most High)  is showing us signs. Elders are passing away, teenagers are passing away –When are we going to wake up?  When are we going to realise, that Wallahi my brother, Wallahi there is no guarantee?

Like the Shaikh said its the breath you take in, you inhale you never know will come out again. Wallahi my brothers, death is very very very close. And look my brothers, the shroud has no pockets . This is the end of everyone of us. No one takes his house with him, or his kids with him, or his wife with him, that’s it. That’s our property. That’s all you own in this world. A meter by 2 meters. That’s the end my brothers.

What’s the purpose now?Explain to me now  you know how will our house benefit this person? How does a wife or a child, how do they  benefit ? Wallahi my brothers we will all face this. This day will come. We will  all face this and we will be put in your grave alone. Now everyone’s going to walk. You know. Even if we love him so much. The son is going to walk, the children are going to walk away. He’s alone now. What’s left with him ?

The solat in the Masjeed he used to pray, the Tahajjud he used to wake up for, the Zikrullah, the Qur’an he used to read, the charity he gave for the sake of Allah. This is all your property.

Please do not allow Shaytan, my brothers, to further trick you, to further fool you ‘That don’t worry, that’s fine’, ‘Don’t worry, you will become religious insyaAllah one day’, ‘Don’t worry, you know, there is still space for repentance’. Wallahi my brothers, wallahi we never know, you never know when your death is.

Allah Subhanahu wa  Ta’ala,  from the day ,the age He came to blow the soul in your ruh, to blow the ruh in you, from that moment already that it has been decided exactly by the second when will you die.

Maybe its next week. Maybe one of us here will not make Ramadan. Maybe you will make Ramadan. Maybe you will make Eid. Maybe you will make next year. We have so much work to do. There is so much improvement that we need.There is so much sickness,and  disease and haram in our life.

If death, if a life example,  of a loved one dying in front of you, laying down with your own hands, you lay him down with your own hands in the grave –If  this doesn’t wake you up,   Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un ( “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return”) , nothing will wake us up.


The AV-to-text script is based on ‘Reminder from the grave’ video from Talk Islam Facebook which missjewelz translated for the  benefit of all readers of this post (and herself).

And oh yes, the Ramadan Kareem calligraphy :-


Ramadan Kareem everybody ! Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Ramadan. Let’s make a difference this year and istiqamah on it !


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