Tahun Baru Datang Lagi- v2014

A quick 2014 shout out to everybody out there , Happy New Year !!!

Its time of the year again where we all celebrate the ushering the next set of 12 months high in spirit and full of hope. Resolutions renewed, resolutions extended,resolutions made- lets pray,work and play harder to have a better life herein and hereafter. InsyaAllah.

For me too,every new year means something — personally and otherwise. A few years ago,new year meant what  ‘big’ and major events to participate. What key dates should I register in my planner. I had my fun and very adventurous days. There were no limits ,to my definition of ‘ challenging’ myself. It was physical and mental beyond reach,and I manage to surpass my own expectations.

Zooming out from my past achievements, I realised recently that I actually haven’t achieve much in life,really. There is more to life than running across the finish line. It is the journey that one passes through that will determine our state of being when we pass that final finishing line. I am aware that married life has somewhat change and improve my perspective of life. Perhaps it was there before but wasn’t completely ‘reinforced’ to a greater deal.

The home run was definitely when I gave birth end of 2011. I’m a mother to a chubby,active and adorable 14 month old daughter. How does one ‘win’ and excel that journey of raising a family ? Depending on what values that we hold on to and those values that we are surrounded by- for sure. Value shapes characters. The best of values whatever they are shapes the best of characters.

The deal is now to focus on a blessed and holistic upbringing. For parents out there, and the rest of us.. the (better)direction that we are heading to doesn’t necessarily reflect our past. Many a times we lack the confidence and encouragement to improve ourselves for the better. We are too afraid to give up to gain some. I am speaking of reality which some of us would brush aside or lock away for many years..until, its too late.

Its never too late to change or take the next step forward. Karma,what goes around comes around–and I am sure many of us can relate to this. 2014– lets carry on the good stuff that we have been doing,and work on those minor soul and attitude glitches which is always around contributing to discontent and lack of gratitude in our daily lives. The chronic and virus-laden bug which poisons the soul and heart needs to be eliminated so that we are more receptive to love,care,humility and all the beautiful things that we all seek for. Clearly no dollars sign involved here as material abundance means nothing if we are not guided by values on how to spend them.

I would also like to take this chance to thank my friends and everybody out there whom i have met and brushed shoulder with. Thank you for making my life feels worthwhile and meaningful,and also do forgive me if have at any time I have wronged and stumbled by making mistakes. I am just another small soul who is working hard to achieve a better journey for a perfect ending at the finish line.

To those of you taking part in any events this year,be safe and train smart. Please don’t train like express noodles ! InsyaAllah ,panjang kaki dan umur I will run some myself. My husband had this crazy but wonderful idea that i should race for some events off the shore of Kedah,,but i thought,nah,for everything there is a time and place for it.

And to the rest of us who are planning to take it easy,no worries. We’re consciously being reminded that priority changes,and there are times where you cant but focus on those priorities.

LOL. I was planning to only upload a pic with some caption but end up rambling a few paragraphs in these early hours of the first Friday of this year,while chillin’ it on my comfy sofa set. Im actually using my HTC1 X to blog this. Hope it comes out alright.

Have a Happy Friday and Blessed 2014 everybody !!!!!!!!! God Bless

At Ish and Zee’s place. Congratulations on the new arrival !!
Some catchy tagline i got frm brother Shazly
Post cycling with hubs. Im officially unfit
Lil one made new friends last week. Over a cookie bag I got for her ! Cuteness
Powerman training last year with the energetic and lovely Esfah Lili and Fara Fazu(not in photo)
Thinking of working out at the stairs again
Totally Gatsby !!!

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