Eid Mubarak dari missjewelz

Eid Mubarak, Selamat Hari Raya Eid ul Fitr , Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all my Muslim friends, wherever you are. Its the 6th day of Syawal and I am sure everybody is still very much in the Eid celebration mood. 1st Syawal (Syawal : the month following Ramadhan/fasting month in the Islamic/Hijri lunar calendar.

‘Hari Raya’ <<- is the Malay term for ‘Eid’– something synonymous to us Malaysians. It marks the time for family reunion, receiving blessings and forgiveness from elders, and also seeking for forgiveness from others. Hari Raya is pretty much embedded in Malaysian culture. ‘Balik kampung’ , main mercun, duit raya, baju raya, kueh raya, lemang, ketupat and what have you not ! 🙂 Bur of course, the true meaning of Muslims celebrating ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ is more than just these items. Eid ul Fitr is a form of celebration for Muslims to celebrate the victory of having observed a full month of fasting and other worship activities in the month of Ramadhan. The spirit of Ramadhan is strongly encouraged to be brought forward and practised in following months; ie observing moderation, humility, empathy for the poor, steadfastness and patience.

This shall be my last Hari Raya as a mom to 1 beautiful daughter as next year, InsyaAllah baby number two will be joining the team for raya ! 🙂 A handful and an extra dose of happiness InsyaAllah. I am currently in my 3rd trimester and not long before calling it home run. I have been pretty exhausted and trying to catch some meaningful days of rest though most didn’t end up as rest days ! missJeweLz is always up to something ! Anyways, I do appreciate you duaas and prayers that all shall go well for me, baby and rest of my family.

Raya this year was a bit tiring thanks to the scorching KL heat. I beared 2 houses, but ended up feeling very fatigue and sleepy.

To the rest of you who have made it to your hometown, and back to work, alhamdulillah. For those still travelling, I wish you a safe journey. Lets take the best out of Ramadhan and let it stay with us heart and soul before we meet this holy month again insyaAllah next year. Forgive and forget, and trust that there is nothing better than lifting the sins of others and lightening their burdens. We wish the same for ourselves don’t we.

I know Malaysia (especially of late) have been bombarded with politico-social  issues which sometimes gets into the mind. My key is to just focus on what’s really important to me where I have a control of, not to judge hastily and be nice (and humble) to everybody. Life is just too short to stock up on negative news, issues and people. Make it more meaningful by surrounding ourselves with positive thoughts, people and environment.

Triathlete cum Runners in Salomon
Triathlete cum Runners in Salomon : missjewelz was honoured by the invitation by Salomon Malaysia for the launch of their CityTrail running shoe recently ! That’s me and my triathlete friends from Iroman Langkawi 2009  + Rayzeef (ultra distance runner)

Please forgive me for all my slacking and wrongdoings which I have intentionally/unintentionally committed or caused. I am just another human who seeks improvement in all ways possible.

I haven’t been blogging ‘sports’ and ‘fitness’ for a while — and as a blogger, that’s what I do, I write my experiences and thoughts, and I don’t write non-experience just to make a timeline or attract hits. For those who have recently dropped in comments, Thank You and please keep them coming.

Do check out www.kilausuriasports.com – I’ve recently organised and conducted a Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners. Response was positive for the inaugural kick off, and I hope this will be something continuous in the long run for those keen to know about triathlon.

Please feel free to contact missjewelz should you be interested to have the talk at your organisation !
Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners Part 3 on 12 July 2015.
Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners Part 3 on 12 July 2015.

My immediate plan (apart from conducting talks) is to simply focus on a safe delivery and get baby number 2 up and running ! heehehe… I am super duper excited to meet this person – – like, really ! Okay, will the other ramblings for future posts.

There are a few triathlon/duathlon races lined up for you in case you have not registered, and still open for 1-2 races this year. Will quickly list them down for you  ! If its too last minute to train for the 70.3/Ironman , go and watch/support your friends participating. It will be fun ! Promise !

Singapore International Triathlon (25 July 2015)

Port Dickson International Duathlon (2 August 2015)

Ironman 70.3 Bintan (23 August 2015)

113 Triathlon Bukit Merah (5-6 September 2015)

Port Dickson International Triathlon (10-11 October 2015)

Ironman Langkawi (14 November 2015)

Powerman Philippines (14-15 November 2015)


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  1. My bro first introduced me your blog in 2009 when I took part in my first ever 10k race, and I was like this girl is amazing!
    Fast forward to present I have ran multiple 10k’s and 5 HM’s..trying my best to lock in loads of races before I get married thinking that it is nowhere near possible to squeeze training in that phase of life.
    Having seen you now with kids and still smashing one triathlon after another…you’ve changed my mind. These kind of sports stay with us forever 🙂
    Thank you for inspiring me!

    1. Hi there ! I’m humbled you’ve kept on running and kept yourself inspired with real people’s story and experience 🙂 this is the way to go and I hope you will smash your own best timing in your races. Thank you for inspiring me with your words, I’m truly humbled, I am.

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